1. HenryPorter

    " an ass-load of guns"... Chesterfield County Sheriff

    Our obsession with guns would be laughable if it weren't for the fact more Americans have died of gun violence in the last 50 years than in all of our wars combined. 100,000 are killed or injured annually. Mass shootings occur every 2.9 months. And nothing will be done to end this carnage...
  2. excalibur

    Trump County, USA

    Trump County, USA - POLITICO Magazine Read the entire article.
  3. excalibur

    Ulster County Sheriff: All Licensed Handgun Owners Should Carry Them

    Ulster County Sheriff: Carry Your Licensed Pistols « CBS New York
  4. Singularity

    California: Kern county features highest per-capita level of deadly force in the U.S.

    This is where I apply what I think you can pretty much consider a good judgement rule: One homicide at police hands is an unfortunate incident that should be transparently vetted and, if necessary, entail accountability. Two unconnected (meaning those killed had no involvement with one...
  5. BoiseBo

    Rural Oregon county votes to give Shuriff power he doesn't have

    What is with these sovereign citizen idiots who believe that a county shuriff has the power to ignore state & federal gun laws :confused: They'll get smacked so hard on this one .. heads will spin like tops. Oregon County Passes Measure Directing Sheriff To Block State And Federal Gun Laws
  6. Davocrat

    And before we judge Rowan County, Kentucky too harshly

    Consider Brian Mason and his coworkers. Good man! [/FONT][/COLOR]
  7. Goofball

    Kim Davis, DEMOCRAT County Clerk.

    That party sure has some whack jobs in it, amiright? :smiley_ROFLMAO::smiley_ROFLMAO::smiley_ROFLMAO:
  8. Friday13

    No Freedom FROM Religion in This TX County

    Lawyer claims WilCo Commissioners want Baptist employees only Texas man sues county?claims they asked views on abortion, gay marriage and only hire Baptists
  9. Friday13

    5 Rowan County Deputies Agree to Issue SS Licenses

    Davis still refuses, altho offered a 'deal', but licenses will be issued while she sits her stupid ass in jail. Kentucky clerks to license marriages as their boss is jailed BoiseBo RosieS GordonGecko
  10. M

    Deputy fatally shot at gas station in northwest Harris County

    Deputy ambushed and killed in NW Harris County; Suspect arrested after intense manhunt | Being police in America is becoming more nervous and dangerous duty. A lot of officers have been killed in the line of duty lately. RIP to this deputy and all he other officers that have fallen...
  11. Cicero

    Why the Rowan County Clerk should be fired

    I think this article makes a cogent case for firing Kim Davis for refusing to do her job...which included issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis and Gay Marriage - The Atlantic "Government in particular has an obligation to dismiss any employee who...
  12. J

    Snohomish County settles jail death lawsuit for $620,000

    Snohomish County settles jail death lawsuit for $620,000 | - Local News Funny how when the police or other agents of the government murder people, it's a "mistake" and the tax payer gets to pay for it but when a regular citizen does it, they're a criminal and they're on the hook...
  13. aboutenough

    Ky. county clerk invokes God in denying gay marriages

    COVINGTON, Ky. — Rowan County's clerk prayed and fasted over her decision to refuse marriage licenses for same-sex couples, she testified in federal court, and she said believes she is upholding her oath under the Constitution. Clerk Kim Davis’ refusal to provide licenses has drawn wide...
  14. Madeline

    Havoc at the Cuyahoga County ME's Office

    Cuyahoga Medical Examiner tightens protocols after botched tests | In reading Ian Jeffrey's thread on defects in the legal system, this article in my hometown paper smacked me right between the eyes...
  15. Different guy

    Polk County teacher sentenced to 22 years for having sex with students

    Polk County teacher, Jennifer Fichter, to be sentenced for having sex with students - Story | | Tampa Bay News, Weather, Sports, Things To Do | WFTS-TV - But there is a big difference between "a long time to think " and a half life sentence, I think. So, the three 17-year...
  16. BDBoop

    Ramsey County, MN deputy caught repeatedly abusing canine companion

    Minnesota deputy arrested after being caught on camera beating up his K-9 | Daily Mail Online A sheriff's deputy is facing criminal charges after he was captured on surveillance camera allegedly beating his K-9 unit. Brett Arthur Berry from Ramsey County Sheriff’s officer was at Black Bear...
  17. mrmike

    LGBT children's books debated at Hood County library

    I guess the train has left the station but not everyone is on-board... LGBT children's books debated at Hood County library GRANBURY — More than 50 residents have signed "challenge forms" at the Hood County Library after a parent raised concerns about two books focused on LGBT issues in the...
  18. Singularity

    Texas: County clerks may "object" to gay-marriage licenses; right wing strategizes

    If you're a public official, sworn to fairly implement policy for all your constituents, and you are asked to do something you cannot do in good conscience... the traditional (and only honorable) means of objection is to resign. But continuing to exercise the privilege of the White, Christian...
  19. Different guy

    Rise in accidental gunshots by L.A. County because of new firearm

    One sheriff's deputy shot himself in the leg while pulling out his gun to confront a suspect. Another accidentally fired a bullet in a restroom stall. A third deputy stumbled over a stroller in a closet as he was searching for a suspect, squeezing off a round that went through a wall and lodged...
  20. Friday13

    Corruption Being Exposed in Orange County (CA)

    "The OC" has long been a republiCon stronghold in CA... Judge disqualifies all 250 prosecutors in Orange County, CA because of widespread corruption Could it be part of the reason why THIS is happening... Republicans reportedly losing stronghold on Orange County, California | Fox News