1. Amit

    Chicago is OUT of the 2016 Olympics

    Got the least amount of votes in the first round of voting.
  2. Vortex

    Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times Columnist, "Prince of Darkness" died Tuesday

    My condolences to his family and loved ones. Brain cancer is an awful way to go, his suffering has ended. I hope he made peace before he left but I don't think he did. Lord knows how many suffered far worse at the hands of our enemies when he publicized the identity of Plame, when he let...
  3. M

    Another Chicago Criminal On Obama's Best bud List

    Obama Said to Select Finra Chief Schapiro to Lead SEC Of course her office was tainted, but criminals don't care, hell these days they get a raise, but YOU....YOU..better pay that traffic ticket, or face jail time.
  4. F

    Palin Shold Tour San Francisco, New York, Chicago,

    Des Moines, Las Vegas (and Reno), and Albequeque, not to mention Kenohsa Wisconsin, Silly Philly, and Detroit. I figure the hatred she'll be exposed to will crank out the maternal feelings in millions of real American women and help crack the Red Queen's grip on the female voting demographic.
  5. M

    Governor Proposes Martial Law Choppers For Chicago

    Governor Proposes Martial Law Choppers For Chicago Posse Comitatus we don't need no stinking posse Comitatus.... There sicking the military on us folks, better wake the fuck up and put a stop to this. We do not....I reapeat....we do not live in Iraq, yet our fucked up criminal government...
  6. L

    8 Things About Obama and Rezco You Must Know (Chicago Sun Times)

    The plot thickens. From the Chicago Sun Times 8 things you need to know about Obama, Rezko :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: The Watchdogs I emphasized one of what I consider to be one of the most hurtful points.
  7. L

    Chicago, highest sales tax in the nation. Who's the Senator from Chicago again?

    Anyone think it's a coincidence that Obama's platform is predicted to cost more than even Hillary's and now Chicago is looking at a sales tax rate of over 10%!!! (YES, 10 DAMN PERCENT!) forcing business out of the city at an unprecedented rate? If anyone wants to know what an Obama Presidency...
  8. M

    Chicago bomb defendant is cleared

    I said this was a set up from the start. This was supposed to be bush's great achievement on his filthy war on Americans...err Terror.
  9. M

    Chicago Priest Calls for Murder of Gun Shop Owner

    SPRINGFIELD, Ill., May 29 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following was released today by the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA): Nobody expected Saturday's Operation PUSH protest at Chuck's Gun Shop & Range to be anything other than a circus of the bizarre. However, nobody anticipated...
  10. M

    Chicago Church Kicks Katrina Mom & Kids Out