1. HayJenn

    Trump’s remarks about changing European culture draw ire

    Donald Trump’s lament this week that immigration is “changing the culture” of Europe echoed rising anti-immigrant feelings on both sides of the Atlantic, where Europe and the United States are going through a demographic transformation that makes some of the white majority uncomfortable...
  2. Slartibartfast

    American culture

    So what's the criteria to the American Culture? If you make it great again, what was it and where did it go?
  3. aboutenough

    Alabama lawmakers move to eliminate marriage licenses, throw up hands in culture wars

    Alabama lawmakers may be waving the white flag in the culture wars – advancing a bill that would eliminate marriage licenses entirely, in turn helping judges avoid the gay marriage debate in the conservative state. “No one particularly likes changing our law, I’ll tell you that,” the bill’s...
  4. Devil505

    John Kelly has become a field commander in Trump’s culture war

    John Kelly has become a field commander in Trump’s culture war The chief of staff divides America into those who “serve” in uniform — at home and abroad — and those who should shut up. full transcript here Doesn't this...
  5. Sassy

    What is black culture in America?

    I'll just leave the title as the OP also. What in your opinion is the definition of black culture in America?
  6. Sassy

    What is white culture?

    I see in other threads it is said there is no such thing. Only minority groups can be said to have a culture? Anyway, here is a start. What Wiki has to say: From their earliest presence in North America, White Americans have contributed literature, art, cinema, religion, agricultural skills...
  7. tnbskts

    White European culture

    So what is this white European culture, exactly, that these racists are so keen to preserve? Generally speaking, the further to the right you are in this country - and these racists are pretty far to the right, to put it mildly - the more you despise Western Europe for its tolerance...
  8. libertariat720

    The Domination of American Culture

    It's called Americanization, the amount of influence the American culture has on other countries. The music, the fashion, the language, the business. How has American culture been able to dominate the world to this extent? It all started after World War II. From 1950 to 1965 U.S. investments...
  9. cpicturetaker12

    All American Stanford boy rapes coed--behind a dumpster, yada, yada--gets 6 mos.

    There is just so much wrong with this story! But who gives a shit right?? You can't get her conscious? In a bed, in a room, in a car? But behind a DUMPSTER?? Really? How desperate was this POS?? HE'S CAUGHT by fellow students. Held down till cops came. Any question what happened...
  10. Cicero

    Trump Culture: Threat, Fear and the Tightening of the American Mind

    Trump Culture: Threat, Fear and the Tightening of the American Mind By Michele Gelfand, Joshua Conrad Jackson and Jesse R. Harrington The Conversation May 7, 2016 For the past 10 months, Donald Trump has been a political enigma. Against the predictions of journalists, policy wonks and odds...
  11. aboutenough

    GOP culture war breaks out over transgender bathrooms Trump Ok with it.

    Donald Trump on Thursday freshly exposed the fissures dividing the Republican Party by responding to the transgender bathroom wars with a shrug — setting off a fierce response from Ted Cruz who accused the Republican front-runner of being no better than the “politically correct leftist elites.”...
  12. Vladimir Putin

    Are some cultures superior to others?

    Are some cultures superior to others?
  13. T

    Another advanced Muslim culture comes to America. Female Genital Mutilation on the Rise in the U.S. US gynecologists urge “compromise” on female genital mutilation -...
  14. A

    Muslim immigration is causing American culture to decay and degradation.

    All we are living in America, and we have been receiving a lot of middle eastern immigrants over the last 10 years because of various reasons like conflicts in their native country. It seems like we are bending over backwards to make these people feel at home instead of making them integrate...
  15. A

    What do Chinese people think is crazy about American culture?

    Whenever I see a post about China, a bunch of "critics" always chime in with stories about huge amounts of litter, corrupt government officials, and insanely crowded cities/public transportation. So what's the equivalent to that from a Chinese citizens perspective? Did you hear anything...
  16. B

    'Culture of Death' Now Targets School Girls

    Health expert warns of Democrat push for taxpayer-funded IUDs for young teens ?Culture of death? now targets school girls I have some thoughts. What if it's about power, not concern? What if a sexually active populace of kids will most likely grow up to vote Democrat? I's not a...
  17. The Man

    Snitching culture

    That's what is developing in Crimea, similar to the way it was in the USSR under Stalin. A Crimean Tatar imam had an argument with some also Tatar, I guess, women, and either he actually made some rather extreme statements against Russian government and people, or, as he says, the ladies just...
  18. P

    What are parts of southern culture that sane people are actually proud of?

    As a proud Midwesterner, I don't really see how anybody could be proud of being from the South. High crime, extreme racism, low education, and a culture of hostility and xenophobia to outsiders. Plus an accent which sounds like a cat being mauled by a wolverine. Can anybody who is sane...
  19. Blueneck

    Culture wars

    Interesting take on conservative celebrities who's popularity is connected to their family values. It begins with a critique of the Palin family's comparison of Lena Dunham's remarks about having molested her younger sister vs. the Duggar family incident. The author thinks the former isn't a...
  20. bajisima

    Taco Bell accused of promoting rape culture with their sauce packets

    The sauce packets at Taco Bell have included messages for years, including phrases such as, "Will you marry me?" However, other phrases, such as "You know you want me," are raising the eyebrows of some social media users. "While most people assumed that the sauce packet is referring to the...