1. Macduff

    Black-clad antifa members attack peaceful right-wing demonstrators in Berkeley #OnlyOneSide
  2. the watchman

    ‘Brutal Attack’ on Anti-Erdogan Demonstrators Injures 9, Police Say.

    WASHINGTON — Supporters of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, including his government security forces, violently charged a group of protesters outside the Turkish ambassador’s residence here on Tuesday night in what the Metropolitan Police chief characterized as “a brutal attack.”...
  3. cpicturetaker12

    RW TROLL sparks chaos in FLA after PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATORS asked police to stop him

    So the peaceful demonstrators in my hometown (so to speak) asked the cops to stop a couple of Trump supporters from picking FIGHTS. Appears one threw water at a woman but cops couldn't verify that (I guess being wet wasn't sufficient). One of the 'bullies' punched a guy over a flag (a deaf...
  4. meridian5455

    20 demonstrators arrested outside of Trump rally in California

    (Reuters) - Some 20 demonstrators were arrested on Thursday outside a Donald Trump campaign rally in southern California, where the Republican presidential front-runner vowed to his supporters to get tough on illegal immigration if elected. Demonstrators smashed the window of a police squad car...
  5. G

    Cliven Bundy court appearance to draw demonstrators in Vegas

    LAS VEGAS (AP) — Backers of a Nevada rancher at the center of a fight over control of public lands in the West are promising a show of support outside a U.S. courthouse where he's facing charges that he led an armed standoff against federal agents two years ago. Cliven Bundy's wife and other...
  6. The Man

    Wow! Russian police PROTECT gay demonstrators from homophobe!

    Gay pride march in St. Petersburg on May 1. (Ruptly video screenshot) Russian police chase away anti-gay crusader from Labor Day pride march - ALTERNATIVE NEWS Wow! That's unprecedented, police PROTECTING gay people... Maybe even in Russia things are changing for the better... One has to...
  7. M

    Israeli forces attack Palestinian demonstrators

    Israeli forces violates the borders between Palestine - fake country Israel, and attacks Palestinians because of they protest the ongoing land theft of Israel. Two women injured and dozens asphyxiated in weekly demonstrations today
  8. jackalope

    Demonstrators leave Harlem by bus, flooding Staten Island to protest Eric Garner’s...

    Wonder if we're reaching a tipping point? Or if this is all just 'this summer's townhalls'.
  9. yuri zhivago

    hmm, snipers where shooting at the demonstrators from the back - Maidan. Inconvenient truth : shooting in the back about 6 minutes tape and this: British EU chief hears Ukraine shooting claim in bugged call - Channel 4 News In a leaked phone call, believed to be between EU foreign policy chief Cathy Ashton and Estonia's foreign minister, it...
  10. Red Eft

    Madrid Protests: Bar Owner Protects Demonstrators From Police

    Alberto Casillas became a national hero in Spain after a video of the 49-year-old waiter protecting demonstrators in his bar from police went viral. Casillas became a symbol of the anti-austerity demonstrations in Madrid, in which 64 people were injured and 38 were arrested on Tuesday...
  11. Granite

    Poll: Nearly 1/3 of OWS Demonstrators Support Violence to Achieve Agenda

    The article provides a video of one of the protesters: btw, check out this info on the protester: Edward T. Hall III | Columbia University - » #OccupyWallSt Poster Boy A Trust Fund Baby...
  12. M

    Syrian Security Forces Open Fire On Sit-In Demonstrators.....

    Oh la ve!
  13. michaelr

    Cops Attack Anti-war Demonstrators in Rochester, New York

    Cops Attack Anti-war Demonstrators in Rochester, New York What the hell is the matter with the police? They are victims like the rest of us, the government does not care about them. Hell in many states they are losing their pensions. They have their wars, they get to rape the people on...