1. boontito

    Top Republicans In Congress Break With Trump Over Putin Comments

    This doesn't happen enough, and not just on the conservative side. Our elected representatives should have the courage and the responsibility to call out things that are wrong, not just even if it's exhibited by members of their own party, but ESPECIALLY if it's exhibited by members of their...
  2. DebateDrone

    Don Jr. Cancels Fundraiser For G. P Bush Because of Aunt Laura's Separation Comments

    George P. Bush, Jeb's son, is Land Commissioner in Tx. Report says Don Jr backed out an appearance for GPB fundraiser due to Aunt Laura Bush's comments on child separation. This is a very odd story. ...I believe it's correct. My problem is I can't understand how George P could remain friends...
  3. The Man

    Russian TV celebrates Trump's Crimea comments

    Trump's claim that Crimea is part of Russia earns praise from Russian media - Business Insider lol
  4. Chief

    GOP senator rips Navarro’s comments on Trudeau: ‘This cannot be our party’’s-comments-on-trudeau-‘this-cannot-be-our-party’/ar-AAysGbB?ocid=spartandhp What? Seriously, "Bad faith diplomacy" is pretty much Trump's middle name. How many agreements has he backed out of now? At this point it's not like...
  5. bajisima

    Houston rep rips Pelosi over impeachment comments

    A Houston Congressman on Monday took exception to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's comments in Dallas opposing impeachment of President Donald Trump. Democratic Rep. Al Green said in a statement that Trump is "the quintessential person that impeachment was designed for," no matter what...
  6. bajisima

    Pelosi defends Hoyers comments on secret audio tape

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi defended leadership meddling in crowded Democratic primary races Thursday after audio surfaced of House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer urging a progressive candidate in Colorado to drop out. Hoyer is heard telling liberal Democrat Levi Tillemann to drop out of the...
  7. the watchman

    Giuliani’s pre-election comments on Fox News prompted an FBI leak investigation

    (snip)In an interview with MSNBC host Rachel Maddow on Thursday night, Comey relived the drama. Did Giuliani, and by association the Trump campaign, asked Maddow, have forewarning from within the FBI — perhaps the New York office — of Comey’s consequential act of Oct. 28...
  8. D

    Sen. Marco Rubio gets swift pushback for comments on March for Our Lives

    Sen. Marco Rubio gets swift pushback for comments on March for Our Lives By ABC News ==================================================== It sure appears that there is a lot of antipathy against Rubio in Florida after those comments. No doubt those voters, comprised of parents as...
  9. T

    Trump's comments blaming Obama for 2013 government shutdown resurface

    The problem with being a lifelong blowhard in the modern age is instant access to previous stupid comments. Cue Trump, on, shockingly, Fox and Friends in 2013. Apparently, at that time when it was not him, when it came to shutdowns, it was the president's fault as he was at the top and he was...
  10. PACE

    Kansas Republican Congressman jumps the shark with racially charged comments

    about marijuana legalization. Kansas Rep. Steve Alford makes racially-charged comments on marijuana legalization | The Topeka Capital-Journal Dumb asses' comments come from this "belief" genetic inferiority. Jesus Christ, some people just deserve to be slapped every ten minutes.....
  11. bajisima

    VA gov elect Ralph Northram draws anger over Medicaid comments

    Virginia Gov.-elect Ralph Northam drew the ire of progressives on Sunday, who accused him of walking back ― before even taking office ― his promise to expand Medicaid for more low-income people. In his interview Northam also suggests he wants to have Medicaid recipients work as a condition of...
  12. cpicturetaker12

    2MILLION FCC comments FOR net neutrality BOGUS: State AG's lining up to SUE!

    19 I think I heard Maddow say--STATES ATTORNEY JOURNALS HAVE ASKED THE FCC not to implement the change and are starting law suits! BIG FIGHT AHEAD — State attorneys general line up to sue FCC over net neutrality repeal Net neutrality supporters will try to reinstate the rules in courts and...
  13. NightSwimmer

    Millionaires respond to rude comments aimed at working class Americans

    Actual Wealthy People Confirm They, Too, Spend Money On Booze And Movies Chuck Grassley is just a grumpy old asshole.
  14. the watchman

    Grassley criticized for comments on taxpayers who waste money on 'booze,' 'women'

    Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, said in an interview Saturday that he is in favor of getting rid of the federal estate tax—a tax generally aimed at the wealthy— and implied that other tax cuts could favor those who waste their money on “booze or women or movies.” Grassley, a member of the...
  15. Goofball

    Dem Congresswoman:Pelousy comments set women back decades.

  16. The Man

    Sobchak investigated for Crimea comments

    Russia: Ksenia Sobchak risks prosecution with comments on Crimea Also: Prosecutor's Office to check statements of presidential hopeful Sobchak on Crimea's status Moscow prosecutors to process statements regarding Sobchak’s remarks on Crimea Now, it's getting interesting...
  17. D

    FCC stonewalling probe of 'massive scheme' involving fake net neutrality comments, Ne

    FCC stonewalling probe of 'massive scheme' involving fake net neutrality comments, New York attorney general says - ABC News By J.J. GALLAGHER ==================================================== Listen Folks! EVERY ONE needs to get involved in this very important Net Neutrality...
  18. cpicturetaker12

    NY AG probes "MASSIVE SCHEME to influence FCC" on net neutrality using fake comments

    Jesuschrist! Using "hundreds of thousands of Americans" (names, emails, etc.?) pumping FAKE COMMENTS into the system for commentary on net neutrality? Can we assume against net neutrality?? Best I can make of it, TRUMP'S FCC is either enabling a FAKE slant on the legislation and/or...
  19. the watchman

    a fellow democrats' unbelievably ignorant comments on sexual harassment He's a candidate for Governor in Ohio and ( get this ) an Ohio Supreme Court Justice.
  20. DebateDrone

    Black Community Turned America’s Major Cities into Slums...

    That was the opinion of a pastor. Not just any pastor, but the pastor appointed by Trump to head the Department of Homeland Security’s head of outreach to religious and community organizations.