1. TennesseeRain

    Arizona Becomes First State to Require Students to Pass Civics Test

    PHOENIX — Arizona on Thursday became the first state in the nation to pass a law requiring high school students to pass a civics exam before graduation. The swift action by the Arizona Legislature comes as states around the country take up similar measures. The proposal requires high school...
  2. J

    Arizona passes law requiring students to pass civics test

    Arizona Passes Law Requiring High School Students to Pass Civics Test An educated citizen is a citizen who doesn't believe everything coming out of the mouth of government officials... Liberals only want our kids to know how to beg for hand outs. By the way, do you wanna try to pass the...
  3. mrmike

    Good move? AZ high school civics reqs

    Yep I think it's a good thing. All states should do this Arizona to require high school students to pass U.S. citizenship test on civics in order to graduate PHOENIX (AP) -- Arizona's new Republican governor has signed a bill making the state the first in the nation to require high...
  4. BDBoop

    It's been forty years since I took civics

    So since I don't know who to blame for the points laid out in the graphic - anybody willing to take pity and explain to me what branch of the government (or is it the JD?) is responsible for how things unfolded.
  5. Rasselas

    Civics Lesson $242: "Discharge Petition"

    The Speaker of the House determines which bills come to the floor as a vote, except under certain conditions. One way around the Speaker is called a "Discharge Petition." When a petition for a vote is signed by a majority of House members, any bill can be brought for vote of the House so lot...
  6. Devil505

    Mandatory civics test for voters?

    I think it would be a great idea. The test questions could be devised by a bipartisan group & failure to pass would disallow one's voting rights for that election. I can think of no constitutional provision that protects idiots & makes us citizens suffer their negative effects in elections...
  7. J

    So you think you know Civics

    So, you think you know Civics, OK here's a little test for you to take. Civics Test I'll freely admit that I missed 2.
  8. B

    Civics quiz

    I didn't do so hot... Civic Literacy Report - Civics Quiz