1. Ian Jeffrey

    Palestinian Authority Vows to Continue Paying Families of Terrorists Given this continued commitment to rewarding terrorists and their families, the PA should be utterly cut off from foreign aid until it changes its ways. No one should be paying...
  2. T

    China ignores Trump threat on Iran, says business there will continue

    Odd. President Trump said anyone doing business with Iran will not be doing business with the US, but everyone doing business with Iran seems to be continuing to do so, despite the boy-king's declaration. Apparently, other heads of state and head's of governmetn don't heed the presdient's...
  3. Friday13

    Senate overwhelmingly passes resolution supporting Trump attacks continue

    About time they did something right. Senate overwhelmingly passes resolution supporting Trump attacks continue
  4. Mister B

    US Auto Sales Continue To Decline Under Trump

    ...due to increased interest rates and inflation since Trump took office.
  5. HayJenn

    Federal judge orders Trump to continue DACA

    A D.C. federal judge has delivered the toughest blow yet to Trump administration efforts to end deportation protections for undocumented immigrants known as “dreamers,” ordering the government to continue the Obama-era program and — for the first time — to accept new applicants. U.S. District...
  6. Darkman

    Trump-Mueller Interview Talks Continue After Lawyers Shuffled

    Trump-Mueller Interview Talks Continue After Lawyers Shuffled Trump-Mueller Interview Talks Continue After Lawyers Shuffled
  7. Macduff

    More Liberals Continue to Reevaluate Bill Clinton Sexual Assault Allegations

    More Liberals Continue to Reevaluate Bill Clinton Sexual Assault Allegations Awful brave of them to throw Bill Clinton under the bus now that they don't need him anymore.
  8. johnflesh

    Your Brain May Continue To Function After Your Death... All articles about this latest study on GNews -
  9. the watchman

    U.S. diplomacy with North Korea to continue until 'first bomb drops': Tillerson .

    WASHINGTON, Oct 15 (Reuters) - Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Sunday that President Donald Trump had instructed him to continue diplomatic efforts to calm rising tensions with North Korea, saying "those diplomatic efforts will continue until the first bomb drops." Speaking on CNN's...
  10. DemoWhip

    Organizations continue to cancel events at Mar-a-Lago

    The continuing fallout and result is that organizations are now fleeing from Trump and his property in Florida. ---------------------------------------- Organizations continue to cancel events at Mar-a-Lago By Mark Sumner
  11. Goofball

    Pentagon: We will CONTINUE TO WORK CLOSELY with WH on Transgendered policy

    If they are going to CONTINUE TO WORK CLOSELY, that means they have been working closely. "We will continue to work closely with the White House to address the new guidance provided by the Commander-in-Chief on transgender individuals serving the military," Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis...
  12. KnotaFrayed

    It ain't just "fake news", stuff he can continue deny or someone else to blame....

    Anymore...... RIGHT ON ANA!.......although we'll likely hear from all those who like Trump, because he "tells it like it is"......that will become snowflakes and whine and cry about your "telling it like it...
  13. RNG

    TPP trade deal will continue without Trump

    TPP trade deal will continue without Trump - BBC News I am a great believer in free trade and I don't think the TPP was a bad deal. In fact I hope it does go. What I don't understand is Trump's position of wanting trade deals, but wanting a whole bunch of individual deals with each country.
  14. R

    All FBI investigations will continue after the firing of Comey.

    This is true. They will continue as if he was still there. Those working at the FBI will NO longer have to put up with the uncertainty of Comey's leadership.
  15. T

    President Trump returns to Florida for weekend even as N. Korea tensions continue to

    "I would not be a president who took vacations. I would not be a president that takes time off.” Granted, there is never a moment you are not president while in that role, but for fuck's sake, for a guy that claimed he would not take time off, he sure spends a shit ton of time at his resort in...
  16. DemoWhip

    NCAA Signals It Will Continue Pro-LGBTQ Stance

    The NCAA is to be highly commended for its continuing non-discrimination policy that favors the LGBT Community and for not doing business in states that discriminate against them. Texas, a very backward and draconian red state is now in the process of enacting just such a law in their state and...
  17. KnotaFrayed

    As the reviews of last night continue to roll in......

    Not all are so praising of the President....... Some interesting dynamics in the following, considering who John Schindler is...... "Ex-NSA analyst rips Trump for exploiting ‘trapped’ widow: ‘She didn’t want to stand up — we know why’"...
  18. DemoWhip

    Trump Will Continue LGBTQ Worker Protection Order Signed by Obama

    Mr. Griffin, from HRC, has very valid points. Trump can't just stop right there with what he has proposed to do. He needs to go farther and also to initiate legislation to fully protect the LGBT Community from discrimination in Housing and Employment. To do less than that is to not serve those...
  19. Goofball

    DEVELOPING AT CNN: If inaguration is blown up, Obama regime will continue!

    WTF? This is why CNN is such a joke. Developing? Clowns at CNN wishing for a scenario where dozens die so Obama's minions can hold onto power isn't news. It is moronic rankings from far left partisan hacks running CNN. CNN: If Trump is Killed During Inauguration, Obama Appointee Would...
  20. KnotaFrayed

    Trump says he will continue to Tweet...says media is unfair to him...

    Trump keeps saying media is unfair and lies about him....and assumes some people will somehow believe he, speaks nothing but the truth.... Donald Trump will continue to tweet randomly after he takes office ? BGR Trump blames unfair media for driving him to tweet - POLITICO Can...