1. Goofball

    Iran currency plummets.

    Trump's new sanctions already working.
  2. RNG

    Arguments against fiat currency

    On several forums of which I have been a member in the past, there have been a surprising number of people of all political positions who argued vociferously about the evil of fiat currency. Calling it a Ponzi scheme was one of the nicer things. Yet every time I challenged them to offer a...
  3. RNG

    The Knock on Fiat Currency

    Yet again, it a thread a bit back some poster(s) railed against fiat currency. Surprisingly that time there wasn't an accompanying rant about the fed as seems to so often happen, but the two aren't that connected to my mind. But once again, on a new forum this time, I will start a thread on...
  4. T

    Trump says he will not label China currency manipulator, reversing campaign promise

    Color me shocked! Trump doing the opposite of what he said he would do at his rallies for the mindless. Yes, despite so many claims to his drooling fans that he would label Jina a currency manipulator, he now cowers as he often accuses others of doing...
  5. S

    Federal Reserve and Alan Greenspan

    Sabcat, Alan Greenspan believed and continues to believe in a market driven economy where individuals seek their own their best interests and enterprises’ leading executives’ bests interests are generally similar to that of the enterprises that employ them. Alan Greenspan has written of his...
  6. Djinn

    Changes to U.S. Currency - Jackson's off the $20...

    ... to be replaced by Harriet Tubman. Hamilton remains on the $10. Hamilton to stay on front of $10, sources say, and Harriet Tubman gets the $20 - Apr. 20, 2016
  7. N

    Soft Currency Economics (Modern Monetary Theory)

    I have struggled to wrap my head around the conceptual economic perspective known as MMT or chartalism or neochartalism for quite a while now. I am chronically discontented with it but I can't come up with a way to refute or reject it outright. It makes sense that a conservative would be...
  8. L

    Sweden cuts rates below zero as global currency wars spread

    Sweden has cut interest rates below zero and launched quantitative easing to fight deflation, becoming the latest Scandinavian state to join Europe’s escalating currency wars. The Riksbank caught markets by surprise, reducing the benchmark lending rate to minus 0.10pc and unveiled its first...
  9. BruceTLaney

    A currency that I must not have!

    Alright mark this as the next Confederate and Nazi currency that will become a collector item for the radicals of the world but the reality is they're fooling themselves anyone beside their radicals will use it! Islamic State says it'll mint own coins
  10. bajisima

    MIT to give undergraduates bitcoin currency

    MIT will give $100 dollars worth of bitcoins to every undergraduate this fall to test how a new currency system will work. Anyone use these? This summer, some of the key players involved in the Bitcoin initiative, which will be giving every undergraduate $100 in bitcoin, are working...
  11. ptif219

    Russia, China agree on more trade currency swaps to bypass dollar

    Obama sanctions and other policies is causing the rejection of the US dollar. Soon the dollar will have little value. just another part of the Obama legacy
  12. meridian5455

    I.R.S. says bitcoin should be considered property, not currency

    The Internal Revenue Service announced on Tuesday that bitcoin should be viewed and taxed as property, giving a little clarity to the shifting regulatory landscape of virtual currency. Despite the fact that many users treat bitcoin like a regulated currency, “it does not have legal tender status...
  13. J

    So if the US Dollar loses its reserve currency status... what happens to offshoring?

    I'm not aware of any scenario that sees us continuing to import practically anything if the US dollar loses its reserve status and thus a huge chunk of its international value. How do you keep sending jobs out of the country when exchange rates change so drastically and foreign labor becomes...
  14. NewPublius

    Currency Manipulation

    At a rally in OH, Mitt Romney told an audience: "From day one I will label China as a currency manipulator," Romney told supporters at a spring wire plant in suburban Cleveland, in the second of this three rallies in Ohio Wednesday." Its even something that is within the power of the Executive...
  15. michaelr

    Trends in Interest Rates on National Debt Suggest Currency Crisis is Coming

    Trends in Interest Rates on National Debt Suggest Currency Crisis is Coming The currency crisis isn't coming, it is here. I tried telling you people that rates will not take a back seat to inflation. of course it will drive inflation up, but again, it will not take a back seat, driving...
  16. michaelr

    China won the currency war

    China Can Now Monetize US Debt Directly Not that it will do them much good...well unless they want to buy the US for pennies on the dollar. Y'all best think about that!
  17. michaelr

    The currency war has new casualty and you believe what it is

    India promises ‘some austerity’ as rupee collapses Man I knew that had inflation problems but this caught me by surprise.
  18. michaelr

    China To Retaliate If US Currency Bill Becomes Law

    China To Retaliate If US Currency Bill Becomes Law Those hoards of dollars that China hold, how many times did I say they would come back to haunt us? This government is nuts, they need to go. They manipulate currency just as bad if not worse than China or any other nation. It is a game. They...
  19. jackalope

    Senator says currency bill should reach Obama

    Whoa ... interesting! Don't know much about it, but from this short article, sounds like a good idea to me. Wonder why Obama might not sign it?
  20. A

    One world Government and one world currency

    Do you favor a one world government and a one world currency?