1. cpicturetaker12

    17 CHARITIES cancel their events at MarALago and still fleeing--since CHARLOTTESVILLE

    It's actually 18 but I can't tell you how I know that yet. Anyway, these are the biggies folks. Many of these are the big name brand charities operating all over the country (several of course are Florida and local). I'm thinking this has to be cutting into serious revenues now. How many...
  2. T

    3 charities cancel Mar-a-Lago events amid Trump backlash

    Ouch, ol' Trump is getting hit in the pocketbook too. Apparently, charities do not want to be associated with the Trump name as of late. Damn democrat obstructionists! Will the Trump "empire" if it even exists, survive the Trump presidency? 3 charities cancel Mar-a-Lago events amid Trump...
  3. Friday13

    America's Worst Charities

    America's Worst Charities
  4. bajisima

    50 worst charities to donate to

    A list is out of the nations worst charities. Very little money donated goes to the cause. America's Worst Charities
  5. Blueneck

    Should charities verify immigration status? I don't have time to comment right now. The original article:
  6. kmiller1610

    A few Christian Charities.. please show us yours!

    I'm getting a little sick of these anti-Chrsitian posts, so here's some organizations that do good works in Jesus name.