1. T

    Sarah Sanders sorry for false claim that Donald Trump created more jobs for blacks th

    Whoa. Someone is not following the program. Indeed, Sarah Sanders walks back an earlier false statement she made, one that seemed to compare Trump favorably to Obama. Correcting herself, she goes on to give Obama credit for something. This is very odd...
  2. excalibur

    Former Ohio State Wrestler Recants Claim That Jim Jordan Knew Of Sexual Abuse

    It appears that the attempted hit job on Jim Jordan has now completely fallen apart. A former Ohio State University wrestler is recanting his claims that Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan knew of sexual abuse allegations against a university physician when he coached wrestling at the school...
  3. bajisima

    Canadian PM addresses groping claim

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has responded to allegations that he groped a female reporter 18 years ago, saying he doesn't recall "any negative interactions that day at all." Trudeau, who has long spoken out against sexual harassment, briefly addressed the matter when asked by a...
  4. Kallie Knoetze

    NAACP leader's racial profiling claim challenged after bodycam footage released

    Head of the South Carolina NAACP claims pulled over for driving while black, accused of having drugs in car, wife and grandson treated like criminals... Too bad for him, the good officer's body cam shows he is a lying POC, using false claims of racism NAACP leader's racial profiling claim...
  5. Eve1

    Trump and Cosby have one thing in common=they claim innocence=say they are victims

    Wife: Cosby convicted by 'mob justice, not real justice' Bill Cosby's wife called Thursday for a criminal investigation into the suburban Philadelphia prosecutor behind his sexual assault conviction, saying the case that could put the 80-year-old comedian in prison for the rest of his life...
  6. Devil505

    Does a claim of "Fighting Back" immunize one against a charge of Obstruction of Justi

    That may well be Trump's lame defense. If that defense succeeds...OoJ can never be charged again because everyone so charged will claim they were just fighting back. (Thus the GOP will fight with him to undermine our laws)
  7. The Man

    Michael Douglas issues pre-emptive denial over 'sex claim'

    Michael Douglas issues pre-emptive denial over 'sex claim' - BBC News Who knows, false accusations happen too...
  8. T

    Trump’s claim that West Virginia is ‘sending clean coal’ to ‘China’

    Apparently, there is some new sort of coal under President Trump. Clean coal. Yes, we are suddenly exporting clean coal. Anyone know what clean coal is in this new definition...
  9. DemoWhip

    McConnell 'misspoke' on claim that no one in middle class would get tax increase

    McConnell 'misspoke' on claim that no one in middle class would get tax increase | TheHill ​By Jordain Carney ==================================================== Ah Hah! Caught!! Of course the Middle Class is going get hit and HARD with the Republican tax plan! That's why the...
  10. T

    Trump's claim US hitting Isis 'much harder' after NY attack not supported by data

    Shocker! the president makes a claim that is not true. Indeed, the president, after the New York incident, claimed that we were hitting ISIS 10 times harder than we were. Why were we not hitting them that hard in the first place? Well, that would not make for good Twittering I suppose...
  11. bajisima

    Four Pinocchios on dem claim that GOP tax plan will raise taxes for working class

    “On average, middle class families earning less than $86,000 would see a tax increase under the Republican ‘tax reform’ plan.” We traced the talking point to a document put out by the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee, essentially the communications arm of Senate Democrats. That...
  12. Goofball

    Current claim by board anti-Trumpers is that we are living in a "totalitarian state"

    I have asked in threads where this claim has been made for examples of how we are now living in a "totalitarian state". To date, none of the posters making that claim have been able to answer that question, so I open the floor to all for examples. GO!
  13. the watchman

    Trump supporters' claim stuns CNN anchor what gets me is these people voluntarily make these absurd claims on CNN for all the world to see. Especially, the lady that being critical of the network. I wanted so badly for this ancho to ask her does she know she's currently on CNN? But...
  14. Madeline

    Scientists Claim Humans Have Only 27 Different Emotions
  15. bmanmcfly

    Claim : Alex jones sells "snake oil"

    I've seen some claims concerning alex jones selling snake oil (among other claims). Since no arguments were made, I figure we could look at a recently published buzzfeed article where they tried to make that case. Unfortunately, they wound up writing a 3 page advertising campaign in favor of...
  16. ptif219

    44% of liberal Dems claim churches bad for U.S.

    Proof that the democrats are the anti-Christian party. Just shows what bigots democrats are. The party that wants others to be tolerant shows they are the intolerant hypocrites.
  17. L

    California farmers peeved at Trump, claim they were 'pawn' in US-Argentine trade deal

    Farmers worry allowing lemons into U.S. will raise citrus disease risk Citrus industry charges Trump administration shut them out of process Jeff Daniels | Jeffdanielsca Tuesday, 2 May 2017 | 10:48 PM California citrus farmers on Tuesday blasted the Trump administration for lifting a 16-year...
  18. excalibur

    MSNBC’s Matthews, Corn Meltdown, Claim Susan Rice ‘Unmasking’ Controversy Is Racist..

    Naturally the crazed Progs play the race and gender card. Pathetic liars. MSNBC’s Matthews, Corn Meltdown, Claim Susan Rice ‘Unmasking’ Controversy Is Racist and Sexist MSNBC?s Matthews, Corn Meltdown, Claim Susan Rice ?Unmasking? Controversy Is Racist and Sexist
  19. Babba

    Trump Russia dossier key claim 'verified'

    This is a highly informative article that I highly recommend everyone read. It turns out that another point in that Christopher Steele dossier has been corroborated. Namely that one Mikhail Kalugin, who posed as a diplomatic economist for Russia, is actually a spy. The article also makes some...
  20. cpicturetaker12

    NUNES is mocked! The 'WH fence jumper' claim its easy to sneak onto the WH grounds!

    This is funny! The story is bizarre, holes you could drive a fleet of Freightliners through. No one can make heads or tales of his SHIFTING bullshit. But at least there is more fodder for late night comedians, right?? A sitting congressman discusses in front of microphones about how easy it...