1. Babba

    Are Republicans Going to Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory?

    Kathleen Parker asks a good question. Kathleen Parker: Tea party challenges threaten GOP control of Senate - The Washington Post Please Republicans, demand purity tests of your candidates, lol.
  2. arock0627

    Tea Party: Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

    This is a lingering question in my mind, and it kind of shows what kind of mentality the Tea Party has. The GOP already won in the budget battle. Obama's 1.2 trillion was trimmed to resemble Paul Ryan's 900+ billion budget in negotiations during the year. I want to say the actual budget...
  3. S

    DOMA'S Defeat

    has made a huge difference in my life. I longed for this to happen in my lifetime, but I didn't know I'd get to reap the benefits of it. Bravo SCOTUS!:f_cheers:
  4. Cicero

    Austerians determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

    Looming debt ceiling fight threatens recovery By Vicki Needham - 06/08/13 12:11 PM ET A drawn-out debt ceiling fight in Congress could undermine the jobs growth that is expected later this year. Economists argue that the nation's economic expansion is poised to accelerate in the fall...
  5. BDBoop

    Adolphus Busch IV Resigns From NRA After Gun Control Defeat In Senate

    Adolphus Busch IV Resigns From NRA After Gun Control Defeat In Senate Good to see that SOMEBODY is still in their right mind, and willing to call the NRA on their shit.
  6. nonsqtr

    a resounding defeat for radical conservatism

    Obama won. Romney lost. Akin lost. Mourdoch lost. Elizabeth Warren won, and Scott Brown lost. Gay marriage won, legal pot won, ... And yet Romney did well, he battled to a virtual tie in the popular vote, and my take on that is that it was the fiscal conservatism that got him all those...
  7. Devil505

    Why it's so important to defeat the GOP next Tuesday.

    Four years ago the Republican party decided it was more important to make it impossible for our President to govern than it was to help recover our economy or end the wars overseas. They have blocked all jobs bills, abused the filibuster & even turned their backs on many ideas originally...
  8. Mr. Neo-Con

    Humiliation and Defeat.

    Here is a paragraph from a piece in the Drudge Report in which the Taliban claim that we are running from Afghanistan in humiliation and defeat. Now, I am not saying what they claim is true, but in light of our efforts to cut and run from Afghanistan at all costs, it sure looks like what...
  9. meridian5455

    NYC Subway Ads Call for Defeat of Jihad 'Savages'

    NYC Subway Ads Call for Defeat of Jihad 'Savages' - Yahoo! News They mean these people, right?
  10. HadEnough2

    Beer Battered Mitt: How Obama is Using Beer to Defeat Romney

    Yes...that's right righties. It may come down to this. Who's a real beer drinking man? Obama that's who. And it may win him a election. You have to feel sorry for Mitten's. Well, for one thing his name is Mitten's and second his real name is Willard. Doesn't even sound like beer drinker...
  11. meridian5455

    Will a Weakened American Character Defeat Paul Ryan?

    Will a Weakened American Character Defeat Paul Ryan? by Dennis Prager on - A Syndicate Of Talent From the article: The left and Democrats are relying on the decline of the American character that left-wing policies have produced (not only here but in Latin America, Europe, and...
  12. ptif219

    After defeat of Senate cybersecurity bill, Obama weighs executive-order option

    Here we go again Obama going around congress After defeat of Senate cybersecurity bill, Obama weighs executive-order option - The Hill's Hillicon Valley
  13. Tedminator

    Can 2k USMarines defeat the Roman Empire?

    How Many U.S. Marines Could Bring Down the Roman Empire? | Open Culture imo yes a 21st century MEU can easily defeat the 1st century Roman Empire.. but it'll take several years. I suggest the Marines set up a secure base on an island; Sardinia or even further south in Malta. Start...
  14. Blackbeard

    Sarkozy's defeat could be a bad omen for President Obama

    In Charlotte, N.C., Romney recently quipped that Obama won't stand alongside Greek columns at this year's Democratic convention as he did in 2008. "He's not going to want to remind anyone of Greece, because he's put us on a road to become more like Greece." Charlotte hosts the Democrats in...
  15. C

    We want to Defeat Taliban more than Afghan Government.

    Elli Lake, of The Daily Beast, made a rather disturbing observation this morning on Up With Chris Hayes. I apologise for the long clip. I tried to edit it to just the relevant portion. Unfortunately MSNBC's way of handling video is...
  16. jackalope

    Angela Merkel slumps to defeat in home state elections

    I don't know enough about German politics to understand this. It says her party (Christian Democrats) could be ousted from their coalition. Does that mean Germany will have a new leader? bonncaruso .... need your knowledge here. :)
  17. boontito

    Armed Fascist Youth Defeat Young Club Wielding Socialists!

    SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- Yonny Hernandez hit two homers, and three pitchers combined for a shutout to help Maracay, Venezuela, stay undefeated at the Little League World Series with an 8-0 win Sunday over Langley, British Columbia. LLWS: Venezuela shuts out Canada to remain undefeated - ESPN...
  18. Mr. Neo-Con

    Retreat and Defeat Lovers!

    This summer newly found long form president Obama is thinking of removing troops from Afghanistan. If he does go through with this decision, it would be a strategic mistake. Why? First, our enemies are looking and watching our every move in that smells of weakness and shows our lack...
  19. Mr. Neo-Con

    A Holiday Message from Mr. Retreat and Defeat.

    Mr. Barrack "Hussein" Obama sent out a holiday message pays tribute to our troops. I found this to be funny that on one hand he pays tribute to the troops and on the other, he wants to withdraw them from our victory at hand (in Afghanistan). We will be victorious in Afghanistan, but it...
  20. Mr. Neo-Con

    Defeat the new start!

    It appears that the Left has it's talking points in place as it tries to sell the bad New Start Treaty. They have some RINO'S (like Colin Powell) to the big mouth Biden (VP of the US) telling the American People that the treaty reduces Nuclear Weapons by 30% and so on and so forth, but read...