1. P

    Boy borrows parents credit card to embark on four-day holiday to Bali by himself

    Bali: Australian boy books four-day getaway after fight, mum wants answers Attaboy!
  2. bajisima

    Credit card signatures about to become extinct

    Credit card networks are finally ready to concede what has been obvious to shoppers and merchants for years: Signatures are not a useful way to prove someone’s identity. Later this month, four of the largest networks — American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa — will stop requiring them to...
  3. J

    National Firearm Owner's Identification (FOID) Card

    Thoughts and opinions... Is it time for a National Firearm Owner's Identification (FOID) Card: National Firearm Owner's Identification (FOID) Card "To achieve this uniformity in American gun laws we would like to propose the idea of a National Firearm Owner's Identification (FOID) card...
  4. The Man

    Baby = Get Out of Jail Card...

    Yesterday, in the Russian city of Vologda, concluded the trial of 25 year old Yevgenia Germanova In the news video from the court she is shown only from behind, but this is her, reportedly Back in March of last year, Germanova was driving her...
  5. T

    "City Key" ID card to benefit illegals in Chicago.

    Rahm Emanuel follows failing California, launches new voter ID available for illegals in Chicago Another progressive idea to benefit illegals. The concern is will it be valid ID for voting. Lot of contention here. Obviously democrats want that ability. The alderman pointed out that Chicago...
  6. Ronin Tetsuro

    The Race Card

    Just letting you guys know I don't care about race cards. I'll check back religiously to make sure everyone knows without a doubt how much I really don't care at all.
  7. Darkman

    Joe Biden's niece paid back $110G spent in credit card scam

    Joe Biden's niece paid back $110G spent in credit card scam New York Daily News 1h ago
  8. excalibur

    Terry McAuliffe And Tony Rodham Sued Over Green Card Investment ‘Scam'

    Terry McAuliffe And Tony Rodham Sued Over Green Card Investment ‘Scam' More of that Clinton Crime Family connections. Terry McAuliffe Sued Over Visa Investment &#0 | The Daily Caller
  9. DemoWhip

    Hackers Attack Trump Hotels, Steal Credit Card Details and Personal Data

    SECURITY!! SECURITY!! And what's that about Feds now booking rooms at Trump hotels? Hmmm. They'd better watch out and rethink that one real carefully for their own good! ---------------------------------------- Hackers Attack Trump Hotels, Steal Credit Card Details and Personal Data...
  10. CEngelbrecht

    Erdogan pulls the Nazi card

    Erdoğan accuses Germany of 'Nazi practices' over blocked political rallies | The Guardian Maybe, just maybe, you should look over your shoulder to your new best friend Putin for a much better analogy to Adolf, arkadaşim.
  11. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Assad just played the “FAKE NEWS CARD ” FFS! HAHA!

    Assad just played the “fake news” card. pic Just what needed for the day!
  12. Minotaur

    Green Card Holder Dies a Day After Being Prevented From Returning Home

    THIS! This is the face of Trump's order. This is what the US shamefully did. If this doesn't make you sick you are sick. Green Card Holder Dies a Day After Being Prevented From Returning Home by Trump?s Order, Report Says
  13. the watchman

    racist trump supporter plays the race card on cnn this is how racist think they are allowed to talk to people of color since Trump's election. The good news is I've never seen Betsy invited back as a guest since this exchange. These is evidence that the concerns that racist , like Betsy, feel...
  14. C

    Trump's 'China card'

    Donald Trump attempting to play Nixon's 'China card' in reverse President-elect’s willingness to antagonise Beijing over trade and Taiwan indicates a shredding of 45 years of US-China relations
  15. Eve1

    Trump is insistant on using the Bill Card at the 2nd debate

    The audience gets to ask the questions and the forum is more intimate. Trump has shown when face to face he is simply a coward like most bullies. I think Hillary is gonna have to wear a grotch protector though Crotch/grotch? protector (is the female equivalent of a jock strap)
  16. Crusher

    ‘Make America Great Again’ Is Racist - Bill Clinton Plays The Race Card

    Donald J. Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” is racist. What seemed like an inclusive, inspiring call to national renewal really is a cry for Caucasian power. How do we know this? Bill Clinton said so. “If you’re a white Southerner, you know exactly what it means, don’t...
  17. MeBelle

    Red card for flatulence!

    LOL! The fart heard 'round the world is an underdog story. It's the tale of a humble fart, unloosed on the world in a moment of innocence in the anonymity of a game between Swedish soccer clubs nobody had ever heard of. Its maker is Adam Lindin Ljungkvist, a left back for Järna SK's reserve...
  18. Amelia

    Gary Johnson won't get a Christmas card from Trump

    CBS poll: RealClearPolitics - Election 2016 - General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson 6/9 - 6/13 Clinton 39 Trump 32 Johnson 11 Ouch. Has Trump fielded any questions about Johnson yet?
  19. PopeADope

    Trump card takes the rest

    Ya know the name Donald means ruler of the world and Trump is a card that takes the rest. Ruler of the world has to Trump everybody. I wonder if that's what his family was thinking when they gave him that name. :D "From the Gaelic name Domhnall which means "ruler of the world"...
  20. the watchman

    Is Donald Trump Playing The 'Man Card'?

    Could gender be a decisive factor in a general-election matchup between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? "You know, she's playing the woman's card," Trump told supporters at a rally in Spokane, Wash., over the weekend, reiterating a critique he has used against Clinton since becoming the de...