1. DemoWhip

    Conservative columnist: ‘I would take Obama back in a nanosecond’

    May remove this since another thread already exists posted by Boontito (see below.) Thanks.
  2. CEngelbrecht

    A gossip columnist's guide to outwitting Trump, 'a narcissist beyond description'

    A gossip columnist's guide to outwitting Trump, 'a narcissist beyond description' | The Guardian
  3. cpicturetaker12

    'Too stupid to be PRESIDENT!' Conservative columnist RIPS TRUMP

    It's weird, I just happened to have seen this guy last night. I didn't recognize him though I've heard his name. He was ripping into Trump. It was on MSNBC so I assumed he was 'one of ours'. This must why he ended up on MSNBC last night. He penned this piece for FPR magazine. I mean just...
  4. boontito

    Paper says columnist tried to remove his articles criticizing Trump toget St Dept job

    Okay, this is pretty funny. Paper says columnist tried to remove his articles criticizing Trump to get a State Department job. It backfired...
  5. cpicturetaker12

    4 years of long ugly hell, "Impeach the motherf**ker already" campaign by columnist!

    This is funny! And frankly not all together untrue. We're less than a week into this motherf**r and people are already exhausted in trying to 'read between the tweets', his MANIC barrage of insults, lies, conspiracies, firings, hirings, destabilizing entire countires and batshit utterances...
  6. Ginger

    Chicago Tribune Columnist Calls for Hillary to Step Down

    Democrats should ask Clinton to step aside - Chicago Tribune FBI director James Comey's announcement about the renewed Clinton email investigation is the bombshell in the presidential campaign. That he announced this so close to Election Day should tell every thinking person that what the...
  7. Madeline

    Liberal Columnist Publishes Some Racist Emails Sent By Trump Fans

    Henry Gomez just did an article about the depravity of the racist invective some Trump fans have used in addressing him. Donald Trump fans have been sending me racist, hateful messages for months. Here's a sampling. | I can't think of any useful way to summarize it and the...
  8. meridian5455

    New York Times columnist ‘fuming’ after son allegedly stopped by Yale police at gunpo

    New York Time reporter Charles Blow was “fuming” after his son, an undergraduate at Yale University, was stopped by police after exiting a library because he fit the description of a suspect in a string of campus burglaries. Blow wrote about the incident for the NYT on Monday, but left out one...
  9. BoiseBo

    Chicago Tribune columnist weighs in on the issue of the day!

    Priceless! ======== It's official. I hereby nominate Sarah Palin to be the next president of the United States of America and also Alaska. And why, you ask, have I suddenly thrown my influential support behind this half-term governor and failed vice presidential candidate? The answer is...
  10. MGunner

    Daily Beast columnist: Wendy Davis does not speak for women Now this is an example of sanity is a sea of looney tunes progressives... Bravo! The left is always whining about obstruction from the right but they for damn sure will obstruct any action...
  11. meridian5455

    Retired Liberal Columnist makes death threats against gun owners

    Des Moines columnist calls for repeal of Second Amendment, death of gun owners - Spokane Conservative | After saying he would make "ownership of unlicensed assault rifles a felony," Kaul announced that he would punish such ownership with the death penalty. "If some people refused...
  12. NiteGuy

    Conserevative Blogger Attempt to Sandbag Liberal Columnist Ends in Epic Fail

    Schultz is so much classier than I am. I would have outed this fucking moron, by posting his email and my reply on a full page ad in the newspaper, large type font, and name both his name and the name of the supposed internet "publication" he works for. As it is, he hasn't learned a Goddamned...
  13. R

    "Daily Show" Exposes Liberal Columnist's Hypocrisy On Civil Discourse

    got to love the daily show... Civil Disservice - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 01/12/12 - Video Clip | Comedy Central John Oliver interviews Froma Harrop, the president of the National Conference of Editorial Writers, to find out how to restore civility to America's public discourse...
  14. Granite

    CNBC Columnist Approves Of Health Care Rationing

    So. It starts. The arguments and rationalizations for health care rationing. Not only do the Liberals want to engage in class warfare to rationalize tax increases, now they want to engage in age warfare. Soon, the pliable young people will be willing to throw their elders under the bus for...
  15. Vortex

    Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times Columnist, "Prince of Darkness" died Tuesday

    My condolences to his family and loved ones. Brain cancer is an awful way to go, his suffering has ended. I hope he made peace before he left but I don't think he did. Lord knows how many suffered far worse at the hands of our enemies when he publicized the identity of Plame, when he let...
  16. D

    CONSERVATIVE columnist Parker says Palin "out of her league"

    I'm astounded Palin has gotten this far. Are we poised for an "Eagleton moment"? Palin Problem by Kathleen Parker on National Review Online Aw...poor Sarah. Actually, I wish she could be indicted for misrepresenting her credentials to hold national office.
  17. M

    Amero plot real, says biz columnist

    PREMEDITATED MERGER Posted: October 11, 2007 1:11 p.m. Eastern © 2007 Commemorative amero coinThe U.S. dollar might be destined to disappear, replaced by a regional currency called the amero, reports the Tokyo correspondent for the Singapore Business Times today...
  18. T

    Columnist Molly Ivins Died | 01/31/2007 | Columnist Molly Ivins dies AUSTIN — Molly Ivins, whose biting columns mixed liberal populism with an irreverent Texas wit, died at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at her home in Austin after an up-and-down battle with breast cancer she had waged for seven years. She was...