1. meridian5455

    Is Hillary choking on her own lies? Or was that vodka in the glass that she drank from?
  2. jackalope

    Lawsuit Accuses Ferguson Cop Of Hog-Tying, Choking A 12-Year-Old Boy

    The cop, Justin Cosma, is on the Ferguson Police Force now, but the incident stems from 2010, when he was with the Jefferson County sheriff's office. This same guy was one of the cops who arrested the two journalists at the McDonald's, near the beginning of the protests.
  3. P

    GOP eyes choking health law funding

    The party hopes to deny administration the money it needs to implement health care reform. More...
  4. imported_Lita456

    Dangerous Choking Game

    Oh my god......what would a possess a kid to play this game? This is unbelievable....what is happening to the kids??? (March 31) -- Investigators in David City, Neb., held a public forum Tuesday night to raise awareness about the "choking game," a dangerous activity that authorities believe...
  5. michaelr

    Ice choking Northwest Passage

    Ice choking Northwest Passage Hey you good people on the board, want to do me a favor, either rev up the SUV or toss some logs on the sun, it is getting cold here..... Today 64°F Feels like: 64°F Tomorrow Aug 08 Hi: 68° Lo: 56° Sunday Aug 09 Hi: 74° Lo: 56° Monday Aug 10...