1. Madeline

    Should Baseless 911 Calls Be Hate Crimes? In general, I do not favor hate crime enhancement laws. In my view, they cause more problems than they solve. But these fucking cases make my blood boil. Black Americans have been the...
  2. John T Ford

    Four Teens Convicted of Hate Crimes in Chicago Beating

    "A Chicago man who was the alleged ringleader in the racially charged beating of a mentally disabled teenager that was broadcast live on Facebook pled guilty Friday to a hate crime and was sentenced to eight years in prison." Chicago ringleader of Facebook Live beating of disabled teen gets 8...
  3. Devil505

    Trump guilty of crimes against humanity

    Let the international court charge our criminal president with it in emergency session. Charge all those who implemented the policy as well. Haul Cabinet officials, ICE agents who followed orders, Pence for his conspiracy....the whole damn swamp!! PH enablers here are no better.
  4. excalibur

    Thousands Of Illegal Aliens Arrested For Violent Crimes Were Granted DACA Protections

    Part of Øbama's plan to remake America at work. Thousands Of Illegal Aliens Arrested For Violent Crimes Were Granted DACA Protections
  5. excalibur

    IG Revelations On Agent/Journo Gift-Giving Could Be Federal Crimes

    Accepting gifts for leaks. That is the Mueller/Comey legacy, a corrupt FBI. IG Revelations On Agent/Journo Gift-Giving Could Be Federal Crimes IG Revelations On Agent/Journo Gift-Giving Could Be Federal Crimes | The Daily Caller
  6. The Man

    Georgia accuses Russia of war crimes

    Georgia accuses Russia of war crimes during 2008 conflict The Georgians, in truth, were the ones who started the conflict, by firing missiles indiscriminately at South Ossetia Something they and their British...
  7. excalibur

    Oakland Escaped Illegals Commit New Crimes

    Follow up to another thread: Illegals who escaped after Oakland mayor’s alert already committed new crimes, ICE chief says...
  8. Madeline

    Denmark Plans To Double Punishments For Crimes Committed In "Ghettos"

    Denmark plans double punishment for ghetto crime - BBC News I realize we cannot discuss Danish constitutional law, but they belong to the EU and thus, are bound by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They are subject to the jurisdiction of the European Human Rights Commission. So...
  9. Madeline

    Are The Sneads To Blame For Cruz's Crimes

    These are the people who took Cruz in after his mother died. They saw outbursts and stored his gun in their gun safe without realizing he had a key. They appear to be apologetic and defensive, which seems normal to me. Do you think these people have any portion of the blame for what happened?
  10. bmanmcfly

    TJWG - Mapping NK crimes against humanity After watching all the various MSM outlets praising north korea, and their rulers, I figured it was pertinent to show a little bit about what it is that your favorite media liars are trying...
  11. Darkman

    Israel expresses 'no tolerance' for outlaw bill blaming Poland for Holocaust crimes

    Israel expresses 'no tolerance' for bill outlawing blamin Poland for Holocaust crimes Israel expresses 'no tolerance' for bill that outlaws blaming Poland for Holocaust crimes The Globe and Mail 26m ago Related Coverage Israel Asks Poland to Scrap Plan to Ban Nazi Complicity Talk Bloomberg...
  12. the watchman

    Hate crimes rose for 2nd year in a row in 2016, FBI reports

    WASHINGTON — Hate crimes rose for the second straight year in 2016, with increases in attacks motivated by bias against blacks, Jews, Muslims and LGBT people, according to FBI statistics released Monday. There were more than 6,100 hate crimes last year, up about 5 percent over the previous...
  13. Spookycolt

    Attorney: Hillary Could Be Charged With At Least 13 Crimes

    Not looking good for the wannabee Empress. She is in deep trouble already and its only going to get worse. She has been lucky at dodging the sniper fire up to this point but Uranium One is currently blowing up and there is little doubt its going to be her downfall. Good times indeed...
  14. T

    Trump links rise in UK crimes to 'radical Islamic terror' without evidence

    Not letting facts stand in the way of a good tweet, our president cites radical.islmic terrorism as the cause of a rise in crime in Great Britain. But there appears to be no connection. Why tweet such nonsense, other than a seemingly pathological need to tweet made up crap? Is the...
  15. Devil505

    If Trump is convicted of crimes should he serve time in prison?

    Whether state (beyond presidential pardon power) or federal.
  16. cpicturetaker12

    Mueller brought in "IRS FINANCIAL CRIMES UNIT" into Trump investigation.

    They're saying CRIMES! Robert Mueller is reportedly bringing an IRS financial crimes unit into the Russia investigation Aug. 31, 2017, 8:47 PM BRYAN LOGAN Attorney and former FBI Director Robert Mueller, right, arrives for a court hearing at the Phillip Burton Federal Building in San...
  17. the watchman

    Rosenstein: Mueller can investigate any crimes he uncovers in Russian probe.

    Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein said Sunday that the expanding investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is continuing apace, even as President Trump dismissed the probe as “a total fabrication.” Rosenstein said special counsel Robert S. Mueller III...
  18. Madeline

    US Forces Using War Crimes Weapons In Syria

    US Forces Now Using White Phosphorus in Populated Areas of Syria, Iraq
  19. DemoWhip

    As Hate Crimes Rise, The Trump Administration Blocks Funding To Fight Domestic Extrem

    You're either for it or you're squarely against it as there is no middle ground. Why is Trump putting a blind eye to the increase in such violence by not doing anything to combat or reduce it? Not even speaking out against it! What else can it mean? That is the wrong thing to do especially at a...
  20. jacobfitcher

    The four reasons people commit hate crimes

    (CNN)What motivated the man who killed two people on a Portland train after shouting anti-Muslim slurs? What prompted the person, or people, who spray-painted the N-word on an NBA star's home? What ideas would incite an Israeli teen charged with threatening dozens of Jewish centers in the US...