1. cpicturetaker12


    I thought he was as good as he says he is. Apparently he has a very flexible set of rules when he plays. And an even more flexible interpretation of his SCORES. Where I come from, it's called cheating. But then I don't own a golf course. Is there anything this MOFO doesn't lie about...
  2. cpicturetaker12

    Trump CHEATS even at play--Sued for STAGING an unwinnable hole-in-one at charity game

    This guy is an endless piece of shit! This was a CHARITY TOURNAMENT. So he offers a $1million dollar prize for a hole in one at one of his courses. Some lucky son of a bitch GETS ONE! The guy is refused the pay off. Apparently Trump had the 'distance' fixed for the hole (a shorted one) so...
  3. cpicturetaker12

    On a lighter note (or is it??) TRUMP CHEATS AT GOLF...

    I didn't know this was a meme. Apparently a whole lot of people are discussing this. It's old news to those who have played with him. NEW to rest of us. Everybody seems to agree. Read the entire article, he has a long history.. Why do I bring it up?? CHARACTER! (Or lack thereof) A...
  4. L

    Everyone Wants To Be Like The Donald, Including Drug Dealers And Welfare Cheats

    Everyone Wants To Be Like The Donald, Including Drug Dealers And Welfare Cheats Donald Trump says money trumps everything. He has in fact, hinged his presidential qualifications on his proclivity for making a lot of money. "I am really rich", he likes to say into the tv camera, seemingly...
  5. MaryAnne

    Obama's War On Tax Cheats

    Not much publicity on this crackdown. Gee, I wonder why? Obama's war on tax cheats gains ground | TheHill
  6. L

    Hmm Repubs out and offshore tax cheats pay...go figure

    IRS Hails 'Historic' Response To Amnesty For Offshore Bank Accounts The Internal Revenue Service says more than 14,700 taxpayers fessed up and disclosed they had tried to hide money in offshore bank accounts during its recent amnesty program...
  7. J

    UBS forced to give up tax cheats

    ZURICH (Reuters) – Clients of UBS facing disclosure of their accounts to U.S. tax authorities were not harmless victims and legal cases against former UBS bankers did not affect the bank, its chairman told Swiss Sunday newspapers. "The clients are not just harmless victims. They knew what...
  8. M

    Chase mortgage memo pushes 'Cheats & Tricks'

    Article here...... Now who is at fault for the mortgage meltdown? Still want to blame it on millions of idiots??