1. Madeline

    Is There Value In Debating Hate?

    Based on a true story: David Irving and why the Holocaust went on trial Prof. Deborah Lipstadt had no choice; she was sued by the Holocaust denier. Unless she avoided the jurisdiction of the UK courts, or conceded she had libeled David...
  2. the watchman

    congress is debating punishment against "santuary cities" right now.

    congress is debating a bill to punish sanctuary cities right now in the US House. Funny. There's not even an actual official definition of what a sanctuary city is. This is a waste of time and resources. The federal government can not force states to enforce immigration laws. It's...
  3. GordonGecko

    GOP Delegates are debating issues like prairie chickens & porn in the Party Platform Hilarious part is the "porn is a public health crises" part. Have these guys not seen who their "potential First Lady" is??? How will they of...
  4. meridian5455

    Attention Liberals, when debating Conservatives, always remember this fact If you are a liberal, you have lost the argument before you have even begun. So stop pretending you are right or have a chance of being right, because you don't.
  5. N

    Senate debating immigration

    The Senate Wednesday started a divisive debate on border security and an immigration bill that would create a temporary worker program pushed by President Bush. Read more...