1. Granite

    Fearless Chris Christie Lambastes ‘Obscene’ Police Union Contracts

    I like Christie. I don't see how anyone...except a fanatical, die-hard Liberal...can NOT like this man's straight-shooting, no-BS attitude. Tell it like it is, Christie!!
  2. Blah

    Sweetheart Union Contracts

    - Big Government Sweetheart Contract Law & Legal Definition Even with all his other difficulties PBO succeeded in turning the National Labor Relations Board into a union organ and it's already paying off for the unions who helped get him elected. I wonder if Andy Stern is still going to the...
  3. michaelr

    Contracts down: Is housing headed for double-dip?

    Contracts down: Is housing headed for double-dip? I do not believe for one minute that the tax breaks will end in spring, I foresee the government housing subsidy lasting for ever. Fannie and Freddie along with other banks and institutions will insist. If I am wrong, then get out of...
  4. nonsqtr

    let's try again - IMPLIED CONTRACTS

    All right, I've tried this three times already, here on PH - and no one seems to "get" what this means. So, let's try again. The topic of this thread is: IMPLIED CONTRACTS. And, specifically as it applies to our government! (or rather, YOU and our government). Here are the staging...
  5. nonsqtr

    more on implied contracts

    Gee, well, last time I posted a whole long blurb on implied contracts, and no one seemed to be interested. Odd, that, since every time you sign your name there is an implied contract looming somewhere.... Remember these words: "Without Prejudice" And note, that UCC 1-207, has now...
  6. nonsqtr

    implied contracts

    What is your relationship with the entity known as “government� How about, your relationship to “a corporation� Turns out, the US Government, often masquerades as a corporation! And because of that, they get away with a lot of stuff they “shouldn’t†be getting away with...
  7. M

    Iraq Cancels Six No-Bid Oil Contracts

    Iraq Cancels Six No-Bid Oil Contracts I think the pertinent thing to do here is, err, um, INVADE!!!
  8. M

    Top Rumsfeld Aide Wins Contracts From Spy Office He Set Up

    The freaking story can be read here Warning reading this freaking may cause a significant increase in blood pressure, slight palpitations of the heart, some urination disorders, budging eyeballs, and tightening of the fisvgtloasd.
  9. M

    Government Awards Contracts Despite Firms' Misconduct

    By Roxana Tiron The Hill Thursday 19 July 2007 A watchdog organization is calling attention to what it deems the government's failure to properly vet the companies to which it awards hundreds of billions of dollars in contracts. The Project on Government Oversight (POGO)...
  10. M

    Problems Continue With Defense Contracts

    By Andrew Taylor The Associated Press Saturday 16 June 2007 A pair of U.S. senators investigating reports of waste, fraud and mismanagement in defense contracts in Iraq reported from Baghdad Saturday that they see some improvement but the military has a long way to go...
  11. J

    Should this affect the Halliburton contracts?

    Halliburton to move headquarters, CEO to Dubai By Mohammed Abbas and Anna Driver Mon Mar 12, 5:10 AM ET MANAMA/HOUSTON (Reuters) - U.S. oil services firm Halliburton Co. (NYSE:HAL - news) is moving its headquarters and chief executive to Dubai in a move that immediately sparked criticism from...
  12. I

    Federal contracts up 86% under Bush; Halliburton rises 600% So this is what the Administration is talking about when they tell us that the US economy is great, right? Great for whom? Huge corporations who love wars without end, or America's citizens?