1. the watchman

    disturbing Baton Rouge Police video released.

    One of the two white officers who wrestled Alton Sterling to the ground and killed him outside a Louisiana convenience store was fired after an excessive force investigation. The second officer will be suspended for three days. Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul made the announcement and...
  2. D

    Trump sexual misconduct allegations 'remain very disturbing': Republican senator

    Trump sexual misconduct allegations 'remain very disturbing': Republican senator - ABC News By ELLIE SMITH ==================================================== Senator Collins, a Republican, is indeed disturbed with Trump and what some women have brought forward.
  3. TennesseeRain

    National Security Council Spokesman Resigns Over Donald Trump’s ‘Disturbing’ Actions

    Edward Price said the “final straw” was Trump’s decision to add Steve Bannon to the National Security Council. The spokesman for the National Security Council says President Donald Trump’s “disturbing” and repeated attempts to undermine the U.S. intelligence community prompted him to resign...
  4. A

    Trump's victory sends a disturbing message about sexual assault

    Trump's Victory Sends a Disturbing Message About Sexual Assault - The Atlantic basically if a man can admit to sexually assaulting women and still be rewarded for it by being elected president, what does that say to people. Especially young boys? And don't bring up the idiotic "But...
  5. cpicturetaker12

    Disturbing POLL: RACISTS are more likely to be REP most EXTREME ARE Trump supporters

    ZERO surprise but it is good to see decent people's instincts borne out in statistical measurements. We knew it intuitively, we aren't crazy. Decency should have ZERO to do with party affiliation. Too bad it does! WEDNESDAY, JUL 6, 2016 05:59 AM EDT The disturbing data on Republicans and...
  6. Vladimir Putin

    Amnesty highlights 'disturbing rise' in global executions

    A surge in the number of executions recorded worldwide saw more people put to death last year than at any point since 1989, Amnesty International says. At least 1,634 people were executed in 2015, a rise of more than 50% on the previous year, the group found in its review of the use of the...
  7. L

    America’s disturbing voter-turnout crisis: How inequality extends to polling place —

    Automatic voter registration isn’t the sexiest way to start a political revolution, but it may be the most effective. The United States lags behind the rest of the rich world in turnout, but it leads the rich world in disparity in turnout across income and education levels, which has profound...
  8. meridian5455

    Hillary Clinton Calls Planned Parenthood Videos ‘Disturbing’

    Calling them “disturbing,” Hillary Clinton said undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of aborted fetal tissue raise questions about the process nationwide. “I have seen pictures from them and I obviously find them disturbing,” the Democratic presidential...
  9. bajisima

    Kerry says Iran vow to defy US is very disturbing

    That didn't take long.. "U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said a speech by Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on Saturday vowing to defy American policies in the region despite a deal with world powers over Tehran's nuclear program was "very disturbing". "I don't know how to interpret it...
  10. The Man


    I really was disturbed to see and hear this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuZthsaMS7Q Mikhail Zadornov pretty much made his name on mocking and insulting America and the West. Although he had also done pretty famous and infamous "drunk Russian tourists in Europe" jokes, as well as jokes about...
  11. Davocrat

    Recently released video of cop macing stroke sufferer pretty disturbing

    So this event happened May 4 in Virginia. Video was just released. Yes, the cop resigned, but for crying out loud, who are these guys?! http://ow.ly/NpYJa
  12. the watchman

    Sheriff Orders Internal Investigation Into Arrest Seen on "Disturbing" Video.

    The San Bernardino County Sheriff ordered an internal investigation Thursday into an arrest caught on NBC Los Angeles' NewsChopper4 video that showed deputies beating a suspect when they caught up to him following a wild desert chase on horseback. Aerial footage showed the man falling off the...
  13. Lex Luthor

    Disturbing new Trend

    TRENDING: More college students support post-birth abortion This is exactly the natural course the pro-aborts want to take. Blatant infanticide if they deem the child to be an inconvenience, just like they do in the womb. This country has indeed gone to hell in a handbasket with such...
  14. ptif219

    New Poll Reveals Disturbing Results: Majority of Liberals Aren’t Proud to Be American

    So liberals are not proud to be an American. That explains why they love Obama who hates this country New Poll Reveals Disturbing Results: Majority of Liberals Aren’t Proud to Be American
  15. J

    Religion of Peace - THIS IS VERY DISTURBING - BE WARNED !!!

    *GRAPHIC* Video: Obama's Peace Partners The Taliban playing ... *GRAPHIC* Video: Obama's Peace Partners The Taliban playing soccer with severed heads.. Just can't locate a site that will open here.
  16. Rev. Hellh0und

    Disturbing Video: 13-Year-Old Brutally Beaten on School Bus

    Disturbing Video: 13-Year-Old Brutally Beaten on School Bus, Driver Refuses to Intervene Read more: http://foxnewsinsider.com/2013/08/05/disturbing-video-13-year-old-florida-boy-brutally-beaten-school-bus-driver-refuses#ixzz2bR8M0wfl So...... Will obama come out and say this 13 year old...
  17. T

    Disturbing issues about seal team 6 chopper downing. Disgrace at their funeral.

    This is the first I've heard about the funeral. Obama's SEAL Team 6 Coverup - YouTube Obama's SEAL Team 6 Coverup Seal Team 6 Funeral Ceremony w/ Obama Hired Muslim Priest to Damn Them To ETERNAL HELL - YouTube Seal Team 6 Funeral Ceremony w/ Obama Hired Muslim Priest to Damn Them To...
  18. michaelr

    Obama War Powers Under 2001 Law 'Astoundingly Disturbing,' Senators Say

    Obama War Powers Under 2001 Law 'Astoundingly Disturbing,' Senators Say Apparently Obomber thinks this even gives him the authorization to enlist Al Qaeda. The military said yesterday that they can invade the US without presidential authorization. No shit.
  19. meridian5455

    ObamaCare Turns 3: 10 Disturbing Facts About Health Law

    As this start date draws near, evidence is piling up that ObamaCare will: Boost insurance costs Push millions off employer coverage Cause premiums to skyrocket. Cost people their jobs Tax the middle class. Add to the deficit. Cost more than promised Be a bureaucratic nightmare Exacerbate...
  20. meridian5455

    Disturbing video shows toddler smoking from bong

    Disturbing cell phone video shows toddler smoking from bong | 7online.com What an idiot!