1. aboutenough

    AP Source: Shelly Sterling reviewing Clippers bids

    LOS ANGELES — Shelly Sterling was reviewing bids from five groups interested in buying the Los Angeles Clippers, a person with knowledge of the negotiations told The Associated Press on Wednesday. The individual, who wasn’t authorized to speak publicly about the deal, said if an agreement to...
  2. T

    L.A. Clippers Owner Goes on Racist Rant

    L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling went on a racist rant to his girlfriend in audio picked up by TMZ today. Sterling tells V. Stiviano repeatedly that he’s very bothered by her public association with a number of black individuals, including Magic Johnson, ordering her never to bring black...
  3. Chief

    TSA Takes Nail Clippers From Armed Soldier

    TSA Takes Nail Clippers From Armed Soldier - Perspective - PatriotPost.US Not sure if this is real, but check this out: lmao :)