1. Crusher

    DOJ, House GOP lurch toward confrontation in document fight The Justice Department and House Republicans appear to be careening toward their tensest confrontation yet in a long-running dispute over documents, with one GOP lawmaker warning that the House could seek to hold...
  2. bmanmcfly

    BLM Baltimore riot planning document leakrd This just details how police work with protesters.... in this document referring specifically to Baltimore.
  3. bmanmcfly

    Antifa document leaked We have seen for a while these antifa people getting violent and attacking people they call fascists... So, what's on their minds? - create a culture of tolerance by eliminating all hate speech and any positions that oppose the...
  4. T

    Watchdog says Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke failed to properly document travel

    One would think that given the issues this administration has had with secretaries using private jets for frivolous travel, being more transparent woudl have been a priority, or at least keeping some sort of travel records. However, Zinke, whose qualifications for his job seem to be Trump's...
  5. Eve1

    Trump can't manage his own WH forget about America

    Does anybody care if the WH is having West Wing staffing in fighting? I am fed up hearing about the WH in fighting and complaints about leaking. This new guy Scaramucci tweeted something and then deleted saying he was going to report the leakers to the Justice Department and then mentioned...
  6. DemoWhip

    Leaked NSA document is proof of Russian election hacking, top Dem says

    Now we're getting somewhere. Now we're getting to the crux of the hacking of the election and Russia. This matter needs to be given the proper attention that it rightfully deserves! ---------------------------------------- Leaked NSA document is proof of Russian election hacking, top...
  7. Crusher

    Secret document lifts Iran nuke constraints

    VIENNA (AP) -- A document obtained by The Associated Press shows that key restrictions on Iran's nuclear program will ease in slightly more than a decade, halving the time Tehran would need to build a bomb. The document is the only secret text linked to last year's agreement between Iran and...
  8. J

    Obama's Christmas Eve Document Dump

    What better way to hide a mandated doc dump --- release them on Xmas Eve NSA posts report on privacy violations -- on Christmas Eve -!
  9. R

    Quotes for an Illegal Document:

    --This statement was not "legal" when written. And, most definately, is not "legal" any where in the world, today. (It has not been legal in this nation, since Abraham Lincoln made it a Crime, worthy of invasion and war...) To say nothing of the fact that the "Laws of Nature, and of...
  10. Spookycolt

    The Constitution, a living document or a textualist paradise

    Do we take it word for word or do we apply what it says to our times with the help of Congress and the Court. What has made it stand the test of time? What do you think?
  11. Bassman

    Living Document vs. Original Intent-US Consitution

    Constitution: Living Document or Original Intent? - US - CBN News - Christian News 24-7 - Constitution: Living Document or Original Intent? By David Brody Capitol Hill Correspondent Monday, June 05, 2006 -snip- This dates back to 2006 when CJOSCOTUS Roberts was...
  12. Inkslinger

    Declassified document contradicts Cheney’s claim of Iraqi connection to 9/11

    Declassified document contradicts Cheney’s claim of Iraqi connection to 9/11 I say we use the same rope they used to hang Sadaam Hussien.....
  13. michaelr

    Obama Trade Document Leaked

    Obama Trade Document Leaked You trons keep telling yourself Obama wants to repair the economy and he isn't a fascist. Hell you might even get a five year old to believe you....well most of you. You people have some idiots in your group...hahaha Let's play a game. How much more wealth should...
  14. S

    Leaked Secret NATO Document Proves Pakistani direct link to Taliban Terrorists

    As we all know, the relationship between Pakistan and The United States has been tenuous at best over the last few years. We have spent billions propping up Karzi just for the opportunity to use his nation at a launching ground for attacks against Taliban and Al Qaida strongholds. Yet a nes...
  15. michaelr

    Leaked Greek bailout document: Expansionary fiscal consolidation has failed

    Leaked Greek bailout document: Expansionary fiscal consolidation has failed Enough with the flip flops and lies. I said in another thread that this "market" is crashing over and over. They claim it goes up because the EU bail out is secure, then the very next day it isn't. That's a charade, a...
  16. jackalope

    Document: Cadaver dog 'hit' at missing baby's home

    I've seen a few clips of the mom on news reports, crying her eyes out, looking genuinely grieved. Another headline somewhere said something like this is looking like it's heading the way of Casey Anthony .... and yes, that is what it's looking like. Very very sad.
  17. Carls

    Document by Anders Breivik

    This is document Anders Breivik has left that is finish at 2010-10-29: Document: Anders Behring Breiviks kommentarer hos
  18. (R)IGHTeous 1

    Document: Syria orchestrated border battles with Israel

    Knew it. The Assad regime is criminal, and will never cease to be hostile towards Israel. He's a murdering monster, who continues to try to provoke peaceful Israel towards conflict. He has to go. This is the truth for all to see: Document: Syria orchestrated border battles with Israel -...
  19. Devil505

    War Crimes Revealed In Official Document Release

    More evidence of US war crimes Editor's Note: The ACLU states that 25-30 of the 190 deaths that occurred under custody of the U.S. government at Guantanamo Bay were "unjustifiable homicides". In our view, every single one of them qualify for this charge because their imprisonment and... Full...
  20. Spooky

    War Crimes Revealed In Official Document Release

    More evidence of US war crimes This link is to the world socialist website in case you might not want to click on it. "Military documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union after a lengthy lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act provide important new evidence of American...