1. excalibur

    Nicaragua security forces launch deadly raids

    The same commie Daniel Ortega that many in the Democratic Party were in bed with in the 1980's, as they openly sided against our foreign policy while siding with the commie regime. At least 10 people were killed in Nicaragua on Sunday as security forces moved into anti-government protest...
  2. bajisima

    One drink a day could be deadly?

    People who follow government guidelines to have a drink or so a day could be drinking themselves into an early grave, researchers said Thursday. Any more than five drinks a week on average can take years off a person’s life, the new study of more than half a million people around the world...
  3. bajisima

    Deadly package bombs in Austin TX

    Investigators in Austin, Texas, believe two Monday explosions caused by package bombs, including one that killed a teenager, are linked to a similar bombing that killed a man elsewhere in the city this month. Shortly after Police Chief Brian Manley held a news conference in which he linked...
  4. cpicturetaker12

    WV deadly coal mine owner is out of jail--9 dead, he got 1YR--is running for SENATE!

    Remember all those guys who died in that WV coal mine accident about 7 years ago? Remember the long litany of broken laws, fines and UNSAFE CONDITIONS from the coal mine owner? The owner who had a mega PAC who went around the country throwing "Tea Party" events but didn't make his mine safer...
  5. cpicturetaker12

    SENATORS demand intelligence on deadly Niger ambush

    2 weeks later? Too bad Hillary wasn't president, we would have started this the NEXT MORNING. FOX would have its programming for 2 weeks. Every winger site wouldn't have to deflect and defend the Asshole and Chief. Senators demand info on deadly Niger ambush BY REBECCA KHEEL - 10/17/17...
  6. cpicturetaker12

    NRA SPOKESPERSON WEIGHS IN!!! 'Feet are just as deadly as guns.'

    Holyfuckingshit!! Go ahead and blame it on RAW STORY!! On your mark, get set, go.... NRA spokesperson dismisses Las Vegas massacre by claiming ‘feet’ are just as deadly as guns SARAH K. BURRIS 03 OCT 2017 AT 10:29 ET NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch (Photo: Screen capture) DON'T MISS...
  7. Madeline

    Obama's Deadly Sexism: 90% of Research $ For Gynocological Cancers Is Gone Overall, the NIH's funding levels were stable during the Obama Administration. This is a strong indicator that other cancer research is funded at the expense of research into gynocological...
  8. DemoWhip

    Trump Says He Pardoned Joe Arpaio During Deadly Hurricane for TV Ratings: WATCH

    Of course it is all about Photo Ops with Trump. Foregone conclusion. ---------------------------------------- Trump Says He Pardoned Joe Arpaio During Deadly Hurricane for TV Ratings: WATCH - Towleroad by Andy Towle
  9. Madeline

    By 2100, Deadly Heat May Threaten Most of Humankind

    By 2100, Deadly Heat May Threaten Majority of Humankind
  10. John T Ford

    Deadly London Tower Fire Fueled By ‘Green Energy’ Rules

    Deadly London Tower Fire Fueled By 'Green Energy' Rules | The Daily Caller London’s Grenfell Tower was made worse by government “green energy requirements” that allowed fire to rapidly engulf the building Wednesday, leaving at least 17 people dead and scores more wounded or missing. While...
  11. cpicturetaker12

    PARLIAMENTARIAN threatens deadly blow to TRUMPCARE bill over abortion provision...

    Very technical but as effective! (Details are deeper in the article). Parliamentarian threatens deadly blow to GOP healthcare bill BY ALEXANDER BOLTON - 06/08/17 06:30 PM EDT 1,259 The Senate parliamentarian has warned Republicans that a provision in their healthcare reform bill related...
  12. the watchman

    Donald Trump Jr. Criticizes London Mayor After Deadly Attack

    It has become something of an online custom in the social media age to react to tragic news stories — like Wednesday’s attack in London — with well-meaning if sometimes rote messages like “thoughts and prayers.” But that does not appear to be Donald Trump Jr.’s style. “You have to be kidding...
  13. BAZINGA DrumpF

    ‘You LIVE in TRUMP Country NOW!’: Deadly weapon used on GAYS, classified-hate crime!

    A man accused of a homophobic hate crime in Key West was arrested yesterday in North Carolina. The suspect is accused of assaulting a gay couple last week. Brandon Ray Davis shouted gay slurs at Kevin Seymour and Kevin Price (above) and said: “You live in Trump country now.” According to the...
  14. G

    Trump's deadly first counterterrorism raid in Yemen had inadequate intel doomed from

    Trump's deadly first counterterrorism raid in Yemen had inadequate intel, ground support, military officials say. U.S. military officials revealed Wednesday that President Trump’s first covert counterterrorism operation was carried out without sufficient intelligence, ground support or adequate...
  15. ptif219

    Deadly 'suicide boat' attack on Saudi warship near Yemen claimed by Houthi fighters

    So we see Iran is funding terrorism. How much of Obama ransom is funding this. Shows we need to stop Iran. Deadly 'suicide boat' attack on Saudi warship near Yemen claimed by Houthi fighters
  16. Wonderer

    NTSB: Deadly Conn. plane crash was likely intentional

    NTSB: Deadly Conn. plane crash was likely intentional CBS/AP October 12, 2016, 6:58 AM <Excerpt>: The deadly crash of a small plane that struck a utility pole near the Connecticut River in East Hartford appears to have been intentional, according to investigators and the surviving...
  17. bajisima

    Deadly earthquake strikes Italy

    The pictures are so bad.. A magnitude 6.2 earthquake has struck central Italy, leaving at least 38 people dead and 150 missing, as rescuers search for survivors. Many of the dead were in Accumoli, close to the epicentre, and a short distance away in Amatrice, which was largely reduced to...
  18. DebateDrone

    In light of Recent National Events, Will the RNC Convention Be Deadly?

    Has Donald Trump done enough in recent days not to fan the flames of National strife to avoid making the RNC Convention deadly? Donald Trump's uncharacteristic silence on the recent shootings has been useful in not sparking more conflict...but will the peace hold? It has been believed that...
  19. Tedminator

    Cows more deadly than sharks and gators combined.

    In the United States, the CDC estimates that about twenty-two people are killed by cows each year, and of those cow attacks, seventy-five percent were known to be deliberate attacks. :Skeert:
  20. BDBoop

    Fourth sister dies following deadly Titusville crash

    Fourth sister dies following deadly Titusville crash Oh my word. I can't even imagine. And of course the question is, did that many people crammed into a vehicle meant to seat eight - is that what caused this? From Florida Today;