1. cpicturetaker12

    Brennan, CIA Dir. thinks Mueller has the goods on Trump, "bearing fruit" multiple fro

    I had to go to the post office so heard this on Sirus, didn't see his face. It was Chuck Todd's show and it was pretty compelling! Brennan has that rather precise refined speech pattern which was more pronounced when I couldn't see him. Made me take notice and sit in the car to LISTEN for a...
  2. T

    Pompeo: No 'deep state' at State or CIA

    Interesting. Seeming to completely and totally contradict his boss on the matter, our new SoS says there is no deep state. Not at the state department nor at the CIA. Silly secretary. Don't you knwo that contradicting the delusions of the president is a sure fire way to end your tenure well...
  3. T

    Trump targets former CIA Director John Brennan, quoting a pundit on 'Fox & Friends'

    Another day, another unhinged Twitter rant from the president. Indeed, seeming to quote some Republican candidate/pundit speaking on Fox and Friend,s the president is once again led into spouting bad conspiracy theory and making baseless accusations on social media, presumably whilst sitting in...
  4. bajisima

    Gina Haspel secures enough senate support to become CIA director

    Mark Warner just announced he too will vote yes, giving her enough votes to be confirmed. Gina Haspel has locked in the necessary support to win confirmation as President Donald Trump's CIA director, as two critical undecided Democrats — Sens. Mark Warner of Virginia and Heidi Heitkamp of...
  5. DemoWhip

    White House Official Apologizes for ‘Joke’ About McCain’s Vote on CIA Director: ‘It D

    White House Official Apologizes for ‘Joke’ About McCain’s Vote on CIA Director: ‘It Doesn’t Matter, He’s Dying Anyway’ by Andy Towle ==================================================== FINALLY, finally the apology came. No doubt after lots of intense pressure from Americans who were...
  6. T

    Trump says CIA pick Haspel 'under fire because she was too tough on terror'

    No, CaptainTwitter-Chones, people do not object to Haspel because she was "too tough on terror". They object because she oversaw a despicable, immoral, disgusting episode of our war on terror, namely the enhanced interrogation techniques employed by the CIA, which many consider torture. In...
  7. Darkman

    Here are the photos of former CIA director Mike Pompeo meeting Kim Jong-un

    Here are the photos of former CIA director Mike Pompeo meeting Kim Jong-un US news 4 hours ago Just hours after Trump told Fox & Friends he might release the photos of Pompeo's visit to North Korea...
  8. Chief

    FBI and CIA Independence

    Should the Justice Department and Intelligence organizations, such as the FBI and the CIA have some sort of internal organization that elects its own leaders to better shield these organizations from politics? I'm thinking yes, but interested in your thoughts as well.
  9. excalibur

    Intel Leader Accuses Obama CIA Director of Doing Putin’s Bidding

    Intel Leader Accuses Obama CIA Director of Doing Putin’s Bidding
  10. excalibur

    Leaked Texts Suggest Coordination Between Obama White House, CIA, FBI And Dems To La

    Leaked Texts Suggest Coordination Between Obama White House, CIA, FBI And Dems To Launch Trump-Russia Probe
  11. excalibur

    BuzzFeed Outs CIA Covert Kill Team Leader

    Far more serious a matter than the Valerie Plame affair. BuzzFeed Outs CIA Covert Kill Team Leader Because We Have the Need to Know
  12. DebateDrone

    Reagan — CIA — IRAQ — Chemical Weapons

    I saw the part of the story on Frontline last night. What I could gather there is a connection between Reagan, CIA, Iraq and Iraq using chemical weapons during the Iran-Iraq war. I saw an article on Daily Mail this morning...but not much else. I have to put in eye drops so it like looking...
  13. The Man

    CIA turncoat may have compromised U.S. spies in Russia

    More: Alleged CIA China turncoat Lee may have compromised U.S. spies in Russia too Wow...
  14. The Man

    CIA shared ISIS intel with Russia?

    Trump and Putin speak by phone after foiled St. Petersburg attacks - CNNPolitics FSB taking down the alleged terrorists: I said it before, wrote a thread on this, the first part of the video, the interrogation of the young fellow by plainclothes...
  15. cpicturetaker12

    Trump MADE CIA director meet with FOX'R peddling conspiracy of abt. DNC hack

    Jesusf'gchrist!! The INMATES ARE RUNNING THE ASYLUM. PS Think about it. If the CIA director concurred on this batshit theory, wouldn't that mean the CIA had bad intelligence and made a bad assessment? Did Trump not think this through? Trump made CIA director meet with Fox guest peddling...
  16. T

    Trump may look to replace Tillerson with CIA Director Pompeo after 'moron' report

    After Tillerson's dear leader style press conference, where he did not deny calling Turmp a moron, the ever leaking White House continues to leak. In this case that despite protestations Tillerson is one the way out, as the man child is angry that Rex did not publicly deny calling him a moron...
  17. Madeline

    The CIA Is A Complete Failure, And Always Has Been

    The CIA was created after WWII, and is the functional descendant of the Office of Strategic Services, among other agencies. If the core function of the CIA is to inform our elected officials about the political changes occurring in other...
  18. Spookycolt

    Entire Volume of CIA Files On Oswald, to Be Released in October, Has Disappeared

    So it looks like that due to some clerical error these CIA files have gone missing so they won't be released as required by law. Is anyone actually surprised by this? People have been waiting for this release date forever, so we can see what the CIA actually knows. Entire Volume...
  19. T

    Trump blasts ‘fabricated’ Syria story, appears to confirm covert CIA program

    Are these the illegal leaks Trump rages about? Sitting around on a Monday night Trump went on, shocker, a Twitter rampage about the media, complaining one outlet was somehow critical of his shutting down a program. One problem. The program was covert, and Trump appears to have confirmed its...
  20. Minotaur

    Trump ends covert CIA program arm anti-Assad rebels in Syria, a move sought by Moscow

    Huge win for Putin! Apparently it was worth manipulating the election. Congratulations Putin! "After the Trump-Putin meeting, the United States and Russia announced an agreement to back a new cease-fire in southwest Syria, along the Jordanian border, where many of the CIA-backed rebels have...