1. Detective Mike Logan

    Can SCIENCE and RELIGION ever compliment eachother?

    first we had religion! for centuries, millennia people all over the world lived their lives in accord with the principles and teachings of an ancient book(s). whole entire nations and cultures were permeated by archaic philosphies and folktale. then around half a millennia ago...
  2. GordonGecko

    Trump: King of the Backhanded Compliment....

    or in this case, the backhanded Birtherism... “It was a very wise move that Ted Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship 18 months ago,” the party front-runner tweeted. Trump: Cruz renouncing Canadian citizenship ?a very wise move? | TheHill
  3. M

    Biden Compliment Generator

    Gotta LOVE Biden. Well I quess I cant post the you can go here for your Biden compliment :)