1. HayJenn

    Tax cuts are rocketing us into the debt ceiling

    The financial doomsday clock is ticking, and, thanks to the massive tax cuts passed by Congress in December, the ticks just sped up. Unless Congress gets its act together, the federal government will default on its debt in a few short weeks. This event would set off a constitutional crisis and a...
  2. BYG Jacob

    Trump and Schumer agree to deal that would repeal debt ceiling

    Not sure if this was posted, but this is major news. The GOP base hates raising the debt ceiling even temporarily https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2017/09/07/trump-schumer-agree-to-pursue-plan-to-repeal-the-debt-ceiling/
  3. MaryAnne

    McConnell Agrees To Debt Deal.

    Trump considers Republican Leaders as hostile and impotent. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-congress-mcconnell/mcconnell-to-support-trump-democratic-deal-on-debt-ceiling-harvey-idUSKCN1BH2P4
  4. the watchman

    Trump cuts deal with Democrats on debt ceiling, Harvey aid

    WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump wants Congress to fund the government for three months and raise the debt ceiling for the same amount of time, defying leaders from his own party and potentially giving Democrats leverage in debates over immigration, health care and federal spending. Trump...
  5. C

    Donald Trump: 'shattered glass ceiling for women'

    Donald Trump claims his US election victory 'shattered glass ceiling for women' The tycoon repeatedly accused Hillary Clinton of 'playing the woman card' Donald Trump claims his US election victory 'shattered glass ceiling for women' | The Independent
  6. aboutenough

    Slow Jam The News: Debt Ceiling Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Brian Williams

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bWfuENnxjI This is funny
  7. Devil505

    Any word on the Senate debt ceiling bill?

    I've been in & out today but heard that Cornin & McConnell switched their votes?
  8. Telecaster

    Boehner Leads House to Debt Ceiling Increase, No Concessions. Yay or Nay?

    Congress approves increase in debt limit after dramatic vote Boehner and Joe Scarborough at odds; Morning Joe on msnbc So what do you all think? I think he should have at least tried to get something. But let's be real, it would have been crumbs if anything at all. Scarborough forgets who...
  9. bajisima

    London theater ceiling collapses

    News is reporting that a celing at The Apollo theater in London has collapsed during a performance and there are many casualties. How awful! Apollo Theatre ceiling collapses in London - CNN.com
  10. michaelr

    There’s no actual debt ceiling right now

    There’s no actual debt ceiling right now Well no wonder why the government's media didn't tell us how much debt increase there would be until round two of the........dunt dit dit dah......debt crisis, there is none. I guess they can just write into what ever bill they pass to "pay" since...
  11. Tom Joad

    Senate and House pass bill to re-open the government, raise the debt ceiling

    Now it's over. Senate and House pass bill to re-open the government, raise the debt ceiling continued
  12. lka

    Senate announces deal to end government shutdown, lift debt ceiling

    Attention all liberals! You can sleep better tonight! Looks like you will get your big government back! LOL! Learn more about big government, http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-250_162-57607769/senate-announces-deal-to-end-government-shutdown-lift-debt-ceiling/
  13. Babba

    Debt Ceiling Deniers

    I saw this guy on the news yesterday and almost fell out of my chair when he said this: And here is one of Yoho's constituents: The Debt Ceiling Deniers In Ted Yoho's District - Business Insider I just don't see how to debate and negotiate with these ideas. I don't see how we solve this...
  14. R

    The debt ceiling of 16.7 trillion dollars was reached many months ago.

    Debt to the Penny (Daily History Search Application) the administration has been using accounting gimmicks to push it to where we are today and deliberately did so to coincide it with when the government needed to be funded again.
  15. ptif219

    Debt Ceiling: China Calls for World to Be 'De-Americanised' Chinese government mouth

    This what Obama policies has done. we are now seen as less than a superpower and seen as big spenders that can not pay their debt. Thank you for the great world opinion you created with all your apologizing for our country and all your failed policies that is on target to double our debt...
  16. michaelr

    Debt Ceiling: China Calls for World to Be 'De-Americanised'

    Debt Ceiling: China Calls for World to Be 'De-Americanised' Running a country on ones and zeroes is catching up to Obama, and unfortunately that means us too. China has, if you want to believe the treasury dept, $1.28 trillion in US debt, fuck the federal reserve hit a record of like $3.3...
  17. T

    Debt Ceiling Sing-Along Song

    http://youtu.be/kbneZlA_Nws John Boehner won't put a bill on the floor Obama says he won't negotiate no more We've got 10 days Before the bill collector comes knocking at our door China you better cash your dollars out and run This is the debt ceiling sing-a-long song
  18. Tokio

    The debt ceiling debate is NOT about the ACA...

    I think both sides here are missing the bigger picture. And by both sides, I mean constituents and supporters, not those who run congress or the executive branch. The entire debt ceiling debate is NOT about the ACA. The Republicans are not stupid, and everyone in the leadership, Ted Cruz...
  19. lost

    The debt ceiling

    The debt ceiling is not a Game! I under stand the frustration the conservatives have with losing the recent elections. But ACA and the US debt were showcased in these elections and the conservatives lost Nationally. For a small group of conservatives to hold the American people hostage...
  20. EnigmaO01

    What will be the outcome of the shutdown and Debt Ceiling?

    What will be the outcome of the Shutdown and Debt Ceiling?