1. Blueneck

    So how much is it going to cost to clean this up?

    Mercury and lead. Yeah, let's build more coal fired power plants, what's the worst that could happen? Cape Fear River, North Carolina filled with toxic muck from flooded coal ash dump after hurricane | Daily Mail Online
  2. Blueneck

    Trump think coal can't be "hurt"

    Compared to other sources of energy. He said this at his West Virginia rally last night: “We love clean, beautiful West Virginia coal,” he said Tuesday. “And you know, that’s indestructible stuff. In times of war, in times of conflict, you can blow up those windmills, they fall down real quick...
  3. bajisima

    Using coal for high tech 3D printers and carbon fiber?

    Would certainly be interesting.. Randy Atkins is trying to make coal great again, but not how President Trump has promised. Atkins’ company, Ramaco Carbon, is working to open what would be Wyoming’s first coal mine devoted not to electricity, but to high-tech products like carbon fiber or 3D...
  4. L

    Trump’s Bizarre Bid To Bailout Coal And Nuclear

    By Nick Cunningham - Jun 05, 2018, 5:00 PM CDT The Trump administration is pulling out all the stops to give a leg up to coal and nuclear, moving to take unprecedented action to intervene in the U.S. electricity markets to essentially bail out failing plants as they face an existential threat...
  5. Friday13

    After coal and oil plants shut down in CA, premature birthrates also dropped

    And tRump and Pruitt continue to devastate the EPA... After coal and oil plants shut down in California, premature birthrates also dropped Coal and oil power plant retirements in California associated with reduced preterm birth among populations nearby
  6. Singularity

    Coal baron's libel lawsuit against John Oliver dismissed with prejudice

    Very short ruling, which is a traditional way for courts to say "your case clearly has no merit at all but I will spare you a lecture on why it has no merit." Unless Bob Murray prevails on the appeal he has already vowed, somehow, he has been prohibited from suing John Oliver over the same...
  7. RNG

    Commission rejects Perry's push to guarantee coal and nuclear revenues

    I'm surprised this didn't get more attention both at the time it was proposed and now that a decision was made. Basically, the Republican President's Energy Secretary was trying to get the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to allow coal fired and nuclear plants to be guaranteed a certain...
  8. cpicturetaker12

    WV deadly coal mine owner is out of jail--9 dead, he got 1YR--is running for SENATE!

    Remember all those guys who died in that WV coal mine accident about 7 years ago? Remember the long litany of broken laws, fines and UNSAFE CONDITIONS from the coal mine owner? The owner who had a mega PAC who went around the country throwing "Tea Party" events but didn't make his mine safer...
  9. jacobfitcher

    Coal baron seeking Senate seat spent a year in prison for disaster that killed 29 min

    Don Blankenship, the former CEO of Massey Energy who recently served a one-year sentence in federal prison for conspiring to violate mine safety standards, has filed federal election papers to run for U.S. Senate in West Virginia. The documents, first reported by Eyewitness News, specify that...
  10. L

    The War on Coal is Over.

    So much winning for America!
  11. Rob Larrikin

    Coal, oil, gas and nuclear power MUCH greener than solar panels

    Greens like to say that solar panels are green, and this is a very political agenda nowadays, what with beatniks everywhere demanding we tear down power stations and start using solar and wind power. LOLOLOLOLOLOL! :D :D :D Coal, oil, gas and uranium are all made by nature, in a perfectly...
  12. RNG

    Bankrupt Coal Company Is Being Honored at Mar-a Lago

    Give your head a shake. Emphasis mine. A Recently Bankrupt Coal Company Is Being Honored at Mar-a Lago ? Mother Jones
  13. bajisima

    US set to deliver coal to Ukraine for first time

    Miners in PA excited about this. The United States is set to begin delivering coal to Ukraine for the first time in a deal Washington framed as a move toward reducing Kyiv's reliance on Russian energy. Under a deal signed earlier this month between the Ukrainian state-owned energy company...
  14. L

    France and UK Double Coal Imports in 2017

    US coal use is down and at they same time that France and the UK are scolding Trump for leaving the Paris Accords they are doubling down on coal. That's just rich. US coal exports are up 60%. Asia has doubled US coal imports as well. U.S. coal exports soar, in boost to Trump energy...
  15. Minotaur

    Coal Plant Teco in Apollo Beach Florida Explosion

    We know someone who works there. Thoughts are with all of them. This Teco plant rescues Manatee that draw tourists from around the world. It is a warm water area and Manatee are drawn to that spot. Good people work there. "Corey Dierdorff, the public information officer for Hillsborough...
  16. M

    Coal on the Rise

    Globally, not just in the US. Sez who? Sez U.S. News and World Report. China, US, and India have all boosted production in 2017. Wasn't that Paris deal gonna make the whole world cut back on coal? Wha Happened? But, this may be just a temporary rebound for coals, it's still on...
  17. Minotaur

    Coal, In The End It Is Still A Lump

    Aka Day Of The Dead:
  18. Davocrat

    Buyer's remorse. But we're bringing back coal!!

    Another misguided Trump voter speaks volumes (second paragraph). Solar's rise in North Carolina lifted blue-collar workers. Now they're worried about Trump. Danielle Paquette (c) 2017, The Washington Post. CHARLOTTE, North Carolina -- Mike Catanzaro, a solar panel installer with a high...
  19. Djinn

    Trump slashes clean coal research funding by 85%

    Those were Donald Trump's words on March 28th, as he signed an executive order rolling back regulations at the behest of coal executives. (Source - "Clean coal" refers to technologies that capture and store the carbon released from coal-burning power plants. The carbon is then...
  20. Babba

    There are now twice as many solar jobs as coal jobs in the US

    Trump has bashed solar power and the WH energy page makes no mention of it. Instead, he thinks he can revive the dying coal industry. He's an idiot.