1. orangecat

    Communism makes a comeback Well, Crystal pretty much nails it here. The question is, what can we, as conservatives, do to help our intellectually challenged opposition to realize the folly of continuing down the destructive path of socialism/communism/marxism...
  2. The Man

    Communism is NOT liberal

    I have often seen American conservatives here and elsewhere refer to liberals as Commies or compare them to Communists. It always confused me. If anything, the Communist ideology in the old Soviet Union was highly socially CONSERVATIVE. Homosexuality was completely illegal, period. Sergey...
  3. PACE

    Putin says communism comes from the bible, compares Lenin to a saint

    Putin Says Communism Comes From the Bible, Compares Lenin to a Saint Yeah, sure,,, whatever you say Vlad.....
  4. aboutenough

    Christianity says: Sell all you own and give it to the poor. Sound like communism?

    Of course, Christianity very much predated the communist movement, founded by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in the mid-1800s. And certainly, Marx and Engels weren’t devout Christians; very much the opposite. But Hart’s point is that early Christians were, if not true communists, then...
  5. Ginger

    This is communism in Venezuela

    Venezuela Is Starving At the Domingo Luciani Hospital in Caracas, Ms. Planchart cried when she recalled the ways she tried to feed baby Jean Pierre and her four other children. She went through trash bags, searching for bits of corn or bread free of maggots. Once Latin America’s...
  6. PopeADope

    Communism was paradise under Lenin

    I have had people tell me things were okay under Lenin. He was not as bad as stalin, but he did start Red Terror For anyone who thinks the Soviet Union was not bad under Lenin: ""At Odessa the Cheka tied White officers to planks and slowly fed them into furnaces or tanks of boiling water...
  7. L

    Who’s Afraid of Communism?

    Americans have largely forgotten the anti-Communist sentiment from decades past. BY MALCOLM HARRIS April 27, 2016 With the Berlin Wall barely a memory and Airbnb in Havana, American anti-communism is probably at its historical nadir. Bernie Sanders has proven the word “socialism” doesn’t scare...
  8. A

    What Are Examples Of Hillary Working Across The Aisle?

    I submit Hillary's 2002 vote to empower Bush to invade Iraq is one example of working with the Republicans in a bipartisan manner. Are there other more positive examples -- especially examples where Hillary changed something for the better because the Republicans were persuaded by Hillary's...
  9. Monk-Eye

    National Defense : Traitorous Corporatism Psychopathy Accommodating Communism

    " National Defense : Traitorous Corporatism Psychopathy Accommodating Communism " * Fat Lady Sings The Establishments of Liberty Are Weak * GE to sell appliances business to China's Haier for $5.4 billion | Reuters Are US citizens to believe that selling any national chain to the chinese...
  10. H

    true communism

    marx lenin stalin and mao wasn t communists the only true communist is jesus china isn t a communist country its a capitalist country with an elite rulership an aristocratic rulership china is an aristocracy cuba is an aristocracy there wasn t a true communism scince jesus...
  11. Lex Luthor

    Communism and the Democratic Party

    Horowitz at Heritage Foundation: 'The Communist Party Is The Democratic Party' I know we'll hear the same bullshit from the Liberal Borg here about how they opposed Communism, that McCarthy was a traitor, yada, yada, yada. But people who have any modicum of intelligence know full well that's...
  12. MGunner

    Dem Rep: We've proven that communism works!

    Dem Congressman: 'We've Proved That Communism Works' | The Daily Caller I just couldn't make this shit up folks... Lmao!
  13. slslady1

    The next step towards communism

    230.9. (a) It shall be unlawful for a large employer, as defined in Section 14199.1 of the Welfare and Institutions Code, to designate an employee as an independent contractor or temporary employee, reduce an employee's hours of work, or terminate an employee if the purpose of the action is to...
  14. Bluegrass

    The Common Ground of Communism and Capitalism

    Mind you, this is not comparing the theoretical versions of the two, but rather the observable real world application. The similarities of Communism and Capitalism can be observed: -Both emerged as an alternative to feudalism and monarchies -Both rely on a command economy (centrally planned...
  15. michaelr

    From Communism Day to Government Loyalty Day

    From Communism Day to Government Loyalty Day You've got to be shitting me. Loyal to these scum? They work for us, and I think they owe their loyalty to us. Who the fuck do these people think they are?!
  16. zitiboy

    Americanism vs Communism

    This is what we're taught from grade one, by the media and the educational system. Here is what the typical Russian communist woman looks like... They're all like that, none look better than that. This is a typical example of Russian communist fashion.... ____________ Now...
  17. bajisima


    Just watched a piece on my local news station about a Dartmouth professor who studys Communism and he found these list of goals presented to Congress back in 1963: Communist Goals - 1963 Congressional Record Seems a bit scary considering the world today.
  18. Fishy

    Are Many Americans Naive About Communism?

    Most Americans have never had any direct contact with Marxism-Leninism. The media doesn't usually focus on the crimes of Communism. As a consequence I think many Americans are naive about Communism. Check out the article: Mao's Great Leap to Famine HONG KONG — The worst catastrophe in...
  19. M

    Communism vs The US Political Parties.

    The real form of Communism does not exist.....but which party would be more apt to follow the path of Communism? Republicans or Democrats? Which version, progressives or moderates? Conservatives or Neo-Cons? Hint: both parties have a version that would! Those that espouse communism still...
  20. ksu_aviator

    Castro admits communism doesn't work

    How often does someone commit to something for so long and then say..."damn, that didn't work."? Kudos to Castro for joining the 20th century and realizing communism doesn't work.