1. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Christie is the New DRUG Commissioner. WTF!? a Drug Czar Chairmanship?

    Drug Czar is an informal name for the person who directs drug-control policies in the United States It guess he replaces Obamas appointed Michael Botticelli? Other Czars to be replace by the orangeDOUCHE...
  2. vikingbeast

    Czar Trump's Russian Business

    OK, my "fake" news watching has been limited lately so trying to get up to speed on the big news because I hear the thing between Trump and his people and his people in Russia is ramping up and it doesn't look good. What's the word? I know that's a loaded question what with the Trump...
  3. meridian5455

    This looks like a job for the State Dept’s new transparency czar!

    Secretary of State John Kerry has named a new czar to improve transparency at the State Department as the agency struggles to overcome archaic recordkeeping practices and glacial handling of public records requests — shortcomings exposed by the continuing furor over Hillary Clinton's use of a...
  4. meridian5455

    Obama to introduce new Gay Pizza Czar

    Who should be the first choice for this new and important government position? Obama could have a gay pizza and beer summit at the White House to celebrate. It will be fabulous!
  5. B

    Obama's Science Czar syas AGW is a good thing, fighting off an Ice Age

    Dr. John Holdren Reconciles The 1970s Ice Age With Today's Global Warming Now remember, this is the same guy who co-authored the book 'Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment', which favored forced sterilization...
  6. jackalope

    Fox Host Rails Against GOPers Calling Ebola Czar A Political 'Hack'

    There seems to be a lot of differences in the way Republicans reacted to the bird flu, and to ebola. Also, good for you, Neil Cavuto. Kudos.
  7. J

    Obama appoints Klan as Ebola Czar

    What kind of bullshit is this? Those assholes don't know anything about ebola. They might as well be some Democrat political hack for all they know about medicine. Watch now, every liberal in the country, and on this forum will be praising Obama and gushing about what a brilliant choice it was...
  8. heirtothewind

    How the hell does appointment of a ''czar'' square with ''democracy''

    GOP senators who opposed Obama 'czars' now want one for Ebola God, mother, children, apple pie, and democracy ----- aaah, golly gee, how American is that. But to get things done, these hypocritical republicans want, of all totalitarian things, a CZAR. Go figure.
  9. Amelia

    Obama's Ebola Czar: Nicole Lurie

    President Obama Already Has An Ebola Czar. Where Is She? What do you know about her? I didn't know anything about her. But hopefully it will be reassuring to those who have been worried about Republicans not confirming Obama's nominee for surgeon general and leaving us with only an acting...
  10. BoiseBo

    Grumpy McRage -- Czar Hater, calls For Ebola Czar

    Too funny! :D John McCain, Czar Hater, Calls For Ebola Czar
  11. vikingbeast

    Standard Sleeze From the Czar

    Czar Kasich of Ohio truly is a cocksucker, not even worthy of being called a human being. It will be fun to watch this backfire right in his own smirking face. FitzGerald is looking into pressing charges and I don't blame him - it's about time someone stands up to these partisan cocksucking...
  12. vikingbeast

    A Visit From the Czar

    Czar Kasich visited this week (see below article). I got quite a kick out of this, because Kasich DID NOT even get the NRA's endorsement when he ran for governor in 2010 - his Democrat opponent did. The fuck is that? And these ignorant fucks act like he's Charleton Heston himself! What a...
  13. michaelr

    UN Drug Czar: States Can't Legalize Marijuana Under International Law

    UN Drug Czar: States Can't Legalize Marijuana Under International Law Hey UN Drug Czar, fuck you and the scum you represent. We are a sovereign nation and the UN has nothing to say about this issue.
  14. M

    Arnie Duncan Education Czar

    oh well.....saylavee.
  15. Bluesguy

    'Unpaid pay czar' got 6-figure salary

    And another lie by Obama "Contrary to press reports that he would not be compensated, uncovered Treasury Department documents reveal President Obama's pay czar, Kenneth Feinberg, received a $120,830 annual salary. The documents were obtained by the public interest group Judicial Watch in a...
  16. michaelr

    Obama Science Czar Called for Carbon Tax to Redistribute Wealth from Global 'North' to 'South'

    Obama Science Czar Called for Carbon Tax to Redistribute Wealth from Global 'North' to 'South' Actually he is lying, the funds will go to a global bank where they will be leveraged like nothing before, and the SDR will be pegged to it, but he needs the support of third world shit holes, he...
  17. nonsqtr

    ha ha - uh-oh, White House science czar involved in ClimateGate! No comment required, right?
  18. conservative

    Barack Obama Appoints Kinky Friedman As Chupacabra Czar

    Barack Obama Appoints Kinky Friedman As Chupacabra Czar Written by Jalapenoman Story written: 29 October 2009 President Barack Obama added another Czar to his cabinet with the appointment of Kinky Friedman as his Chupacabra Czar. Friedman is a singer, writer, and comedian who has...
  19. michaelr

    Pay Czar to Slash Compensation at Seven Firms

    Pay Czar to Slash Compensation at Seven Firms So Obama's pay Czar is at it again, slashing the pay at the government owned banks. Huh, must be nice to be a fascist fuck, Obama certainly is, and his Czar's are traitors.
  20. Six

    Ron Bloom Manufacturing Czar agrees with Chairman Mao

    Another Obama Czar goes off the deep end.*/index