1. excalibur

    Mueller's Warning

    Mueller’s warning: ‘Many’ news stories on Trump-Russia probe are wrong
  2. BruceTLaney

    I am sick of these wanna-be terrorists of the world!: ( Caution )

    :misc_rant2: Why is it that terrorists of the world think so damn small when carrying out their damn attacks? Take a moment and realize if I were to be a leader of a terroristic group I would not do just one little Café in Sydney, but instead I would require my recruits to carry out a massive...
  3. Khimary

    CAUTION! The police can kill you for being a black guy with a BB gun!

    Nothing’s gonna change this country! It’s simply impossible! The last fires of the Ferguson riot are barely dying out, but nothing can stop the policemen from shoting people. Especially if it seems to them that the target is armed! Mothers, keep your sons away from the cop cars, cause nothing...
  4. Tablamary

    Caution! Obama has failed! Again!

    It's obvious for me that Obama doesn't really care for the opinion of the majority of the American citizens. I think so, cause he's still trying to house here as much illegals as possible. But there's a warning for him. You can't trust those who have already betrayed their homeland. It's quite...
  5. Liberal Doses

    The wisdom of reasoned caution, questioning, and preparation is not hate, but love.

    Prior to 9/11, some of the money to fund the attacks was garnered through Mosques in the U.S. Some of the terrorists were living as citizens in this country for ten years. Ten years of mingling with neighbors, shopping in local stores and getting student loans for pilot training. I hear...
  6. RandytheHand

    A Friendly Safety Note for Ontario Region Civilians. Take Extreme Caution Areas.

    The link is the Official Website the Article is From. ***** A very important side note, I may have known one of the girls that were being raped, from a Bar I used to work at, in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. . That is not a...
  7. meridian5455

    (NSFW) Caution: Huge Schlong Story

    MSNBC's Scarborough: Maher?s Latest Comment ?Bad News' for Dems No-talent asshole, Bill Maher, insults Ann Romney. He can go fuck himself.
  8. B

    August Auto Sales defy consumer caution

    Two statistics based articles from REUTERS. Both have interesting data, both with warnings to not try to over-read into it: August Auto Sales defy consumer caution "(Reuters) - Auto sales rose slightly in August from a month earlier, defying forecasts for a slowdown in a month that began...
  9. bluesman

    Reports: US Ambassador to Kabul Expresses Caution About More Troops

    Here is an interesting story. A guy who was the commander of the US troops in Afghanistan in 2006 and 2007 (under Bush) is now saying that it is a bad idea to send more troops. He is currently the the US Ambassador to Afghanistan. This topic shows just how un-patriotic the right wingers are...
  10. michaelr

    CAUTION: Monetary System Collapse

    CAUTION: Monetary System Collapse Some members might remember me arguing, mostly with Collin, but with other members as well that the interest rates should be raised a couple few years ago? How I stated all Greenspan and Bush were doing was a kick the can? Well we are doing the same thing...
  11. D

    World's most adorable hockey fight. (Caution, too cute for work)

    YouTube - kids hockey fight The music makes it. "Note - that's the best skater I've seen in an Islanders Jersey since the mid 70's.