1. John T Ford

    Why Chuck Schumer’s About to Have a Very Bad Week

    Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., is having a bad week – and it’s about to get worse. On Friday we’re expected to learn from the federal Bureau of Economic Analysis that the U.S. economy grew at a blistering pace in the second quarter of this year, further affirming the success of...
  2. bajisima

    The top democratic senate recruit ditches Chuck Schumer

    All over the country, Republicans are attacking vulnerable Democratic senators as pawns of Chuck Schumer, the most polarizing Democratic leader second only to Nancy Pelosi. Kyrsten Sinema, one of the party’s most-prized recruits and a keystone of Democrats’ long-shot hopes of capturing the...
  3. Goofball

    Chuck Schumer: OUR RIGHTS HANG IN THE BALANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Two things: First, Cryin' Chucky is using blatant scare tactics to get his window licking followers to chant this nonsense along with him. Expect more dumbass "rallies" once a nominee is picked from the libwinger lemmings running thru the streets screaming about all our right that will be...
  4. boontito

    Republican Chuck Hagel Calls Donald Trump "An Embarrassment"

    Chuck Hagel:Chuck Hagel: Trump 'an embarrassment' - CNNPolitics Former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel called President Donald Trump "an embarrassment" and said he "is doing great damage to our country internationally" in a newspaper interview Saturday. Hagel's remarks come amid uproar over...
  5. MaryAnne

    Chuck Grassley Open

    To public testimony after New York Times article. Grassley has refused to release transcript Of closed door Sessions with fusion And Nunes,let us see how this works out. Democrats have promised to write their...
  6. bajisima

    Chuck Schumer calls cops after fake sex assault claims

    This man isnt fooling around... Sen. Chuck Schumer’s office says the Senate Democratic Leader was the target of an attempted smear campaign in which someone forged a sexual harassment claim against him and shopped phony court documents to major media outlets. Schumer’s office told ABC News...
  7. PACE

    Chuck Grassley: Trump should let Mueller do his job

    Sounds like defeat to me Republican Judiciary chairman: Trump should let Mueller do his job | TheHill
  8. ptif219

    Government Lawyers Ask Judge To Block Release Of Comey Memos Photo of Chuck Ross

    So what does the government have to hide. By now Mueller should know whats in the memos. The question ids are they protecting Hillary and Comey Government Lawyers Ask Judge To Block Release | The Daily Caller
  9. cpicturetaker12

    Chuck Todd unearth's TRUMP Jr. infomercial selling gun silencer--aimed at KIDS

    Boy, NBC is on a roll today. So we have a silencer that reduces recoil. Don't ask me the physics of that, I'm reading what it says. It is an infomercial which apparently we are told will bring KIDS into the game. SilencerCo’s product, Trump Jr. said in the clip, would help get “little kids...
  10. Spookycolt

    Chuck Schumer SLAMS President Trump : “It’s Racist To Only Allow Citizens To Vote”

    Here it is folks, the way liberals think. You are now a racist Nazi if you don't let illegals vote in our elections. Democrats have passed the point of no return now.
  11. DemoWhip

    Chuck Todd silent as Sen. John Cornyn repeatedly lies about Republican bill gutting h

    Succinct and to the point: Republicans Cannot Be Believed When They Speak on Healthcare for Americans! ---------------------------------------- Chuck Todd silent as Sen. John Cornyn repeatedly lies about Republican bill gutting health care By ZACHARY PLEAT...
  12. cpicturetaker12

    The Orange TWEETER takes a shot at Chuck 'Sleepy Eyes' Todd--Stop covering Russia

    Now, personally, I've never noticed anything about TODD'S "looks". Good, bad, indifferent. The President of the United States apparently has noticed and chose to remark to his wider world via TWEETS. Someone explain to me how this is going to serve him well? You know PRESS people can take his...
  13. M

    RIP Chuck Barris

    Created The Gong Show. Whether that was a good thing or a bad thing is up for debate. But, it changed TV.
  14. MaryAnne

    Chuck Berry Dead

    At 90.
  15. O

    Chuck Schumer is a) ignorant or b) a liar

    Chuck Schumer appeared on Meet the Press to deflect Trump's assertion that the Obama administration had him wire tapped prior to the election. Schumer repeated that Obama "flatly denied that he has done this and either way, Chuck, the president is in trouble" Schumer gleefully claimed...
  16. DemoWhip

    Top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer wants Sessions to resign for the 'good of the count

    Senator Schumer is correct in that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should resign. When Republicans and Democrats are questioning Sessions and when even the Russians feel there is too much controversy surrounding Sessions, that unequivocally calls for him to resign from his position posthaste as...
  17. MaryAnne

    Chuck Schumer

    Getting ready to hold a PC? MSNBC
  18. the watchman

    Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer lay out Trump's failures thus far.

    NPC Newsmaker: Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer | National Press Club My sarcastic summary of some of the main points: Schumer: well, at least he kept his campaign promises about sticking up for the middle class. He said he'd label the Chinese a currency manipulator "on day one" but didn't...
  19. bajisima

    Progressives protest Chuck Schumer: Ditch Manchin

    A group of progressive organizations is calling on Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) to boot Joe Manchin from his party leadership position, saying the West Virginia senator's recent record proves he's unfit to be among those spearheading resistance to the Trump administration's...
  20. MaryAnne

    Chuck Grassley

    This is truly ironic. Chuck Grassley is one of the 3 So and So's that held up the ACA and stopped Single Payer,then came out and voted against the bill. Now his office is being flooded with angry voters,who want to keep the ACA. I hope they go after him, big time. Grassley encounters...