1. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Kellyanne Conway’s dangerous game! For a Pay Day down the road! Place Your BETS!!

    She looks So Happy! Kellyanne Conway is seen within the White House as a “Queen Without An Army,” according to a former campaign official. This starts for being female, just so we know! Kellyanne Conway once again put herself at the center of controversy last week when she went on...
  2. Devil505

    Trump is the most dangerous species on this planet

    A chickenhawk/Coward who makes money while others die following his orders to lay down their lives for his wealth. Neither he or any members of his family have ever risked anything for their country. The Trump family is a cancer on our country.
  3. cpicturetaker12

    Stephen Hawking reacts to Trump" The most dangerous time on our planet'

    I know he's a 'foreigner' so who gives a shit what he says. People might wanna listen, this is one of the SMARTEST MEN to have ever lived. Keep it in mind. This is the BIG picture look in which he includes Trump Hawking has expressed his reservations about Trump before. "He is a demagogue...
  4. GordonGecko

    Rightwing Media bashing of Pres. Obama leaves its audience in a dangerous place

    Example? Unemployment. When Obama came into office and for the first few years, Rightwing media blamed him for the unemployment rate. Then it started to come down. They first tried "Still not as good as Bush's". But that quickly fell flat. So, naturally, they couldn't give...
  5. Howey

    Is Heterosexuality Dangerous to Society? PART 2

    STD Rates Skyrocket for Millennials Should we take steps to remove this threat when innocent people are put at risk? Discuss.
  6. Howey

    Does Heterosexuality Present a Risk to Society?

    Should we take steps to remove this threat when innocent people are put at risk? Discuss. Hepatitis C Kills More Americans than Any Other Infectious Disease | CDC Online Newsroom | CDC (Djinn edit - Thread title change to avoid ambiguity)
  7. Spookycolt

    Is homosexuality dangerous to society?

    Should we take steps to remove this threat when innocent people are put at risk? https://carm.org/is-homosexuality-dangerous
  8. excalibur

    Jill Stein: Trump Less Dangerous Than Hillary Who Would Start War With Russia

    No wonder the neocons love Hillary. Jill Stein: Trump Less Dangerous Than Hillary Who Would Start War With Russia
  9. C

    Jill Stein insists Trump is less dangerous than Clinton

    Jill Stein.
  10. Friday13

    Trump thinks visiting black people is too dangerous

    The coward that is Trump is afraid of black people, so he'll just ask them to vote for him "from a distance"...just ask Corey Lewandowski. Trump doesn't visit black voters because it's too dangerous Corey Lewandowski: Trump avoids speaking to black voters because he?s not safe in their...
  11. F

    An Enemy Even More Dangerous Than ISIS

    An appeal to Americans. Thoughts? Israel Today | Israel News > News headlines list An Enemy Even More Dangerous Than ISIS Friday, August 12, 2016 | David Lazarus To all my dear friends feeling the need to blame President Obama for the Mideast violence, the rise of ISIS and the spread of...
  12. kmiller1610

    If Trump is a dangerous fool in August, why wasn't he a dangerous fool in March?

    I have made my point on this topic in other places, but it's time to ask the question in its own thread. A few relevant links. I had some difficulty finding a firestorm against Trump. Waiting for August? https://www.c-span.org/video/?405959-1/mitt-romney-remarks-donald-trumps-candidacy...
  13. cpicturetaker12


    Gee, do you think? Republicans rip Trump over NATO plan One GOP lawmaker tells POLITICO, 'Comments like this are not only ill-informed, they’re dangerous.' By NAHAL TOOSI 07/21/16 07:56 AM EDT Updated 07/21/16 03:30 PM EDT Donald Trump's latest broadside against NATO, the military alliance...
  14. Wonderer

    As South China Sea Grows More Dangerous, Republicans Settle on Unserious Nominee

    As the South China Sea Grows More Dangerous, Republicans Settle on an Unserious Nominee National Review by GEORGE WILL July 16, 2016 8:00 PM <Excerpt>: A restless China flexes its muscles, but Americans are interested in other matters. Neither the unanimous decision by the Permanent...
  15. John T Ford

    Some Gay Voters Say It's 'Dangerous' to Come Out for Trump

    Following Sunday's mass shooting at an Orlando gay bar, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has voiced - and tweeted - his support for the LGBTQ community. And some in the community have expressed their support for Trump. "He's the most pro-gay nominee that the party has...
  16. bajisima

    CIA director: ISIS more dangerous than ever

    "ISIS can draw on a "large cadre of Western fighters" that could attack in the U.S. and the terror threat posed by the group remains as dangerous as ever despite efforts to crush it militarily, the director of the CIA said Thursday. "Unfortunately, despite all our progress against ISIL on...
  17. bajisima

    Susan Sarandon: Hillary will be indicted and is more dangerous than Trump

    Susan Sarandon is now saying Hillary will be indicted and that if elected we will be in Iran immediately. "Actress Susan Sarandon spoke with TYT Politics Reporter Jordan Chariton about Hillary Clinton's foreign policy record. "She did not learn from Iraq, and she is an interventionist, and...
  18. DemoWhip

    Hillary Clinton to Go After Donald Trump's 'Dangerous' Policy Proposals in National S

    Yes sir, the gloves are sure coming off now! Hillary is going after Trump Big Time and she's so ready for him! National Security is her forte' so she is no doubt well armed to talk about that very important matter with much know-how ammo under her belt. Stay tuned. Hillary Clinton to Go After...
  19. cpicturetaker12

    Harvard DOC says TRUMP vitamin pyramid "scam" was inept and potentially dangerous

    I thought this was glibly passed over when reporting on TRUMPIAN 'steak, whiskey, water'--the rich guy's foodstuffs for profit. The FDA actually monitors those. VITAMINS--not! (Not to mention the aspect of mailing PEE through the mail). Harvard doc reveals Trump’s proprietary vitamin...
  20. L

    Trump: Oakland and Ferguson are 'among the most dangerous' places in the world

    Daily Kos: 2016 "Yet another day's worth of tidbits from the brain of Donald J. Trump, presumptive Republican nominee for the presidency of the United States. On the TV, Fox had moved on from the election to footage of the smoky aftermath of a bombing in Baghdad. Trump rose from his...