1. DemoWhip

    Oops! Republicans are now taxing churches with their new law and the churches are not

    Oops! Republicans are now taxing churches with their new law and the churches are not happy By Joan McCarter ########################################### Republicans are once again in a hurry to make more money from Americans by taxing them. They've already felt the repercussions of...
  2. Macduff

    Saudi Arabia, Vatican reportedly agree to build Christian churches in the Kingdom

    Saudi Arabia, Vatican reportedly agree to build Christian churches in the Kingdom | Fox News Wow, if true.
  3. The Man

    Russia, Ukraine & The Churches

    Ukraine Moves to Split Church From Russia as Elections Approach In Ukraine, churches and cathedrals of the Moscow Patriarchate have been blockaded and raided by nationalist thugs while in Crimea, new Russian authorities also launched repression...
  4. Idiocracat

    Trumps says Churches should receive Federal funds

    Disagree 100%. This is the exact reason they're tax exempt in the first place. Churches in Texas should be entitled to reimbursement from FEMA Relief Funds for helping victims of Hurricane Harvey (just like others).
  5. PACE

    Three churches sueing FEMA over ineligibility for aid post Harvey

    give me a goddamn break here, you don't pay any taxes and you want MY money? Thoughts and prayers, MFers' Texas churches damaged by Harvey sue FEMA - Becket
  6. ptif219

    44% of liberal Dems claim churches bad for U.S.

    Proof that the democrats are the anti-Christian party. Just shows what bigots democrats are. The party that wants others to be tolerant shows they are the intolerant hypocrites.
  7. ptif219

    LGBT Group in Ohio Looks to Force Their Agenda on Christian Churches

    When democrats were pushing gay marriage and I said this would happen they said it could not happen. Well as always here it is the gays thing to take constitutional rights away from churches and Christians LGBT Group in Ohio Looks to Force Their Agenda on Christian Churches | The Resurgent
  8. DemoWhip

    Donald Trump Pledges to 'Destroy' Law Blocking Political Activity by Churches

    The bottom line is that Trump is now quite set to turn this country into a complete THEOCRACY. You who are not Republicans but who either voted for him or stayed home and didn't vote have allowed him to make that choice. Now you have to live with it. And it only gets worse from here on out...
  9. C

    Hundreds of churches offer sanctuary

    Hundreds of churches offer sanctuary to undocumented migrants after election Growing number of synagogues as well as two dozen cities offer protection amid threat of deportation under Trump administration...
  10. DemoWhip

    Clinton Stresses Importance of Her Ties to Black Churches

    Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill have always been close to Black Americans. Bill even has his office in Harlem. And they both have gone out extensively many times to see to the needs of Black Americans as opposed to Donald Trump who only goes to see them when he's after their vote as Hillary...
  11. MaryAnne

    Churches Making A Profit

    Is it about time the US cracks down,too? Pay Attention America - Puerto Rico Reins In Church Tax-Exempt Status
  12. meridian5455

    Arrest made in arson attacks at black churches in the St. Louis area

    A 35-year-old man has been charged with two of seven fires set in the span of two weeks in St. Louis, authorities said Friday. David Lopez Jackson was detained Thursday and is facing two counts of second-degree arson, said St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson. Jackson has been linked to fires...
  13. BoiseBo

    Black Churches burning in St Louis - But you won't hear about it on Fox News

    There was another one last night that this story doesn't even cover. Guess that Black lives don't matter, and racism is as bad as it ever was. Sad :(...
  14. Macduff

    Houston trying to steal land from churches with emminent domain

    City of Houston threatens to steal land from decades-old churches using eminent domain Luckily, the Liberty Institute is taking up their case in court. Another example of why the Kelo decision is one of the worst in history.
  15. S

    More Violence at Southern Black Churches

    Five predominantly black Southern churches burn within a week; arson suspected in at least three - The Washington Post The church fires come days after police say Dylann Roof, 21, shot and killed nine people during a prayer service on June 17 at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, including the...
  16. excalibur

    34,000 Black Churches Cut Ties With the Presbyterian Church
  17. texmaster

    Gay Group Demands Christian Churches Be shut down for Opposing Same-Sex Marriage

    Hopefully These brownshirt tactics by this far left hate group will be condemned by all but I'm not holding out hope. Note to the far left, you can attack the site all you like it won't make the actions of this hate group against churches magically disappear. The largest gay group in one...
  18. D

    Why don't churches pay tax?

    I was talking to my (atheist) uncle just now about Christianity and one of his biggest objections to Christianity is that churches do not pay tax. Why don't churches pay tax? I don't know is it right? The simple answer is that churches are exempt from paying taxes under the Internal Revenue...
  19. Isalexi

    Churches should not be tax excempt

    Faithful Word Baptist Church Pastor Steven Anderson of Tempe, Arizona is no stranger to spewing awful things in the name of the Lord. In 2009, Anderson made a media splash when he delivered a sermon during which he prayed for President Obama's death. Just this past March, he went on a tirade...
  20. Use Caution

    ISIS Selling Christian Artifacts, Using Churches as Torture Chambers, Hahaha!

    Seem like christians are getting the pay back they so richly deserve. Hahaha.. all good on the religious hate each others front. The real never ending story, faith, death to all is gods first love.