1. M

    Former Baltimore Cop Exposes the Police Force and State Prosecutor as Criminals Good morals? He did nothing about his observations while actually on the job. A man with good morals would call those corrupt dirty cops at the time. For the...
  2. J

    Too many Americans are criminals.

    Why are so many Americans criminals? (Opinion) - Attitude to any crime in America does nothing but thrown more people in jail, we have also paid billions for it, and made us all afraid of everyone and everything. Why are so many Americans criminals? Are you afraid of committing a...
  3. NowhereMan

    Obama on Ferguson: The Problem Is the Justice System, Not Violent Criminals

    Obama on Ferguson: The Problem Is the Justice System, Not Violent Criminals | American Renaissance Americans are losing patience with baloney in high places. The grand jury in Clayton, Missouri, has spoken: Officer Darren Wilson was justified in shooting Michael Brown and there is no...
  4. HenryPorter

    The Logan Act, 47 Criminals and Nixon

    The Logan Act Logan Act - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 47 Criminals Did 47 Republican senators break the law in plain sight? - Of Course there will be no prosecution, at the least these are lawmakers, when in session they can break any law except murder I believe. And Nixon...
  5. J

    Obama Deputies Free 30,862 Foreign Criminals

    President Barack Obama’s immigration deputies released 30,862 foreign criminals into the United States’ cities and neighborhoods, according to a federal document. The document also showed that Obama repatriated less than 1 percent of the 12 million illegals living in the United States during...
  6. Monk-Eye

    Aljazeera Censorship - Criminals At Large

    " Aljazeera Censorship - Criminals At Large " two days and 9 comments total thus far - all moderated and chosen for their ineptitude or blatant stupidity - there is a requirement to provide ones e-mail address - extracted from the account ( google , etc ) - as part of the posting agreement -...
  7. Monk-Eye

    Criminals Against US Constitution Exposed - Will Anyone Be Prosecuted ?

    " Criminals Against US Constitution Exposed - Will Anyone Be Prosecuted ? "
  8. Madeline

    Should The Media Report The Racial Identity Of Criminals?

    Last week in a city near me, a restaurant owner was shot to death in his business in the course of an armed robbery. Several days lapsed before the suspects were arrested, but a description of them was immediately available from witnesses who saw the suspects flee after shots were fired. The...
  9. Dittohead not!

    43 convicted criminals are working as Obamacare navigators in California

    link Just thought you'd like to know before you give your information out to "Covered California." I'm sure it's perfectly OK. It is the federal government, after all, and if you can't trust the government to do what's right for us, who can you trust? Right?
  10. Michael J

    Gotta Love Those Criminals

    Have you been listening to those stories about the stop and frisk rule in New York City? Recently, a U.S. district judge found the policy to be unconstitutional, and then the city appealed...and now a whole bunch of other crap is going on. Well, recently an officer for the NYPD has been...
  11. Old Navy

    Violent criminals released by ICE if they are ‘Obama Dreamers’

    Violent criminals released by ICE if they are ‘Obama Dreamers’ Grae Stafford "In part three of three of his six-part interview with The Daily Caller, National ICE Council president Chris Crane explained what President Obama’s actions on immigration and blind eye to illegal immigration has...
  12. Devil505

    Are terrorists criminals?

    My opinion: Terrorists are criminals who commit crimes for ideology rather than money .....other than motivation, they are exactly the same. Thoughts?:
  13. vikingbeast

    Washington, District of Criminals Isn't the Real World?

    Not hardly - it's low-grade entertainment fodder at best. Will Durst: The Batty Battalion
  14. Old Ridge Runner

    What about Criminals will not obey the law don't you understand?

    Boston bombing suspects did not have valid handgun licenses | Reuters So even if the Universal Background Check System had passed it would have done nothing to stop these two nut jobs from doing what they did. The left should just stop trying to run everyone's life and make everyone in this...
  15. A

    Because "good Americans" are just criminals who haven't shot anybody yet.

    It deserves it's own top post. It is, I contend, the sentiment of gun banners all over the world not just in the US. Why ban guns? Why limit the capacity of magazines? Why do you feel it's a good idea to limit the capability of good, law abiding Americans when it comes to conceal carry...
  16. Dangermouse

    Dumb criminals

    Idly watching "Police Interceptors", the motorway cops pull over a van which has pinged up on their numberplate recognition system as stolen, to discover it's full of cases of fake vodka. After it's all sorted out and the crooks are locked up and the paperwork done, one cop turns to the camera...
  17. G

    Should violent criminals be castrated?

    The purpose of prison is to reform criminals, however this is not always possible. Many criminals repeatedly break the law and are undeterred by the prospect of punishment. There are several factors believed to contribute to criminal behavior, one important factor being high testosterone levels...
  18. michaelr

    How come the left prefers criminals over law abiding citizens?

    Really, it makes no sense to me. The left will bend over backward for the criminal, and shit on the rest of us. I guess that is our reward for good behavior.
  19. Seraphima

    Sexual violence in India

    Ten reasons why India has a sexual violence problem - The ten reasons provided in the article are: It's notable that there are many reasons provided in this article that are also major issues existing outside of India but to a lesser extent. There are obvious cultural and...
  20. S

    Romney’s Bain Capital a Front Organization for Criminals?

    Ties to Salvadoran death squads? Seriously, Mitt? More in-depth reporting here and here.