1. Friday13

    Trump Claims Power to Bypass Limits Set by Congress in Defense Bill

    He really does think he's a king. How far will this pathetic congress let him go? Trump Claims Power to Bypass Limits Set by Congress in Defense Bill
  2. Madeline

    Manafort's Defense Rests w/o Calling a Single Witness

    http:// Whut dafuq? This tactic is very, very rarely used when the defense believes the prosecution failed to prove its case, but Manafort's lawyers never even made a motion to...
  3. bajisima

    Bipartisan defense bill passes Congress, heads to Presidents desk

    The U.S. Senate passed a $716 billion defense policy bill on Wednesday, backing President Donald Trump’s call for a bigger, stronger military and sidestepping a potential battle with the White House over technology from major Chinese firms. The vote for the John S. McCain National Defense...
  4. T

    Trump repeats Giuliani defense: 'Collusion is not a crime'

    In grandpa's crazy tweets this morning, he repeated the obvious. Collusion is not a crime. Of course conspiracy and obstruction of justice are crimes, but no matter. There was no collusion! Except by others. Which apparently is still not a crime. Not that he had far to go, but it appears the...
  5. bmanmcfly

    Defense Intelligence Agency Officer arrested for attempted espionage to China. Arrested for trying to send defense intelligence information to China... This will be the first person from Obama era who is facing capital crimes...
  6. the watchman

    Harvey Weinstein: The "casting couch" defense

    disgusting. He should just plead guilty and ask for a deal. Even though, I have to admit, it's high time Hollywood got put on trial for allowing a culture that makes women, or even men, feel they have to submit sexually in order to get a role in a movie. Hopefully, this defense will offend the...
  7. BDBoop

    The President is setting up his defense, 5/18/18

    People have been saying for months now that he's ginning up his base to believe that he's being persecuted. Today he actually came out and said it. Why? Because he's running scared. Mueller and Avenatti are getting too close to the truth, too much has come out, and he's fucking petrified. As...
  8. cpicturetaker12

    Brkg: PRUITT hires top OUTSIDE defense atty as 12 SEPARATE invesigations mount

    This little weasly son of a bitch is ON THE TAKE! Gutting the EPA and ripping of tax payers concurrently. At least he has balls, right? Pruitt hires outside attorney as investigations mount: report BY MIRANDA GREEN - 05/17/18 11:48 AM EDT 0 0 © Greg Nash Scott Pruitt has reportedly hired...
  9. Arkady

    Trump's Ego Makes Legal Defense Difficult

    From a legal perspective, defending against criminal problems in the Stephanie Clifford case should have been easy. The only real legal jeopardy there is if the hush-money payment is interpreted to be an illegally large and/or undisclosed campaign contribution. If it was just some lech paying...
  10. the watchman

    Giuliani's history raises legal questions as he takes on Trump defense.

    The potential for Giuliani to advise Trump on a possible interview with Mueller could add even more complexity if it appears the former mayor and U.S. attorney was involved in any of the factual matters the special counsel is investigating. Republican lawmakers have repeatedly complained that...
  11. Devil505

    Who here is willing to lose all respect on PH in a futile defense of D. Trump?

    Anyone remember Blackbeard who blew his credibility here defending GW Bush and M. Romney? (disappeared the night Obama was elected)
  12. D

    Anti-LGBT First Amendment Defense Act Reintroduced in Senate

    Anti-LGBT First Amendment Defense Act Reintroduced in Senate By Trudy Ring ==================================================== The despicable dirty move of Republicans to attack LGBT Citizens in these United States is simply outrageous and reprehensible. Who would think to do...
  13. Darkman

    Israel's IAI announces innovative aerial defense system

    Israel's IAI announces innovative aerial defense system The ELL-8270 is a cheap, effective, "decoy" designed to protect aircraft from surface-to-air missiles. By Anna Ahronheim March 4, 2018 11:49 > David’s Sling wins Technology Pioneer Award > Israel...
  14. Devil505

    Trump/GOP using OJ defense

    I heard Bill Kristol, hardly a Lefty, espouse this theory today. When you can't argue the evidence...attack the police as corrupt/biased. It worked for OJ with a dumb jury and the GOP is hoping we voters will be as stupid. Not only is this defense a slap in the face to all thinking citizens...
  15. C

    Alan Dershowitz Issues Bulletproof Defense of Trump (VIDEO - CNN) In short, a president is allowed to tell Comey to stop the investigation. He can command it as HW Bush did. I think if Trump had better legal representation from Sessions, we would have wasted all this time. There is no "there there" and should...
  16. Robert Urbanek

    Students to replace defense contractors?

    Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, CA is asking local high school students to solve three real-world challenges: design a remotely-monitored runway lighting system, a system to keep drones out of controlled airspace, and a self-driving bus for use on the base. I wonder what kind of security...
  17. T

    Illinois To Ban 'Gay Panic Defense' In New Year

    Interesting. No longer will, in Illinois, a criminal defense of a crime be that the defendant thought the other person was gay. Not sure why that would have been a valid defense for an egregious act anyway, as it seems to be supporting violent bigotry...
  18. D

    Former US attorneys, GOP officials come to Mueller's defense

    Former US attorneys, GOP officials come to Mueller's defense - ABC News By Jill Colvin, Associated Press ==================================================== That should send a very strong message to the Trump Administration that they need to keep Mueller and his team so that they can...
  19. Two If By Tea

    In Defense Of The 5 Day Waiting Rule For Handguns

    Yes this is why people..
  20. T

    Roy Moore’s attorney offers bizarre defense of Roy Moore

    This is just strange. Roy Moore did nothing wrong because of the Canadian hosting the show has gone to other countries and in some countries you have consensual arranged marriages. With representation such as this, it seems odd that Moore is being crucified, pun intended, for his actions...