1. cpicturetaker12

    INFANT MORTALITY & 'defects' higher in Christian fundamentalist US counties...

    Take your pick about what you disagree with. Bring out your slings and arrows. But first the facts. Death rates of infants 4 weeks to 1 year... Fundamentalists and christian conservatives overall are less educated. Christian conservatives are hostile towards science. Christian conservatives...
  2. TennesseeRain

    Rebekah Mason suggested closure of DMV offices in majority black counties - Alabama

    Governor Robert Bentley's former top advisor and secret paramour Rebekah Mason led a politically-motivated effort in 2015 to close 31 driver's license offices in mostly black counties, a move that embarrassed the state and was later reversed. The decision also led to a federal investigation and...
  3. DemoWhip

    GOP health care plan would hit people in counties Trump won hardest - ABC News

    Sorry to say that it's just too funny that all of those who voted for Trump expecting more are now about to get the short end of the stick. But they are. They thought that Trump, a wealthy Republican, was going to help them more than Hillary Clinton, a Democrat. It doesn't work that way...
  4. excalibur

    Protests filed in Bladen and 11 other counties over alleged fraudulent absentee ballo

    Interesting. Protests filed in Bladen and 11 other counties over alleged fraudulent absentee ballots Protests filed in Bladen and 11 other counties over alleged frau - | WBTV Charlotte
  5. DemoWhip

    Judge: NC Counties Must Restore Voters Removed From Rolls

    Black Americans are being targeted by having their names removed from voter rolls. That is why a federal judge is putting a stop to that practice that hinders the right of African-Americans to vote in the upcoming presidential election. That practice of purging people must stop and it is good...
  6. Spookycolt

    Yes, Really: 141 Counties Have More Registered Voters Than People Alive

    Just ridiculous but hey, voter fraud doesn't exist right?
  7. Ginger

    Registered Voters Exceed Population in 17 Illinois Counties

    [S]eventeen of the state’s counties have a roll of registered voters which exceeds the number of voting-age residents in the county. The Public Interest Legal Foundation reports 141 of the nation’s counties have this problem, and Illinois trails only Michigan and Kentucky in the number of...
  8. cpicturetaker12

    Houston you have a problem! 31 TX counties in state of ER, now they want FED $$$

    The most ARROGANT state in the union--thumbing their noses to Washington, contempt and hatred from their governors, Senators, congressmen. Their 'congressional delegation' who put Clinton on trial, despicable treatment of OBAMA, screw FEDERAL LAWS, sue the US Government to circumvent even more...
  9. Friday13

    Most AL Counties Refuse to License Gay Couples

    Even after SCOTUS denied the request to extend the ban...
  10. C

    Texas Cuts Funding For Their Counties, When They Don't Like What They Say

    So, how do you deal with counties in your state, letting you, and the public, know that their air is becoming less clean? Well, in Texas anyway, that answer is easy - you cut them off at the knees! source So, apparently, in Texaxs you had better love the Frakking, or we are gonna send a...
  11. B

    Colorado: Secession on the ballot in 11 counties

    Colorado rural counties to vote: Should we stay or should we go? ? CNN Political Ticker - Blogs Pretty decent write up on this. Will be live-blogging it later.
  12. Davocrat

    Rural counties can be such a pain in the ass

    With their provincial dumbassery... "Oh...we're so put-upon. We like being ignorant but city people keeping making us aware of stuff we don't like! WAAAAAAAAAA!"—Rural Person Colorado county to vote on secession [/FONT][/COLOR][/LEFT]
  13. B

    "Red" counties = FREELOADERS!!!

    Ha!!!! this is rich... Food Stamp Cut Backed by Republicans With Voters on Rolls - Bloomberg "Among the 254 counties where food stamp recipients doubled between 2007 and 2011, Republican Mitt Romney won 213 of them in last year’s presidential election, according to U.S. Department of...
  14. Kropotkin

    Ohio Limits Early Voting Hours In DEM Counties, Expands In GOP Counties

    Ohio Limits Early Voting Hours In Democratic Counties, Expands In Republican Counties | ThinkProgress How shameless and blatant is the GOP going to be in making sure everyone knows they're trying to steal this thing?
  15. M

    83 of Iowa's 99 counties to be disaster areas

    83 Iowa counties declared disaster areas -- This is incredible. 83 of 99 counties in Iowa have been declared disaster areas because of flooding. This is on par if not exceeding the Katrina disaster in New orleans. Where is the outrage over government not helping these...
  16. M

    39 California Counties' Vote Systems in Question

    By Hector Becerra and Jordan Rau The Los Angeles Times Sunday 05 August 2007 LA's InkaVote method may be recertified, but others face starting from scratch with a primary election looming. County election officials scrambled on Saturday to develop contingency plans for the...
  17. J

    FDI into OECD Counties rises 22%

    Just felt like throwin this article up for others to read.