1. Isalexi

    the woman's card Now he’s attacking Clinton and misses the point about a woman’s card: It’s less than worthless.
  2. Babba

    Playing the Woman Card on Foreign Policy

    The author of this piece points out how Clinton's hawkishness is viewed merely through the lens of the military and not through her work as Secretary of State where she integrated women's rights and women's participation into our foreign policy. This has been an ongoing process for her since her...
  3. PACE

    KKK trump supporters mail their calling card to Austrian who fled the Nazis

    she wrote a letter denouncing Trump's reluctance to denounce the KKK The KKK sent her a calling card; doubtless it only contained a symbol because they can't write properly...
  4. G

    Trump plays the victim card against Hispanic judge

    Donald Trump said today he may ask the federal judge overseeing an upcoming civil fraud trial involving the now defunct Trump University to recuse himself because he is Hispanic and is therefore biased against him due to his plan to build a wall to keep out immigrants from Mexico. Trump first...
  5. Goofball

    Dims go from coin flip to high card to determine winner.

    Nevada will decide ties by drawing for high card. Should be easy for Hillary to go 7-7 with that. Why don't these clowns just do one round of rock-paper-scissors to determine...
  6. Amelia

    Good luck with that gender card

    Dayamn! Gloria Steinem: Young women back Bernie Sanders because 'the boys are with Bernie' That was one of multiple outrageous, gender-hustling things I've seen from Hillary supporters today. Do they really think that's gonna work? They don't think that's gonna backfire and make even...
  7. The Man

    10 year old girl "lost" in card game by father?

    Was Katya, 10, kidnapped as 'sex slave' or because her father 'lost her' playing cards? Seems crazy that a father would gamble on his own child in a card game. But, shit like that actually happens over there. That area is nasty, lots of ex-convicts and criminals living there, lawless place...
  8. cpicturetaker12

    CNN "Girl" reporter--'Hillary's a woman, she isn't a CARD'

    (I know, 2 threads back to back, but opened this after)... I don't watch CNN enough to know all the talkers but this cracked me up. "She's a woman, not a card." And, "apparently I wasn't issued one of those". Do you know how HILLARY will win this thing? She and her 'acolytes' are smarter...
  9. meridian5455

    Sign Hillary's birthday card Hillary's birthday is tomorrow—and she's still on track to be the youngest woman US president ever. Sign her card...
  10. Southern Dad

    We Need the Limit on the Credit Card Raised Again

    $18.1 trillion just wasn't enough. The USA will hit its borrowing limit on November 3rd. Didn't a Senator Obama say that George W Bush was irresponsible just asking for a debt ceiling raise?
  11. bajisima

    Restaurant report card on antibiotics in meat

    A new report is sounding the alarm about the use of antibiotics in the meat and poultry supply chains of the 25 largest U.S. fast food and "fast casual" restaurants. "When livestock producers administer antibiotics routinely to their flocks and herds, bacteria can develop resistance, thrive...
  12. meridian5455

    Obama urges America to get to the important business of the day Obama’s birthday card

    Guess who has a birthday coming up? (Hint: It's #44.) — Barack Obama (@BarackObama) August 02, 2015 What is he, 5 years old? Kind of surprised it's not a national holiday by now.
  13. Amelia

    Feds Play the Race Card to Crush Parents’ Revolt Against Common Core

    Feds Play the Race Card to Crush Parents' Revolt Against Common Core | National Review Online You can read the article yourself for the racial elements. I'm posting this as another example of how power accumulates in the massively dishonest, poorly administrated federal government. Even...
  14. BDBoop

    Requiring picture ID to use EBT card

    Wisconsin Republicans introduce bill to require photo IDs for food stamp recipients : Ct [COLOR=#222222] However, this may have the unintended side effect of giving people picture id which they can then use for voting purposes. Damn. Rock and a hard place, this one. Further, *and yes, the...
  15. mrmike

    Lynch: Libs pull worn out race card (again)

    Right on cue...(if anything, the Libs are indeed predictable). I have to give Obama credit, at this point, he's not playing the same game the activists are. btw, I'm actually okay with Lynch being confirmed but it must be noted that this political tactic (confirmation delays for different...
  16. TennesseeRain

    Credit Card CEO Raises Minimum Wage at Company to $70k Per Year

    One of the biggest scams on the American taxpayer is the current minimum wage. While consumers think they are benefitting from cheaper fast food and consumer goods (they aren’t), they are paying out in other ways – namely through higher taxes to supplement the low wages. According to new data...
  17. meridian5455

    Seattle boss raises entire company's minimum wage to $70,000 I imagine this company will be seeing a lot of new applicants as well.
  18. lucyflyinginthesky

    Why do the Obamas play the race card so much?

    I think the Obamas are the most ungrateful, self-centered people on the universe. They complain about being held back by whitey, yet were given the opportunity to attend Ivy League universities. In addition to their success, they are living it up in the White House. So, tell me: WHY do the...
  19. P

    Close To Half Of Americans Have More Credit Card Debt Than Savings

    The number of Americans who can afford to pay off their credit cards continues to drop, according to a new survey. The survey by found that only 51 percent of Americans have enough cash in their emergency accounts to clear themselves of credit card debt. That’s the lowest...