1. Dr Sampson Simpson

    Curious as to what conservative think "American culture" and "real American" entails

    You hear it often, oh, those immigrants need to assimilate. Or fears that immigrants will "change the identity of the country" like you hear ad nauseam about immigrants and migrants in Europe. Or the entire "they aren't real Americans" I'm curious as to what these types of conservatives think...
  2. DebateDrone

    John Bolton recorded curious video for Russian gun group tied to NRA

    Potential Trump administration official recorded curious video for Russian gun group tied to the NRA Potential Trump official recorded video for Russian gun group - NY Daily News I wonder if Mueller will be hiring new investigators and prosecutors. His work just keeps piling up.
  3. excalibur

    Curious and Curiouser - Judge "was recused" from Flynn case

    Days after accepting Flynn's guilty plea this judge "has been recused". Turns out this judge also serves on the FISC since May 2016. Hmmm...
  4. bajisima

    The Curious Appointment of Senator Luther Strange

    Alabama’s new U.S. senator, Luther Strange, already has the name to match these unusual political times. But the circumstances that led to his appointment as the successor to Jeff Sessions may be equally curious. Governor Robert Bentley on Thursday named Strange to take Sessions’s place in...
  5. KnotaFrayed

    Curious to know......Regarding security

    How does someone (Trump) criticize people for their poor security practices, then criticize them for probing who hacked and how they hacked so they can then, prevent it?
  6. ptif219

    The Curious Case of Cheryl Mills

    This shows Obama and the DOJ are bending rules to protect the corrupt liar that should be in jail The Curious Case of Cheryl Mills | The Weekly Standard
  7. Lunchboxxy

    The Curious Case of Ryan Lochte

    Notorious douche bag extraordinaire Ryan Lochte has himself in quite a Brazilian pickle. As I'm sure you are all aware, Lochte and three other swimmers claimed they were robbed at gun point in Rio. In the latest twist, a Rio judge has ordered a search and seizure warrant for Lochte and another...
  8. excalibur

    A Most Curious Affair

    Gunmen being sought after opening fire on party bus in Bay Area - LA Times
  9. the watchman

    a "political revolution" a most curious candidate: my latest rant.

    this is what Sanders is all about. So, he says. Problem is, how is what he's doing any different than what Tea Party members want for the GOP? According, to party rules, he's allowed to run as a Democrat. Even though, he's not registered , apparently, has no intentions of becoming one and has...
  10. Blueneck

    I'm curious what you all think of these music videos

    Especially TennesseeRain A pop singer named Sia has made several of these videos featuring an 11 (I guess she's 12 now) year old girl dancing in a blond wig and flesh colored leotard. While the girl is obviously a talented dancer, I am a little disturbed by them for some reason...
  11. excalibur

    The Curious Case of Lois Lerner's Physically Damaged Hard Drive

    Curious and curiouser. The Curious Case of Lois Lerner's Physically Damaged Hard Drive | Americans for Tax Reform
  12. kmiller1610

    The Alt Morality Movement and the curious case of InterVarsity in California

    Christian group fights for identity against Cal State policy - LA Times This was previously explored in another thread, but I have expanded it here to explore a much broader topic. The broader topic ( The Alt Morality Movement ) is very hard to prove, so that will take some time. But the...
  13. GordonGecko

    Curious, how many Christians and/or conservatives agree with this statement? ???
  14. KnotaFrayed

    I'm curious.....

    Can people who read the Books of the Bible really believe this guy is following the teachings of Christ?
  15. GordonGecko

    There is such PASSION in the hatred of Barack Obama by many on the Right..I'm curious

    After 8 years of intense emotion....bordering on hysteria, surely obsession... on noon, January 20th, 2017...will they be able to just..."let it go"? I doubt it. And as proof I'll offer any responses from them on this thread (even with me warning them by offering a prediction of what...
  16. The Man

    Question, just curious

    Has it ever happened in America that a President was from one party and his VP was from the other, say, a Democrat Prez and Republican VP, and vise versa? Or are they always from the same party? Just talking to someone about this, and neither of us knows...
  17. GordonGecko

    Curious, are there any rightwing posters here who are fans of...

    Mr. Glenn Beck, and his radio show/webcast TV/etc.?
  18. Chief

    Just curious... is it hard to be a Republican today (moderates vs more right leaning)

    I keep seeing the expression RINO being thrown around from one Republican to another... it seems like the GOP could be heading towards some Mcarthyism style cleansing. So I'm curious what your take is... are moderate Republicans RINOs? What does that mean? Would you boot them from the GOP if you...
  19. J

    Many seem to embrace the Tea Party Libertarian vews..I'm curious what

    Countries are thriving on the libertarian model of government the Tea Party advocates for with no income tax, no social services and very minimal regulations...
  20. Davocrat

    Curious to see what the OBL "deathers" have to say about this week's The New Yorker

    I dunno...I think they got him. Cue Mike and some obscure blog. [/COLOR][/LEFT]