1. Sassy

    The Jewish Persecution Catalog

    Someone insulted *A* Jewish person. They must be antisemitic.
  2. aboutenough

    Christian Victory Catalog

    Since Christians have been winning Court Cases recently, its about time I started a thread celebrating this. The biggest victory was the Masterpiece Bakery case where Jack Phillips won 7-2. I...
  3. boontito

    Let's Catalog President Trump's Whining!

    As the Whiner-in-Chief, the head whiner, someone so fabulous at whining, someone who wins through whining, I thought it might be fun if we catalog President Trump's greatest whines. I mean, no one is actually going to argue that the guy isn't a huge whiner, right?
  4. boontito

    The "They Were Really A Liberal All Along" Catalog

    It's become a regular and reliable conservative tradition to denounce their own as having really been a liberal all along as soon as they either publicly fail at something or attempt any action that could be interpreted as reaching across the aisle. This is true of former presidents...
  5. K

    Catalog of Rationales for Obama-Executive Not Using Ebola Isolation Plans

    Ebola is loose in Dallas, and possibly in several other U.S. Cites, yet we still haven't restricted flight INTO the Hot Zones in Africa, or begun placing returning people through a 6 week isolation - observation period in a remote location. Contagious Disease Surveillance | Virus Awareness |...
  6. R

    The Gay Persecution Catalog:

    Because, at this point, it just had to be done: Arizona ?religious freedom? bill: Attack on gays or shield for some Christians? - - The Website of Political Research Associates Hateful Homosexual Attacks on Ex-Gays » Americans for Truth Joe Williams...
  7. boontito

    The Christian Persecution Catalog

    Because at this point... it just had to be done.