1. bajisima

    Pentagon curbs media access

    At a mid-July news conference at the Pentagon, AP reporter Lolita Baldor asked Gen. Mark Milley, the Army chief of staff, about an attack in Afghanistan that had led to the death of an American soldier. But before he could reply, a Defense Department press officer cut in to say that Milley and...
  2. T

    Trump: Curbs On Gun Sales Would Make 'No Difference' In Texas Shooting

    Yes Donnie, it would have made a difference, as the shooter would not have been able to purchase the gun that he did, that he was not supposed to be able to. You see, if a thorough background check was drone and his domestic violence incident properly logged, he would not have been able to buy...
  3. Southern Dad

    Obama to impose new gun control curbs next week

    This President is certainly not one to shy away from executive orders, but going after guns? This is something that the candidates on both sides are going to be forced to weigh in upon. Since criminals do not obey our laws, anyway... What reasonable changes can he make?
  4. Dittohead not!

    Turkish doctors condemn government curbs on emergency treatment

    It seems that Turkish doctors face huge fines and as many as three years in jail for providing emergency medical aid to protesters: link
  5. Stefan Bandera

    Clashes in Kiev after protest ban / defiance of new curbs on public protests

    BBC News - Europe Ukraine crisis: Clashes after thousands defy protest ban -The new legislation was passed with a quick show of hands on Thursday by MPs loyal to the president, who then signed it into law Violence erupts as tens of thousands of anti-government demonstrators rally in Ukraine's...
  6. meridian5455

    Under fire over high gas prices, Obama calls for tighter curbs on oil market manipula

    Under fire over high gas prices, Obama calls for tighter curbs on oil market manipulation | The Ticket - Yahoo! News This should have been done a long time ago.
  7. jackalope

    Clinton chides Turkey on rights curbs

    I realize this article is about rights curbs, but the part that caught my interest was Turkey's bid to join the EU. Is Turkey STILL, while the thing looks like it might combust, looking to join?
  8. Granite

    Lawmakers struggle for answers, consider curbs on incendiary speech

    Typical knee-jerk reaction from the Liberals. If these Liberals succeed in passing any such legislation restricting free speech, I predict that they will seal their own fate. They might as well resign before the upcoming the People time and money.
  9. michaelr

    Rep. Frank eyes Fed audit, emergency lending curbs

    Rep. Frank eyes Fed audit, emergency lending curbs Being one of the most vocal supporter for a fed audit, one would think this would make me happy. It is too bad that I see this in a different light. Barney Frank is a fox, a sly, cunning, egg sucking fox, and because of the broad support for...
  10. I

    France announces paedophile curbs

    French President Nicolas Sarkozy last night pledged tougher treatment for sex offenders. His call came in the wake of a scandal over a convicted paedophile suspected of raping a five-year-old boy shortly after his release from prison. Police said Francis Evrard (61), a repeat offender who...