1. GordonGecko

    GOP Delegates are debating issues like prairie chickens & porn in the Party Platform Hilarious part is the "porn is a public health crises" part. Have these guys not seen who their "potential First Lady" is??? How will they of...
  2. W

    Roosting Chickens

    When government officials ignore, feign confusion, redact, scold and mock, some are emboldened to take matters into their own hands. Muslim doctor 'shot and stabbed' outside mosque in Texas | News | The Independent “From what I hear, this is the third incident this week in the Houston area...
  3. Madeline

    Stop Kissing Chickens

    You fycking hipsters. Don't kiss your chickens, CDC warns | Let the bad jokes begin!
  4. mrmike

    Chickens come home to roost in Baltimore?

    Paraphrasing the esteemed Reverend Jeremiah Wright.... "G'damn America!" Well, it looks like Obama's race pimping mentor was right on track with the tutoring of his star pupil who has carried on with that sentiment of top down hostility and distrust towards law enforcement (well..white ones)...
  5. Spookycolt

    California is watching those chickens coming home to roost....and they don't like it.

    This is what that state deserves after years of being friends of illegal immigrants. Where else did you think they were going to go? Now the people are beginning to see the effects of their policies. Liberals do not have the ability to see what future problems their actions today may...
  6. vikingbeast

    Like Chickens Voting for Col. Sanders

    Makes about as much sense....................
  7. A

    Ed Schultz's chickens are coming home to roost March 30, 2011 Jeremy Scahill: What you're advocating is going to cost more American lives and hundreds of millions of dollars. Ed Schultz: You don't know that. Yes, Ed. Yes we do know that. We knew it then and we know it...
  8. Rasselas

    Chic-Fil-A Chickens Out

    I guess they really wanted to put a store in Chicago. Chic-Fil-A announced today that they would not be giving any more money to organizations that promote discrimination against LGBT people and they have 'renewed' their policy of non-discrimination, promising to treat all people with...
  9. meridian5455

    Obama's chickens are coming home to roost

    Starting with his Cairo speech in 2009, Obama promised a “new beginning” in our relations with Muslims. Had the comment been a marketing tool for a new administration, it would have been understandable. But the speech was far from benign. It foretold the ruinous path he would follow. In Cairo...
  10. Spooky

    Ethanol Chickens coming Home To Roost In Ohio

    This is how the project Dick Cheney implemented has worked out for some people in Ohio. Damned near incinerated the bastards. Train derailment and fire forces evacuations near Arcadia, Ohio -
  11. N

    Scientists Find Way to Stop Spread of Bird Flu in Chickens

    Scientists Find Way to Stop Spread of Bird Flu in Chickens Genetic modification prevented transmission from sick birds to others in same pen HealthDay/ScoutNews LLC THURSDAY, Jan. 13 (HealthDay News) -- Scientists have developed genetically modified chickens that don't transmit bird flu...
  12. V

    Fact: Eggs Came After Chickens...

    FYI - I don't know why, but thought you would want to know...the chicken came first, not the egg and that knowledge has practical applications, so it's not a big waste of taxpayers' money:
  13. N

    Hillary Chickens Out.

    WASHINGTON — Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has canceled an appearance at a New York rally next week after organizers blindsided her by inviting Republican vice presidential candidate and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, aides to the senator said Tuesday. Clinton aides were furious. They first...
  14. W

    Food for thought: KFC Mutant Chickens for the conspiracy theorists here.

    I was wondering about some of you folks who are Government Conspiracy theorists. You are here even though you may hide now that I'm calling you out. I have a story. Back in 1999-2000 I was younger and had a friend who worked at KFC. This kid said in the employee manual the chicken was not called...