1. johnflesh

    Mandated Sick Days?

    Should FedGov or even the state (your state) mandate that businesses offer paid sick days, or days off without penalty? If people cannot afford to miss a day of work they will often spread the sickness around. But if people were allowed to be home sick, with pay or without penalty at least, do...
  2. jackalope

    Pakistan also has a rape problem Days after the Delhi gang-rape victim died, a 9-year

    A 9 yo girl, taken from her home, and gang raped. A woman, gang raped by order of some tribal council, as retribution for something her teenaged brother did. The leader of the country saying women get themselves raped to get rich and go abroad. Yes, Pakistan, like India, has a rape problem.
  3. R

    Three Days after the Election and:

    --Obama is already mentioning his "Carbon Tax." --Harry Reid moves to limit opposition in the Senate. --The man behind the "Anti-Muslim" film is sentenced to a year in prison. --We discover, that once again, the Iranians have little respect or fear of our Assets. --We still know very...