1. Monk-Eye

    Should Adolescents Who Have Sex With Teachers Be Charged With Accessory To A Crime ?

    " Should Adolescents Who Have Sex With Teachers Be Charged With Accessory To A Crime ? " * Owning Willful Behavior * Should adolescents be charged with a crime for willfully having sex with their teachers , if the teacher is going to be charged with a crime ? Some may propose that because an...
  2. Madeline

    NC Crime C'mmn Member Charged With Aggravated Assault

    Crime Commission staffer accused of trying to run over woman :: I couldn't find out more. No information on whether there was a motive for this crime, or he just lost his cool with pedestrians.'d think members of a state crime commission could be relied upon not to try...
  3. excalibur

    Arrest Made in Hate Crime by "White America"

    Shocking. Here?s who police just arrested for North Carolina hate crime blamed on ?white America? ? TheBlaze
  4. T

    Trump, Citing No Evidence, Suggests Susan Rice Committed Crime

    Classic Trump. Caught in a never ending circle of lies on a topic, lies of his own creation, Trump doubles down on stupid and implies Susan Rice committed a crime. He also says evidence of him being right is forthcoming. Probably right after his evidence regarding Obama's birth certificate...
  5. BAZINGA DrumpF

    3.5B USD goes to Israel yearly. It's official: Cannabis (Pot) is not a CRIME! WTF-FFS

    Background: U.S. $38B military aid package to Israel sends a message And.............. In Israel's divisive political climate, a common cause between right and left has emerged: cannabis. Israel's Cabinet decriminalized the recreational use of cannabis, or marijuana, at its weekly...
  6. boontito

    Sikh man's shooting in Washington investigated as hate crime

    Sikh man's shooting in Washington investigated as hate crime - (CNN)Police are searching for a gunman who allegedly walked onto a residential driveway in Washington state and shot a Sikh man in the arm, authorities said. The gunman allegedly told the man "Go back to your country."...
  7. BAZINGA DrumpF

    ‘You LIVE in TRUMP Country NOW!’: Deadly weapon used on GAYS, classified-hate crime!

    A man accused of a homophobic hate crime in Key West was arrested yesterday in North Carolina. The suspect is accused of assaulting a gay couple last week. Brandon Ray Davis shouted gay slurs at Kevin Seymour and Kevin Price (above) and said: “You live in Trump country now.” According to the...
  8. G

    FBI investigating shootings of Indian men in Kansas as hate crime

    KANSAS CITY, Kan. (Reuters) - The deadly shooting of an Indian engineer and wounding of his co-worker last Wednesday at a bar in Kansas is being investigated as a hate crime, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said on Tuesday. Srinivas Kuchibhotla, who was killed, and Alok Madasani, both 32...
  9. Babba

    Crime and Immigration in Sweden

    The right wing has decided that Sweden is experiencing a crime spree by immigrants like you've never seen before. Which, of course, is bollox. A Closer Look at the Killing Fields of Sweden | Mother Jones
  10. Babba

    Violent Crime Peaked In Britain in 2006 Because....

    So, hatin' on Islam will NOT solve the problem. Violent Crime Peaked In Britain in 2006 Because.... | Mother Jones
  11. Kallie Knoetze

    Whoops, yet another liberal fake hate crime story bites the dust

    Liberals up in arms about a woman yelling "white power" as she hit an elderly Korean woman.... Turns out the woman is a kook and no witnesses heard her shout "white power. Story of attack on 83-year-old Korean woman went viral. But police say there's no evidence it was racially motivated -...
  12. Amelia

    Trump, fed up with Chicago 'carnage,' threatens to send Feds

    Trump, fed up with Chicago 'carnage,' threatens to send Feds THAT could be interesting.
  13. excalibur

    Arrest in 'Vote Trump' Burning of Mississippi Black Church

    It was more anti-Trump fake news when we find out the reality behind this arson. The suspect Arrest made in black Mississippi church burning
  14. Howey

    Should Dylan Roof Be Convicted of a Hate Crime?

    Dylan Roof convicted in slayings of 9 black church members in South Carolina | Times Free Press and should he face death?
  15. Howey

    Hate Crime In Amerika

    University of Oklahoma student suspended for sending racist messages
  16. John T Ford

    And, Another Hate Crime Hoax

    How many of these stories are currently in the media? As Trump takes office and begins to implement his policies you can bet the leftist are going to become more and more unhinged. A man looking to blame President-Elect Donald Trump supporters for a hate crime confessed to police that he...
  17. TNVolunteer73

    Remember the Arab woman that claimed Trump suppoters attacked her on NY Subway.

    It was a FALSE FLAG another FALSE FLAG. Muslim Woman Lied About Trump Supporters Harassing Her on NY Subway: Police | KTLA Remember how HILLARY SUPPORTERS attacked and flame baited in this thread. Well I think THEY Owe Donald J. Trump and ALL yes ALL Trump Supporters an apology...
  18. O

    Guns and crime in US Virgin Islands

    Regarding guns and violence among U.S. states and territories, the U.S. Virgin Islands present an interesting case because they have very strict gun control laws in place and a very low (reported) firearm ownership rate at 8.3% but the gun homicide rate is very high, averaging over 28 gun...
  19. John T Ford

    Muslim Student Charged for Hate Crime Hoax

    After the New York Times, Times Picayune, Washington Post and Huffington Post all ran with the woman’s claims, Lafayette police said the entire story was fabricated, as Breitbart Texas reported. “During the course of the investigation, the female complainant admitted that she fabricated the...
  20. DebateDrone

    If President Trump were found to have committed an Impeachable Crime

    or Misdemeanor, would the GOP Congress rather replace Trump for Pence? Would it be more beneficial to get rid of Trump and his problems and go with Pence, or would the GOP protect Trump? I believe the GOP Congress would drop Trump and install Vice President Pence.