1. Æthelfrith

    International Comparison

    Davis (2007, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: An International Update on the Comparative Performance of American Health Care, Medical Benefits, Vol 24 Issue 14, pp 9-10) wrote: The article presents an international update on the comparative performance of the health care system in the U.S. It was...
  2. G

    Trump tweets wildly misleading comparison of the national debt in his first month to

    On Saturday morning, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to point out a fact he thought the media was underreporting: the decrease in the national debt in his first month. "The media has not reported that the National Debt in my first month went down by $12 billion vs a $200 billion...
  3. thrilling

    My comparison of Trump supporters. You have any?

    A few friends used to take me over to a private golf course where the Head Pro was a mini celebrity in the town. Loved to be behind a mic, or be interviewed on local tv. A total jack ass that would rip off the golfers all the time(was fired years later after the investigations uncovered a lot...
  4. L

    A Comparison of Babysitting Rates In 9 Cities

    If you wanted another reason why residents of New York City have one of the highest costs of living in the U.S., compare babysitting wages with those of folks who live in Colorado. According to UrbanSitter's 2014 Childcare Rate Survey of nine large metro areas, the average babysitter wage...
  5. BoiseBo

    Home Depot founder really not THAT sorry for Nazi comparison

    Leave the billionaires ALOOOONE!!! :D Billionaire Kenneth Langone is still defending his comparison of income inequality talking points to rhetoric in Nazi Germany, after apologizing two months ago for the comments. In a Capital New York interview published Monday morning, the Home Depot...
  6. aboutenough

    A comparison of how the NFL treated Christian Tim Tebow vs. openly gay Michael Sam

    As an avid football fanatic (go Patriots!), I was really surprised to see the media’s reaction to the first openly gay player, Michael Sam. Honestly, I didn’t think it deserved that much attention. Last time I checked, most football fans didn’t care about the love life of the players. The entire...
  7. The Man

    An interesting comparison, or, God bless Canadian gun laws

    Two similar incidents today, at two post secondary institutions. Case one, in America, in Philadelphia, a gunman, a student, I guess, shoots up the university, at least one person is dead: Yahoo! In the second case, in Canada, an equally deranged person also staged an attack at a college...
  8. The Man

    A comparison

    Just a comparison of two recent cases, both from small towns in Central Russia. Number one, in Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod oblast, December 7th. 26 year old Aleksandr Slakaev was partying with friends in a cafe, "Ochag", owned by Armenians. Apparently, he did not like the food. Claims...
  9. Rev. Hellh0und

    All this whining about palin using slavery as a comparison or whatever.

    Seems in order to make excuses for a man suggesting a woman should be pissed and shatted upon, alot on the left have fired back how dare palin compare something to slavery. I asked this question several times, but none making excuses for bashir have ventured an answer, so I pose it here, in it's...
  10. BoiseBo

    "Obama's Katrina" ... the lamest lamestream media comparison in years

    Yeah sure.. let's compare a crappy ACA website launch and the Repugnant cock-blocking and disinformation campaign to an inept Bushie/Brownie response resulting in 1800 deaths in NOLA. But the funniest thing about this magnificent new RW meme (which is also being parroted by CNN and the other...
  11. The Man

    A comparison

    You know, I wasn't exactly sure where to put this... Dearborn, Michigan, USA Meanwhile, I was reading about a Orthodox Christian procession that was travelling across Russia, Vladivostok to Kaliningrad, carrying a Mother of God (Bogoroditsa, Holy...
  12. B

    BIG-SKY STATES comparison: end-polling to actual results (WA, ID, MT, ND, SD)

    BIG-SKY STATES comparison: end-polling to actual results (WA, ID, MT, ND, SD). Interesting and surprising information: Bonncaruso's ELECTORAL POLITICS - 2012: Prelim Comparison III: BIG SKY COUNTRY (WA, ID, MT, ND, SD)
  13. B

    Comparison: actual margin to end-polling: CT, MI, IA

    Prelim comparison II: CT, MI, IA compared to end polling: Bonncaruso's ELECTORAL POLITICS - 2012: Preliminary comparision II: CT, MI and IA compared to the end polling averages Common demoninator of worst pollsters: RASMUSSEN. Go read
  14. allegoricalfact

    The slavery of the Ancient World has no comparison with what became the Slavery of

    Americas'. Ancient slavery was just not the same thing at all, Slaves could become immortals within the Mystery Religions, so they were equals, they were artizans and so on and often had their families with them, it was not all perfect but it was a different mind set and the brutality is...
  15. B

    The 2012 GOP Iowa Caucuses - Final Canvass results - comparison to prelims

    I have done a comparative work-up of the Iowa numbers: final vs. prelim, here in the library. I also illustrated 5 points about what we can learn from such a close contest.
  16. meridian5455

    Hank Williams Jr. apologizes for Hitler-Obama comparison

    (CNN) -- Hank Williams Jr. apologized Tuesday for comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler, a remark that prompted controversy and resulted in "Monday Night Football" pulling his popular musical introduction from this week's game. "I have always been very passionate about politics and sports...
  17. K

    End Times: A comparison of the eschatology of Catholicism and Hinduism

    This board doesn't deserve to have this work here.
  18. M

    Brazil in Comparison to the Western World

    Brazil.....what do we know? Friend or foe? How does Brazil compare with the rest of the Western World? A country who's economy which does not totally rely on oil. Growing and becoming more prosperous.....untapped resources.....infrastructure being created. How do they view Americans, their...
  19. A

    Jews outraged by Vatican comparison

    The Vatican keeps putting it's foot in it's mouth, you can see they're getting fairly desperate here.
  20. T

    US, Canada, UK health comparison

    I found this interesting chart from the “Organization for Economic Cooperation and Developmentâ€, comparing medical data for US, Canada and Briton. ………………………………………..........US……… Canada………..UK.............. CT Scanners.(per...