1. Madeline

    Richard Corday for Ohio Governor, Democrat

    Looks okay on paper. Looks practically comatose on video. Could have been worse. Dennis "E.T." Kucinich mounted a respectable campaign in the primary. Even so, Ohio Democrats. Your talent appears to be very thin on the ground. Your thoughts?
  2. bajisima

    Key red state democrat sides with Trump on border wall funding

    One of the most vulnerable Democratic senators said he supports giving President Donald Trump billions of dollars for his border wall — a sharp break from the rest of the party planning to spurn Trump's wall in spending negotiations this fall. Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.), who is facing a new...
  3. 5 stringer

    This is the new face of the Democrat Party

    So it appears this is the tactic of the election season for the democrats. A few years ago it was "occupy wall street", then it was "black lives matter", and now it's "antifa". Looking forward to 2020 when a new circus will suddenly appear. Hope no one gets hurt. 'This Is the New Face of the...
  4. C

    Anarchy Breaks Out in Portland, With the Mayor’s Blessing

    Own it...embrace it...its who you have become. Portland, Ore. Along the trolley tracks behind the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement field office, a biohazard cleanup crew works under police protection. It finds used needles and buckets of human waste simmering in nearly 100-degree heat...
  5. John T Ford

    Will Socialists Divide the Democrat Party I'm not fan of the View, or Meghan McCain for that matter. I think the show should be canceled for exploiting women who let their cra-cra show but, with that said, I think McCain makes some interesting points about normalizing socialism and Behar...
  6. cpicturetaker12

    James COMEY urges American's to vote DEMOCRAT to save the country!

    Nothing to add... Ex-Republican James Comey urges Americans to vote Democrat to save the country SARAH K. BURRIS 17 JUL 2018 AT 22:36 ET James Comey during his ABC interview (Screenshot) DON'T MISS STORIES. FOLLOW RAW STORY! Former FBI Director James Comey was once a...
  7. John T Ford

    Democrat Socialist Threaten Mitch McConnell

    “A group of Louisville residents, including several @DemSocialists members, had a message for Mitch McConnell as he left a local restaurant today,” Louisville DSA tweeted. “Powerful people like Mitch deserve no peace while they enable the imprisonment of babies in concentration camps...
  8. Goofball

    Democrat Socialists "Just getting started".

    Dims have been pushing socialism for decades and hiding behind "Progressive". Now they aren't even trying to hide the fact they are a Socialist party. After Ocasio-Cortez?s victory, democratic socialists are just getting started - NY Daily News
  9. bajisima

    Former GOPer Richard Painter begins campaigning as a democrat for senate

    What are his chances there? Minnesota Senate candidate Richard Painter (D) released his first campaign ad this week, likening Washington to a “dumpster fire.” Painter, who previously served as White House ethics lawyer under former President George W. Bush and switched political parties...
  10. Crusher

    Study finds students who ID as Democrat are least tolerant

    A survey of Dartmouth's political and free speech climate | The Dartmouth It's exactly as I thought it was. The most intolerant are those on the Left / Democrats. 82 percent of students who identified as Democrats said they would be less likely to date someone with opposing...
  11. John T Ford

    Democrat Corruption

    A former Democratic congressman from Chicago, heading to prison for the third time, says he has “given up on America” and plans to move to Africa after he serves his latest sentence. At his sentencing Thursday, Mel Reynolds, 66, got six months in prison for failing to file tax returns on more...
  12. Babba

    Democrat's Stategy

    Should Democrats just throw caution to the wind and make unrealistic promises just to get elected? For example, Trump said he'd bring back coal mining jobs even though that's just not gonna happen and Hillary knew it and never pretended otherwise and instead offered common sense ideas to help...
  13. the watchman

    Corker says he won't oppose Democrat seeking his Senate seat.

    Outgoing Republican Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee is sticking by his decision not to campaign against the Democrat seeking to fill his seat. Corker says he considers the Democrat, former Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen (BRED'-uh-sen), a "friend." Corker backs Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn but...
  14. L

    Mass House Democrat Defections Likely On Omnibus Without DACA Commitment

    ‘We believe this is a very, very critical issue to be resolved,’ Hoyer says Dozens of House Democrats are likely to vote against the fiscal 2018 omnibus spending bill if the final deal, which leaders hope to announce Wednesday afternoon, does not include a commitment to address the Deferred...
  15. bajisima

    Illionois primary results, pro life democrat survives

    It’s good to be the incumbent. Democratic Rep. Daniel Lipinski narrowly survived a spirited challenge from progressive Marie Newman on Tuesday, in a primary race that could have implications beyond this Chicago district. Lipinski is a seven-term lawmaker, a legacy congressman, and one of the...
  16. the watchman

    Trump Says a Democrat Won in Pennsylvania Because He’s ‘Like Trump’

    If Donald Trump is worried about Democrats using an upset victory in Pennsylvania as a blueprint for winning big in the midterms, he didn’t let on. Trump broke his silence on the election at a private fundraiser for Missouri Senate candidate Josh Hawley Wednesday night, telling a crowd of...
  17. DemoWhip

    A Democrat getting outspent 17-1 is now neck and neck in deep-red Pennsylvania

    A Democrat getting outspent 17-1 is now neck and neck in deep-red Pennsylvania “It’s enthusiasm I haven’t seen for a Democratic candidate for a long time.” By Ella Nilsen ==================================================== Yes indeed. As a young person Democrat Conor Lamb has the...
  18. Dittohead not!

    Ted Cruz claims The Simpsons for Republicans, except Lisa — Lisa’s a Democrat

    Ted Cruz claims The Simpsons for Republicans, except Lisa — Lisa’s a Democrat
  19. Lunchboxxy

    Democratic Counter Memo

    The house intel committee has voted unanimously to release the democrat memo. It now goes to the White House. What will Trump do? My best guess is he will let the time expire on it so it’s released automatically. Probably politically the wisest move.
  20. DemoWhip

    Virginia Democrat Elizabeth Guzman delivers Spanish-language response to Trump's spee

    Virginia Democrat Elizabeth Guzman delivers Spanish-language response to Trump's speech By Gabe Ortiz =================================================== Excellent, Awesome speech by Elizabeth Guzman of the Virginia House of Delegates! That is what Americans needed and...