1. BDBoop

    Michael Cohen denied emergency relief in Stormy Daniels case

    Poor Cohen. Poooooor, poor Cohen. That boy is in a world of hurt. Looks like he got quite the strong message from the court. OOps.
  2. Friday13

    Republicans Fill Court Seat They Denied To Obama For 6 Years

    Another stolen Federal court lifetime seat... Republicans Fill Court Seat They Denied To Obama For 6 Years
  3. C

    Shooting Survivor: CNN Gave Me "Scripted Question" Denied Question About Armed Guard Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Colton Haab said he was approached by CNN to ask a question at Wednesday night's town hall...
  4. D

    It’s Official: Gay Man Denied Marriage License by Kim Davis Announces He’s Running fo

    It's Official: Gay Man Denied Marriage License by Kim Davis Announces He's Running for Her Job - Towleroad ​by Andy Towle ==================================================== That is very encouraging news! It is entirely his right to run for office to restore proper order and end...
  5. John T Ford

    Order to Stop Trump's Pick for CFPB is Denied

    In a victory for the Trump White House, a temporary restraining order to halt the president's pick for acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFBP), Mick Mulvaney, was denied by a judge Tuesday afternoon. Judge Timothy Kelly ruled in favor of Trump in his effort to...
  6. KnotaFrayed

    How many things has Trump denied or dismissed.....only to have revealed as true???

    "Federal investigators have identified several Russian government hackers who penetrated the Democratic National Committee’s computers last year and siphoned out information that was released online, according to individuals familiar with the matter." "Gathering the evidence necessary to...
  7. Spookycolt

    Single-payer health care means you might be denied surgery for being too fat

    So Britain is experiencing way too many costs under their UHC plan so they are being forced to ration car. A new policy says that fat people will have to wait a year to get surgery's or lose the weight. This is what we can expect here if liberals get their way. Single-payer health care...
  8. D

    Republicans say Trump denied deal with Dems on Dreamers

    Republicans say Trump denied deal with Dems on Dreamers - ABC News By Erica Werner, AP Congressional Correspondent ---------------------------------------- It is interesting that a Trump Administration official feels DREAMers are so great. And their realizing that they are should...
  9. Spookycolt

    Mark Zuckerberg denied he was a reptilian almost one year ago today......

    But we have long will we let this invasion continue? Obama ignored it and now Trump seems to be also. There is no greater threat to our planet than this.
  10. cpicturetaker12

    RYAN/McCarthy DENIED their own remarks abt. "PUTIN pays for TRUMP" then tape surfaced

    So I heard about this earlier (computer going up and down and up and down). So if this is a dupe, sorry in advance. INTERESTING--you decide! A discussion among the boys, GOP'rs talking about TRUMP being "BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY PUTIN". Ryan told the boys to keep it among themselves, "in the...
  11. Eve1

    Flynn denied immunity by Senate Intelligence Committee

    The Senate Intelligence Committee turned down the request by former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's lawyer for a grant of immunity in exchange for his testimony, two congressional sources told NBC News. A senior congressional official with direct knowledge said Flynn's lawyer was...
  12. Madeline

    Stand Your Ground Defense Denied To Movie Theater Shooter

    Movie theater shooting: Judge denies 'stand your ground' defense - This stupid law should be repealed. Whaca think?
  13. D

    Gay veterans: We've been denied spot in St. Patrick's parade

    That is simply Outrageous and Despicable action on the part of the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council, to outlaw Gay Veterans and OutVets from the parade! The despicable Council conveniently forgets that many Gay military men proudly went to fight for our freedom and theirs. Many came...
  14. boontito

    The Day Rand Paul Went Searching For The GOP's ACA Replacement And Was Denied

    Rand Paul creates storm over access to ObamaCare draft bill | TheHill Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Thursday went off in search of a draft of the House Republicans' plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare, creating a storm of controversy gleefully embraced by Democrats. Paul complained that the...
  15. D

    London mayor: 'Cruel' Trump should be denied state visit

    Isn't it something that even one of our closest allies, Great Britain, does not want Trump in their country! They have been observing what has been happening here in the United States and clearly they are most unhappy with the situation, hence, they do not want Trump to go to England. That's...
  16. The Man

    Dakota Access pipeline permit DENIED

    Feds deny permit for Dakota Access pipeline | TheHill Standing Rock protesters celebrate 'big victory' as pipeline construction halted - World - CBC News Dakota Access pipeline construction halted by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - National | Spookycolt, you see that, my...
  17. The Man

    Canadian journalist denied entry to US to cover Standing Rock

    Vancouver reporter interrogated and denied entry at U.S. border | Metro Vancouver Fucked up, undemocratic bs.
  18. TennesseeRain

    Video shows Trump with mob figure he denied knowing

    newly uncovered video appears to contradict Donald Trump’s claim that he never knew a high-stakes gambler who was banned from New Jersey casinos for alleged ties to organized crime. The reputed mob figure, Robert LiButti, can be seen standing alongside Trump in the front row of a 1988...
  19. bajisima

    US aircraft denied entry to Hong Kong

    US aircraft carrier denied entry to Hong Kong Beijing denied a US aircraft carrier permission to make a port call in Hong Kong, a US consulate official says, a rejection that comes amid escalating tensions in the South China Sea. The Chinese Foreign Ministry told the US on Thursday night the...
  20. cpicturetaker12

    Wash Times FIRES reporter who verified CRUZ affairs (after it DENIED he worked there)

    I have no idea if it is true as I have no idea what the Inquisitr is. However, as we have noted, NATIONAL INQUIRER has gotten it right several times. But this reporter 'clearing' 3 names and verifying 2 was supposedly fired. Now did it fire him because he was WRONG? Or did it fire him...