1. OldGaffer

    Republicans on Russia trip face scorn and ridicule from critics at home And it looks like scorn and ridicule from Russian State Television..MAGA
  2. Friday13

    'Ready, fire, aim' - critics see pattern to Trump's approach

    Competence? We have yet to see any from tRump...just one fuck up after another. 'Ready, fire, aim' - critics see pattern to Trump's approach
  3. BDBoop

    As Critics Assail Trump, His Supporters Dig In Deeper

    Gina Anders, a Republican from Loudoun County, Va., said that criticism of President Trump makes her want to defend him more. So I'm guessing what they need is for nobody to ever criticize the president ever, and then they'll be able to practice critical thinking again? 90% support among...
  4. bajisima

    Trump blasts critics over photo of detained kids

    People have to stop doing this, they are part of the madness... President Donald Trump on Tuesday taunted online activists who shared photos of children at immigration detention facilities as a means of criticizing his administration, noting that the photos had been taken during the tenure of...
  5. Goofball

    Trump confounds critics who said he would resign.

    These sore losers sound like many of our alt-left members here. Trump shoulda resigned a long time ago, according to these clowns.
  6. Friday13

    How critics reviewed Trump's dinner jokes

    Misogynist AND racist...hits at his wife and two black women. The 'man' is totally devoid of class. How critics reviewed Trump's dinner jokes...from 'awesome' to 'incredibly racist'
  7. Minotaur

    Kaepernick responds to critics who bashed him but 'honor' MLK

    It didn't go unnoticed Colin. You can bet the hypocrisy was noted. As I noted yesterday, anyone who didn't understand Colin's protest could never understand King's protest. "Colin them hypocrites. Polarizing former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick retweeted a number of posts that...
  8. C

    'Fire and Fury' Author Michael Wolff Addresses Critics Questioning His Credibility Wow! McCain absolutely destroys Michael Wolff. He is a seriously disgusting human being. How can you Leftists not see you are getting behind a shady as hell man that is the worst of the worst when it comes to "journalism"...
  9. cpicturetaker12

    EXEC at OPPO research HIRED BY EPA investig'g EMPLOYEES who are TRUMP CRITICS

    Yep, I BELIEVE this. And USING FOIA requests--dozens? Seriously? We are through the looking glass folks! \ (I'm c&p's to the bottom cause the last PARAGRAPH is a doosy!) Exec at opposition research company hired by EPA has been investigating employees who are critical of Trump: report TOM...
  10. T

    President Trump Sued for Blocking Some of His Critics on Twitter

    Ah, President Snowflake does not like the meanies so he blocks them? Indeed, a lawsuit has been filed on the behalf of folks whom are critical of Trump after the president blocked them on twitter. I think this raises an interesting question. Does the president think himself beyond critique...
  11. the watchman

    100 Days of Resistance.

    President Trump's first 100 days have gotten mixed reviews. But his political opponents think their first 100 days have gone surprisingly well. In fact, among leaders of the so-called "resistance" movement, there is widespread disagreement about what exactly was their biggest triumph. Some...
  12. Macduff

    Refugee Madness: Trump Is Wrong, But His Liberal Critics Are Crazy This is the problem with today's politics. People are more worried about the team they should be aligned with or against and they forget all about the principles they're supposed to stand for. Same liberals going...
  13. L

    The 'alt-right' splinters as supporters and critics agree it was white supremacy all

    The 'alt-right' splinters as supporters and critics agree it was white supremacy all along - Chicago Tribune And there you have it, for those of you who were confused as to what the "Alt-right" really is, from their own mouths.
  14. BDBoop

    Critics fire back at Seattle gun, ammo tax they claim is aimed at killing business

    Critics fire back at Seattle gun, ammo tax they claim is aimed at killing business | Fox News The stats mean nothing to me, I haven't fired a weapon since basic. I don't think this is fair - but on the other hand, isn't it the same thing they're doing with cigarettes and liquor? My initial...
  15. Two If By Tea

    The Sheer "Hipocrasy" Of TRUMP Supporters And LIBERAL Critics

    Oh the poor Donald got rushed in Dayton and the Black Lives Matter folks in Chicago.... Yet when a Bernie Sanders rally in Seattle got "hijacked" by Black Lives Matter why NONE of ya came to Bernie's defense infact you Laughed and Snickered And I didn't hear the liberal media decrying it...
  16. meridian5455

    Critics of #OscarsSoWhite won't like Bernie Sanders’ new campaign ad

    Bernie Sanders has released a new feel-good campaign ad that makes the classic hand-in-hand Coca-Cola ads of the ’70s look downright cynical. Rather than buying the world a Coke (which should be free, by the way), Sanders employs “America” by Simon and Garfunkel to serve as the soundtrack to a...
  17. R

    Obama Urges Critics of Iran Deal to Ignore ‘Drumbeat of War’

    this is a NYT article. this is about a speech the president delivered today on the iran deal. below is a quote from his speech. is the president saying if the iran deal fails, he is willing to go to war with iran or there will war with iran from another country? is this war mongering...
  18. MaryAnne

    Critics Of Iran Deal

    Protest too much. Most built on fantasy. With no solutions. Critics of Iranian Nuclear Deal Protest Too Much | Al Jazeera America
  19. Two If By Tea

    Mother Of 8 Year Old Gay Pride Parade Marcher Responds To Critics

    Mom of 8-Year-Old Gay Pride Marcher Responds to Critics Desmond Napoles, 8, whose dancing drew joyous applause from the crowd at Sunday’s New York City Pride March. (Photo: Yana Paskova/Getty Images) There was plenty to marvel at during the New York City Pride March on Sunday, but one...