1. Blueneck

    Emoluments clause is too bothersome

    Trump has abandoned all pretense of complying. Not that anyone ever really believed he would. Rules are for the little people. :drama: The Trump Organization Says It's 'Not Practical' to Comply With the Emoluments Clause
  2. Friday13

    Dem lawmakers seek criminal corruption probe of EPA's Pruitt

    Trump would like to make this ass-clown AG. Like Trump, he believes that he is above the law and is using his position for personal gain. Dem lawmakers seek criminal corruption probe of EPA's Pruitt Unending Pruitt controversies leave Republicans frustrated Judge Rules Pruitt Must...
  3. John T Ford

    Democrat Corruption

    A former Democratic congressman from Chicago, heading to prison for the third time, says he has “given up on America” and plans to move to Africa after he serves his latest sentence. At his sentencing Thursday, Mel Reynolds, 66, got six months in prison for failing to file tax returns on more...
  4. Goofball

    Deep State Corruption at FBI & DOJ from start of Hillary investigation.

    The evidence just keeps piling up that the fix was in from the start. Much, much more in the link....
  5. Blueneck

    Trump made millions off of Reps and federal agencies

    Looks like Trump beat out Hillary again. Political groups, feds spent $15M at Trump businesses | McClatchy Washington Bureau
  6. MeBelle

    Trump’s Business of Corruption - August 21, 2017

    Adam Davidson follows the money trail in one of the President’s past deals all the way to Vladimir Putin. "What secrets will Mueller find when he investigates the President’s foreign deals?" The reporting by Adam Davidson is very in-depth and interesting. The article is looong - I found a...
  7. Eve1

    Corruption in the RNC linked with Trump and Malaysian Money Laundering in the USA

    To understand how deep the corruption goes in the RNC we have to look at some past events. There is a businessman named Elliot Broidy who bribed many New York Gov't officials to get them to turn over contracts to his firm but he ended up getting caught . Broidy pleaded guilty in 2009 and...
  8. PACE

    Israeli police name two close Bibi aides in corruption scandal This last line makes me laugh.
  9. HayJenn

    Benjamin Netanyahu - Corruption

    Israeli police have recommended indicting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a pair of corruption cases, escalating a legal and political showdown that threatens to end the career of one of the longest-serving leaders in Israel’s history — and potentially send President Trump’s closest Mideast...
  10. bmanmcfly

    Timeline of corruption

    2/09/2016 - Podesta sends email re: wetworks - 2/13/2016 - Scalia dies 2/13/2016 - Podesta email re: scalia replacement - May 2016 - Strzok writes Hilary exoneration -...
  11. MaryAnne

    Swiss Corruption Case

    Look who is involved in this case. They really get around. Then Mark Warner says they have new information in the dump at the end of the year. Wonder if this was connected...
  12. T

    Uranium One. History, the players, the corruption.

    Uranium One Deal: Obama Administration Complicit, Not Just | National Review The Obama Administration’s Uranium One Scandal
  13. PACE

    Florida legislator resigns over sexual harassment allegations and corruption charges

    Jack Latvala resigns from the Florida Senate | Tampa Bay Times The judge's report; So. Yeah, I know, I know, you guys are sick of this already, well I challenge you to consider each individual experience...
  14. Friday13

    Passing Through to Corruption

    Because "power corrupts"...and republiCons are pulling out all the stops to prove it (before sanity returns to US politics). Passing through to corruption
  15. T

    Saudi offer in corruption crackdown: 'cough up the cash and go home'

    Remember a few days ago when the president tweeted the brash Suadi prince knew what he was doing? After Kushner visited Saudi Arabia? After the prince started rounding up rivals? Does our precedent's support extend to what amounts to kidnapping, false imprisonment, and extra judicial...
  16. Goofball

    Uranium 1 corruption of Obama and Clintons explained.

    Amazing how corrupt the Obama regime was. Hillary Clinton and the real Russian collusion | Fox News
  17. Goofball

    Newt on Cliniton corruption, ties to Russia.

    A good read for anyone interested in facts ignored by the lamestream media. Newt Gingrich: The Clintons started the so-called Russian collusion scandal and may be destroyed by it | Fox News
  18. The Man

    Aksyonov Family Corruption in Crimea

    Sergey Aksyonov was a relatively obscure pro-Russian activist leader in Crimea before the 2014 takeover by Russia, after which Putin made him Governor there In fact, originally, he was nothing but a gangster, a figure in the local mob, going by the nickname "Goblin" lol A man named...
  19. boontito

    NCAA basketball coaches among 10 charged with fraud, corruption

    NCAA basketball coaches among 10 charged with fraud and corruption Four assistant basketball coaches from Arizona, Auburn, Oklahoma State and Southern California were among those arrested on federal corruption charges Tuesday after they were caught taking thousands of dollars in bribes to steer...
  20. The Man

    War and corruption Recent video shows separatist forces in Donbass, Lugansk People's Republic troops, driving Ukrainian "Bulat" tanks, a highly modernized (supposedly) version of T-64 Kiev had very much touted and said it can take on Russia's T-90 and even T-14 Armata...