1. DemoWhip

    Christians are threatening to boycott Netflix over ‘wicked’ superhero drag queen cart

    Christians are threatening to boycott Netflix over ‘wicked’ superhero drag queen cartoon By Bil Browning ==================================================== Well of course Netflix shouldn't listen to those people. Why should they? After all, they've only collected a paltry 26,000...
  2. boontito

    Because We Keep Hearing That Conservatives Or Christians Don't Boycott...

    It's routinely put forth here at PH by certain members that liberals/Democrats/progressives participate in boycotts and call for others to not do business with someone based on disagreeing with their point of view while conservatives/Republicans don't do that. It's even been said that...
  3. Blueneck

    Persecution of Christians in North Korea'dentration-camps.html So why aren't right wing Christians speaking out about the fact Trump is ignoring this? North Korea's only recognized "religion" is Juche ideology. Where's the outrage?
  4. DemoWhip

    These gay Christians aren’t repressing themselves, they’re just engaging in “loving s

    These gay Christians aren’t repressing themselves, they’re just engaging in “loving self-denial” By Graham Gremore ==================================================== Celibacy is always good but that doesn't go only for Gay people it goes for Straight people too! Perhaps more so for...
  5. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    Are Christians, Muslims and atheists idolaters?

    Are Christians, Muslims and atheists idolaters? Scholars think so and so do I. What is God? - Video | Big Think Scriptures warn against idol worship yet that is exactly what Christian and Muslims do. If you can talk about or name your God, you are an idolater. Do you realize that...
  6. aboutenough

    I’ve campaigned for LGBT rights my whole life forcing Christians to bake a gay to far

    PETER TATCHELL I’ve campaigned for LGBT rights my whole life – but forcing Christians to bake a gay marriage cake is a step too far ALAMY Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell argues here that an essential part of freedom is not being forced to spread ideas you disagree with Judges will rule...
  7. Crusher

    Cory Booker’s Litmus Test for Christians. Voting no on Pompeo

    Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) says he will not vote for President Trump's nominee to head the State Department, singling out the nominee's Christian views on sexuality. "Do you believe that gay sex is a perversion?" That was the question directed at CIA Director Mike Pompeo last week during his...
  8. Madeline

    International Fellowship of Christians and Jews....

    Is all over local tv here, running ads that seek donations to feed starving, neglected Holocaust survivors. In ISRAEL. Dafuq? Are there any such people in Israel?
  9. Darkman

    Christians emerge as key patrons for Jews moving to Israel

    Evangelical groups supported 8,500 immigrants to Jewish state in 2017, though some observers remain suspicious of apocalyptic motivation In this January 30...
  10. KnotaFrayed

    Christians in other Christians and where some have taken Christianity today......

    Christians on other Christians and where some have taken Christianity today...... Sadly, this is not a rare or unusual observance...... The first question one might ask is how this is possible? How can so many pretend and claim they believe in things they blatantly fail to live by, even...
  11. Singularity

    Arab Christians refuse to meet with Pence over Jerusalem spat

    Among the leaders who has denounced the Trump administration is Munib Younan, former president of the Lutheran World Foundation. Pence's visit is cutting out stopovers in Bethlehem and Nazareth, where Arab Christians who are refusing to meet with him have primacy. It's not clear if he will...
  12. cpicturetaker12

    How TRUMP killed CHRISTmas in BETHLEHEM for Christians!!

    You know, I actually thought about this last week. Bet there aren't gonna be too many 'Christmas tourists' this year! Guess I was right. A lump of coal for YOU. Tourist $?? Who needs them? It also calls BULLSHIT on why Pence cancelled his trip there. Christians in Holy Land say Trump and...
  13. A

    Christians are hypocrites

    Christians strive to meet a very high standard, but they inevitably fail. It's not that Jesus set the bar too high, it's just how people are. Although Christians fail to live up to their own Christian standards, we still owe Christians a tip of the hat though, for having a standard.
  14. ptif219

    Homosexual coffee shop owner evicts peaceful christians

    This shows the hate democrats and gays towards Christians. The Christians did nothing in the coffee shop to deserve this treatment. Would the court do to this gay man what it does to Christian Bakers? Homosexual Coffee Shop Owner Evicts Peaceful Christians - The Liberator
  15. K

    My Fellow American Conservatives, Christians and Patriots, JUST Quietly WAIT!

    Why don't we wait for some real facts, before speculating on the LV Shooter's Motivations and Allegiances! Remember WHY the Lefties are hell-bent on importing the Radical Muslims! It is NOT for voters. The Muslims will not continue to vote for the Democrats, whose coalition includes...
  16. The Man

    Kurds attack Christians in Qamishli

    Kurdish, Assyrian forces clash in Qamishli City Indeed, not the first time they try to attack. Bloody Kurds...
  17. The Man

    Angry Christians firebomb movie studio

    'Mathilde' Film Director’s Studio Attacked With Molotov Cocktails Director Alexei Uchitel Poster for "Mathilde" Tsar Nikolai/Nicholas and Mathilde Kschessinska, in a scene from the film Natalia Poklonskaya made a hell of a name...
  18. boontito

    Tell Me More About How Catholics Aren't Really Christians

    I've recently read a member here on Political Hotwire state that Catholics aren't really Christians. I'm unfamiliar with this opinion and would love to learn more from those who believe that way. Any contributions would be appreciated.
  19. ptif219

    Ultra-Rich Gay Activist On Targeting Christians: It’s Time To ‘Punish The Wicked’

    Imagine that a rich gay democrat threatening Christians. Show the hate of the constitution and Christians is on display and democrats will aid it Ultra-Rich Gay Activist On Targeting Christians: It's Time To 'Punish The Wicked'
  20. Spookycolt

    Bernie Sanders blatantly violates the constituion....attacks Christians

    This shows that the communist has absolutely no problem whatsoever violating the US constitution to push his twisted beliefs. Here is what happened: Now Article VI of the Constitution clearly states this: but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any...