1. Goofball

    Dems out to sabotage middle class on healthcare.

    Once again, Dims don't really care about what Americans want.............they would rather have a political issue to lie about in order to get their window licking base all riled up.
  2. fenrir

    Shock Poll Majority of Dems Dont Fully Trust Mainstream Media

    Shock Poll Majority of Dems Dont Fully Trust Mainstream Media
  3. DebateDrone

    Nail manufacturing exec who voted for Trump blames him for layoffs, asks Dems 4 Help

    I'm posting this case to show that Trump's tariffs has immediate harm and no long term solution. this thread is also in response of a thread proclaiming that US steel manufacture is hiring workers and going back to work. The nail manufacturer imported steel for his American made nails...
  4. excalibur

    Senate Dems Hit Kavanaugh For Proposal They Themselves Supported

    Liars, frauds, Democrats. They're against it, but if you are also against it they are now for it. Same crew dragging America through the mud since November 9, 2016. Prominent Democrats have slammed Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh for supporting an end to the independent counsel statute...
  5. D

    Watch fiery Dems chanting 'USA! USA! USA!' as Republicans vote down election cybersec

    Watch fiery Dems chanting 'USA! USA! USA!' as Republicans vote down election cybersecurity grants By Jen Hayden ################################################################################ It has now been revealed that Republicans in Washington do not want Cybersecurity for...
  6. bajisima

    Dems unveil new midterm campaign slogan

    Thoughts? House Democrats have finalized their campaign slogan heading into the last months before the midterm election: “For the People.” The new motto, which Democratic leaders unveiled in a private meeting with members Wednesday morning, is meant to put a finer point on the broad...
  7. the watchman

    my dems are blowing it once again.

    on MSNBC Ari Melber said it best. He asked one of his guest "how come Schumer talks like he's giving a press conference at a library? That about sums up the Democrat response to Trump committing acts of treason on the national stage. I guess , maybe, I don't know...they have all learned the...
  8. Singularity

    Kavanaugh likely to get every Republican vote, red-state Dems likely to join them

    It's the right move. While I initially felt otherwise, there's no point in voting No when you're trying to sell a bipartisan message and the confirmation will happen no matter what. Democrats have got to recognize how if they don't vote, every time, they will pay for it later...
  9. fenrir

    Progressive dems increasing criticise israel

    Progressive Democrats increasingly criticize Israel, and could reap political rewards By ROEY HADAR Jul 8, 2018, 6:55 PM ET This is an issue I've been following for years tho liberals always seemed intent on denying it. What I'm wondering is just what do Jewish folks, almost all...
  10. ptif219

    Jobs Report Shows Booming Employment: Dems Call Growth ‘Reckless’

    The democrats once again show they put party over country. All Americans should be happy we are out of Obama's stagnant economy. We now have record low unemployment for Blacks and Hispanics. The democrats show their fake hysteria because they know this means they will lose votes of...
  11. Goofball

    Dems blast booming jobs report as "reckless".

    What a bunch of fucking morons. No plan for America, just bitching and whining about a booming economy. I guess they have one thing is reckless to their agenda. There you have it folks, the economically illiterate Nanny Pelousy thinks jobs being created only helps...
  12. RNG

    What Dems and GOPers think of each other

    And it's mostly wrong. Some real interesting data there. Dems are pretty close on evangelicals and southerners.
  13. the watchman

    can I have a word with my fellow dems ( my lastest rant)

    this was actually a response to a comment in another thread. But, after working so hard on it, I decided to make it into it's own thread: seems like we are on the same page. Except, the thing that pissed me off most during the election was the Democrat party itself. It was primarily focused on...
  14. the watchman

    is the media going to hurt the dems in the midterms?

    all this back to back obsessive coverage of Stormy Daniels and guess what? Trump's approval among voters is now at it's highest percentage since he took office. The only one that I've seen refuse to cover the same thing everyone else was is Rachel Maddow. Look to see the Republican's move to...
  15. bajisima

    Is new leadership necessary for dems 2018 success?

    Agree or disagree? Congressional Democrats seem poised to make major gains in the midterm elections this year. However, capitalizing on this energy will require serious consideration of policy strategy and vision for the future of the party. First and foremost, the Democrats must promote...
  16. Friday13

    Dems See ‘Unhinged’ Trump, GOP Split After Mueller Rant

    When does the madness and chaos become too much for even his GOP apologists? Dems See ‘Unhinged’ Trump, GOP Split After Mueller Rant
  17. Friday13

    Pruitt needs to go, Kelly and 64 Dems agree

    Article II, Section 4 stipulates that civil officers of the United States can be impeached, and that includes Cabinet secretaries. In 1876, the newly resigned Secretary of War (now called Defense), William Belknap, was impeached, although the Senate failed to vote in favor of removal. Chief...
  18. excalibur

    Dems Exempted Pakistani IT Aides From Background Checks

    44 Dems, Including Wasserman Schultz, Exempted Pakistani IT Aides From Background Checks Dems Waived Background Checks On IT Aides | The Daily Caller
  19. excalibur

    Leaked Texts Suggest Coordination Between Obama White House, CIA, FBI And Dems To La

    Leaked Texts Suggest Coordination Between Obama White House, CIA, FBI And Dems To Launch Trump-Russia Probe
  20. OldGaffer

    Schiff: Intel Dems Will Release Their Own Report, ‘Evidence of Collusion’

    The House Democratic Report will mirror the Senate Report, which will be much more bi-partisan according to Schiff.