1. Goofball

    Celebs freak over Kavanaugh. "Dictatorship on way" "Sharia Law" "Medieval values"

    My God, this shit-show is getting hilarious. I really hope Trump gets to replace Buzzy Ginsburg.........that will be this on steroids. https://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2018/07/10/hollywood-resistance-freaks-over-kavanaugh-nomination-will-cement-the-first-american-dictatorship/
  2. The Man

    Ukrainian celebs flock to Moscow

    I just looked at the listings of some of the artists who will be entertaining Russians in the annual New Year concert on Channel 1, the main Kremlin TV outlet, this year. I am not the only one who noticed: ton of Ukrainians there. Svetlana Loboda, beautiful lady from Kiev, one of the hottest...
  3. WisconsinCheeseNip

    Are Hollywood Celebs Completely Deluded, or Knowingly Lying?

    Are Hollywood Celebs Completely Deluded, or Knowingly Lying to their Audiences for the Democrats? (everyone knows the Pres. didn't collude with Russia) Chelsea Handler: “That means they’ve never obstructed justice, colluded with Russia, defrauded people through a fake university...
  4. D

    Stevie Wonder takes 'both knees' in response to Trump's NFL comments; other celebs sp

    Many noted American celebrities are pouncing on Trump for his position on this matter. It does serve to remind people of their right to express themselves as they so desire rather than be stymied into thinking the way others would like for them to. After all, kneeling is a great symbolic gesture...
  5. Babba

    Look at All the Celebs Turning 50!

    Celebs turning 50 in 2016 - CNN.com
  6. texmaster

    Busting California Celebs for their lavish green lawns during this drought

    Considering how serious the problem is out there this is probably a good idea to see if you can shame them. “Let them drink dust!” As these aerial photos from The Post prove, Hollywood celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Barbra Streisand and Jennifer Lopez continue to suck up water to keep their...
  7. Djinn

    Western Celebs and their Eastern Nicknames

    Found this to a nice blend of entertaining / interesting. In short, many Western celebrities are known in Eastern countries by nicknames, which - when translated into English - sound really bizarre. This article lists a few, and the stories behind them, which may be connected to wordplay...
  8. meridian5455

    List Of Celebs Joining Stevie Wonder’s Florida Boycott Discredited

    List Of Celebs Joining Stevie Wonder?s Florida Boycott Discredited | Breaking News for Black America Sorry lefties, the list of people supposedly joining Stevie Wonder boycott of Florida is fake.
  9. The Man

    Celebs and family values

    That's what Putin does. In his mission to teach proper and healthy (i.e. nuclear and full of children) family values to his population, he is using celebrities as props, as teaching aids. In to maintain his favour, which means a lot over there, a person of high public status must not only have...
  10. meridian5455

    Brooklyn Man Rigs Remote To Tune Out Annoying Celebs

    (CNN) -- When Matt Richardson works from his home in Brooklyn, N.Y., he likes to keeps the TV on to stay informed, but some celebrity or another is always taking up airtime and bugging him. "A while ago it was Charlie Sheen. And then it was Sarah Palin. And then it was Donald Trump," said...
  11. imported_Lita456

    Celebs Get Away with too Much

    Not that I have anything against Heather Locklear, but it gets tiring how celebs are never punished as harshly as any regular Joe Schmo....it makes me laugh when they say in this article, Locklear's alleged offense is a misdemeanor, but the actress could see some jail time, it's almost...
  12. Z

    OMG, obama celebs make "i pledge" ad. It says "i pledge to be a servent to our president and all man

    50 lib celebs. What a disturbing ad. It sounds like a declaration to hitler or bin laden. Twisted shit!
  13. W

    Hypocrite Anti-War Celebs

    I have noticed that there are many in this country who capitalize off man's inhumanity to eachother. Some like 50 Cent (50 now has backed Barack after originally supporting Clinton) has made $150 million last year. I also Notice than many of these such Characters have supported Barack Obama...